Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor

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Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor

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Dec 7, 2020

The new episode provides a brief account of the surprise attack staged by Japanese carrier-borne
aircraft on Pearl Harbor.
On the morning of December 7, 1941 — a Sunday — Japanese aircraft took off from six aircraft
carriers and attacked the American fleet stationed at Hawaii. The Imperial Japanese Navy intended
to neutralize the U.S. naval forces in the Pacific in order to subsequently capture Southeast Asia, a
region that's rich in natural resources.
The surprise attack allowed Japan to seize the initiative in the Pacific theater of operations for a
period of half a year. Over the course of several months, the events set in motion by the Japanese
blitzkrieg resulted in the capture of Hong Kong, Malaya, Burma, the Dutch East Indies, Brunei, and
the Philippines. But was it really a great win?
How successful was the attack on Pearl Harbor, and what were its true consequences?
To find out, watch the new episode!

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Re: Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor

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People are still calling it a "surprise" attack? What a joke. The Honolulu Advertiser and the Hilo Tribune said the Japanese was going to attack. The US Navy moved the aircraft carriers out of the harbor because they expected the attack and the damage to the aircraft carriers if they remained at Pearl would have crippled the Navy. ... anese.html
In short, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was no surprise. History is written by the victors. They shape the stories to fit their interests. So what we are being told about Pearl Harbor in schools and textbooks is only a part of the truth. The other part has been carefully excised from our history. Big Brother reincarante? You betcha...

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Re: Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor

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Roosevelt needed a way to get the American people to support an American entry into the war. Most of America was pacifist. No doubt american sanctions against Japan was a prelude to Japan having to take action as they needed resources to fuel their expansion plans. Winston Churchill was practically begging the US to enter the war against Nazi Germany in Europe as the Brits were getting clobbered. Hitler was upset at the Japanese for inciting the US into action because that tilted the allies effort and brought another player into the fray.
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Re: Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor

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One of my uncles was at Schofield barracks on that attack. He grabbed a weapon and fired at the Zeroes. You have to protect your own. He was like me. He only had control over his own actions.

Pearl Harbor attack happened well before I was born, but everything I have digested in my review of history would suggest that the US had understood that an attack could be coming,but that it was shrugged off. They took it seriously enough that there were ships at sea ,not in the harbor. Apparently, it was not taken seriously enough to be alert enough to realize the attack was actually going to happen on Dec 7,1941.

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