My ROSE BOWL Experience with BTS!

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My ROSE BOWL Experience with BTS!

#1 Post by Paul B » Mon May 06, 2019 12:54 pm


My 16-year-old daughter is just nuts about BTS and I have to tell you about my experience at the Rose Bowl on May 4 & 5. BTS is a worldwide phenomenon and little did I know how big they are. My experience at the Rose Bowl is a testament to how insanely popular this group is!

The Rose Bowl holds about 100k people in the neighborhood of Pasadena, which is a wealthy community here in L.A. For two nights, I had the pleasure of being involved in the mess of picking up my daughter after a BTS concert. The concert would end after 10pm but that's when the madness would begin, at least for us adults, who have to pick up their teen after the show. CSC is the security/parking event company that runs the show when it comes to cordoning off the streets and directing traffic in and out of the venue. And, boy, do they do a spectacular mess of it! Little did I know--and many parents for that matter---that CSC's objective is to let the traffic out of the stadium FIRST with no concern for letting in any cars until 2-3 hours later. So what that means, for us poor parents who drop off their children, we are literally held hostage outside of the stadium until 2-3 hours after the concert is finished. That translates a wait until either 1-2am until the traffic leaving the stadium dies down to a "trickle" and then allowing us irate parents to finally enter the Rose Bowl grounds to pick up our children!

How did I know CSC's tactic to keep incoming traffic out? I literally talked to a High School-looking kid, who was manning a roadblock in a residential area. This was after I was walking at 12Midnight on Washington Blvd/Arroyo Blvd, attempting to get into the Rose Bowl grounds to fetch my daughter and friend. My attempt was futile because the girls were too far to walk to where I was located which was 3 miles away!!!! Besides, Pasadena is a nice neighborhood but you never what can happen in the dark, so we nixed that attempt by foot. Yes, it's quite common to see concert-goers walking out of the Rose Bowl at that time of night so that they can catch their ride outside. Even UBER and LYFT drivers were forced to wait outside.

The traffic was so bad that it made "headline news" on the Local TV news stations.

Despite all the madness, just seeing the faces of my contented daughter and friend after the concert, was enough to make my anger go away.

After the final show, my daughter told me that BTS might be returning again to the Rose Bowl. Would I do it again? Of course, but this time, I'll just go there at 1-2am.

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Re: My ROSE BOWL Experience with BTS!

#2 Post by ubercow » Mon May 06, 2019 10:05 pm

wow they sold out the rose bowl, that's pretty nuts. I see them a lot on tv now, didn't think they were that big tho

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Re: My ROSE BOWL Experience with BTS!

#3 Post by Kailuaboy » Tue May 14, 2019 11:18 pm

ubercow wrote:
Mon May 06, 2019 10:05 pm
wow they sold out the rose bowl, that's pretty nuts. I see them a lot on tv now, didn't think they were that big tho
Yup, BTS is one of the biggest Korean groups worldwide. They were at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year, just had a sold-out concert at Soldier Field in Chicago and they're headed to MetLife Stadium on the next stop on their concert tour.

Hey Paul B! Here's some reading material on BTS to keep up with your daughter:

BTS - Soompi

BTS - allkpop
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