2024 Football Season

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Re: 2024 Football Season

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HS Football Fanatic wrote: Tue May 21, 2024 3:08 pm @BowTow:

I think this was the first time that a state softball championship game featured two freshmen as opposing starting pitchers. The Warriors' pitcher, Peahi Grilho-Armitage, simply didn't get the job done. What surprised me is that she was voted top pitcher of the tournament over the Trojans' pitcher, Hinano Bautista. Let's let it all hang-out: The Trojans made the Warriors look like s__t, and they did it on statewide TV. I think it's safe to assume that the Warriors are none too happy about it. The Warriors' big sticks had their chance, but simply didn't get the job done. They lose most of those big sticks to graduation. Grilho-Armitage will probably return next year as the Warriors' ace, but she won't have as much run-support as she did this year. Of course, she had virtually zero run-support this past Friday. The Trojans also lose most of their big sticks to graduation. If both schools should make the D1 state tourney again next year, and they happen to play each other, I'm sure the Warriors will feel that they have some unfinished business. I'm thinking of the movie, "Kill Bill: Volume 2", which was a blockbuster some 20 years ago. Near the end of the movie, Uma Thurman and David Carradine are seated across each other at a table, each having a massive chip on his/her shoulder against the other. Just before they went at each other, Thurman told Carradine, "you and I have unfinished business", after which they went at each other. Thurman eventually kicked Carradine's butt with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. I doubt that any of the Warrior girls next year would have even heard of that movie, but I'm sure they'd feel that they have some unfinished business against the Trojans. They'd have an opportunity to be Uma Thurman, against the Trojans as David Carradine.

Sorry about hijacking this football thread for softball and other sports; appreciate your patience. I'd like to thank University Ave for not getting on the thread and complaining about it.

It's all good! Good convo is always welcomed anywhere.

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Re: 2024 Football Season

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@University Ave:

Thanks; that's really appreciated. Thanks for being such a good sport.

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Re: 2024 Football Season

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