NCAA '07 Video Game

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Flyin_Hayn wrote:Anyone know if there's a way to change what the players wear??.Like different helmet,visors,arm pads,etc?.I now have the 360 if anyone would be great.Thanks!!
You need to go to the view rosters screen and select "Edit Player".

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Word to the audibles bit. I also like how you can challenge plays. It also seems a lot harder to actually win. I had it on All-American (I played '06 on Heisman mostly) cuz I figured it would take me a little while to figure everything out, but I didn't expect Hawaii to be so tough. They were up 28-7 at the HALF. I ended up winning 44-38, but it was tough! I really like having challenges though. Hawaii's offense is freaking loaded as well. One of their Soph receivers had like 4 TDs receiving and 150 yards. It was wild...
I guess EA sports did give us props(Bama fan played that game)

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Re: NCAA '07 Video Game

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Ooooh. gotta make some wallpapers again. i forgot how tho. haha. Calvin Turner??? Chevan??
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Re: NCAA '07 Video Game

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WOW Talk about a really old thread. LOL I think I joined this site a few weeks earlier. LOL

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