Minecraft Hawaii Server hosted in Ewa Beach

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Minecraft Hawaii Server hosted in Ewa Beach

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BLOODHEROS.NET - Yes it is Back Factions PVP

Website: http://voiplanparty.enjin.com

Just login and play.

Welcome to Blood of Heros!

Blood of Heroes is the number 1 PvP minecraft community! Blood of Heroes uses the popular plugin Factions as its major medium of combat. Join now and build up a strong faction to take over the world!


Server Texure Pack:



- Slimefun with All Supported Add-ons

- Kill other players to steal their Zelda Hearts or kill Wither or Ender Dragon to gain up too 30 hearts instead of the default 10 and rule the server PVP domain!

- Map of the Server using Dynmap

- Random Generated Dungeons using Slimefun all over each Slimefun Server.

- MCMMO enabled: gain skill levels

- Jobs Plugin with 3 jobs to join at once

- ChestShop Plugin

- Economy

- Airships Faction Wars in the PVP using Movecraft Plugin

- Top Hardware Server Specs (i7, 32GB RAM 500GB SSD)

What are your waiting for? Invite all your friends and family to join the fun.


-Faction Griefing is Allowed. Random Map griefers will be banned.
-Stealing is allowed. Remember that Faction Land can protect your chests!
-Do not ask/beg for a staff position. If you ask, you will be unconsidered.
-No Client-Side hacking/modding of any sort.

Credit to lati00lati on my server: source link: http://voiplanparty.enjin.com/forum/m/2 ... mefun-help

Basically I created this thread to help other people with Slimefun. You will learn tips for each thing you can do on this server that involves Slimefun, and some advise to make your base better. First I will talk about Slimefun in general, then I will break it up.
First: What is Slimefun?
When you spawn, and then walk into the wild, you will find houses. These houses are randomly generated by Slimefun. Each house has a chest with loot inside. The loot can spawn as either enchanted equipment, unanalized equipment, or other Slimefun gadgets.
Enchanted Gear:Enchanted gear spawns with random enchantments, and sometimes some extra effects at the bottom. The enchantments can spawn from I - IX, even if the enchantment shouldn't be on that gear piece. At the bottom, under all the enchantments, are the extra effects. If the extra effect has a minus sign before the effect, then when you hit something, that thing takes the effect. If it has has plus sign before the effect, then it gives that effect to you.
Unanalyzed Equipment: When a piece of gear is unanalized, don't throw it away. You can analyze it very easily. Sometimes the chests have books called Tome of Analizing in them. When you left click a Tome of Analizing while having unanalized equipment, then it will analyze it. You can also get Tome of Analizings by killing witches.
Slimefun Gadgets: Some of the best items are gadgets from Slimefun. You can find gadgets, but you can also craft them. To craft them, you have to type /sf guide, then you will get a book. When you left click this book, a huge menu pops up. Inside the menu are all different kinds of gadgets and blocks. You need xp to unlock the gadgets, then you can build them if you have the correct multiblock machines built. To go more in detail on this, watch this video.
Now I have explained the basics of Slimefun. I will now give you tips. Skip to the tip you would like to see if you just want to see a certain one.

Mining: Slimefun made mining way easier. Once you know how to make materials, mining will be way more fun. First thing is first. If you are going mining, you are going to need two helpful armor pieces, and a variety of pick axes.
Armor: The first piece of armor is a Glowstone Helmet. This will help you see in the dark, so there is no need to waste torches. The second piece of armor is a Hazmat Suit piece. This will make it so you can swim in lava and breathe underwater without getting damaged. If you run into lava, no biggy.
Pickaxes: There are 5 types of pickaxes I recommend, and that I know work well.
The first pick, and in my opinion the most helpful, is the Explosive Pickaxe. Whenever you mine a block with this, it blows up in a 3x3x3 radius.
The second pick I recommend is the Hercules Pickaxe. Whenever you mine an ore with this pick, the ore automatically gets smelted. Coal will have no purpose if you use this pick. The third pick I recommend is the Pickaxe of Containment. With this pick you can mine a spawner, and actually get it instead of breaking it. If you don't want to make this pick, and have lots of xp, you can also mine a spawner with silk touch to get it.
The fourth pick is the Pickaxe of Vein Mining. When you mine an ore with this pick, you get the whole vein of ores instead of just that one. Caution: This pickaxe may kick you from the server.
The fifth pickaxe and last pick I recommend is the Cobalt Pickaxe. Whenever you mine a certain block with this pickaxe, you get a certain dust, which you can use to make more Slimefun gadgets.
Farming: There is only one hoe I recommend to farm faster, and more efficiently. That is the Compound Hoe. You can put any plant into the hoe, and then when you left click on farmed land, it will place seeds in a 3x3 block radius.
Base: There are many helpful things that can be put in a base. Some I haven't unlocked yet, or don't know about. The main thing for the base that is very helpful is an Elevator Plate. As you look in your book, you probubly won't find it right away. To unlock it, you must first unlock all the basic machines, then it is on the last page. This is one of the top hardest creations to make. Once you manage to make it, it will be able to teleport you to any floor to a different elevator plate above or below you. You can also name which room you are teleporting to.
The second very helpful base maker is the BSU and the HSU. The BSU can store up to 128 stacks (8192 items) of the same type in just 1 block. This is an efficient, and easy way to store your items. The HSU is a more complicated storage system that can store basically infinity stacks of one type of item. To make this you need to be more experienced at Slimefun.
The third helpful base machine is the Hologram Projector. With this you can put floating chats in the sky, and even change the color of the words.
Fighting is probubly the last thing I will go over for now. I will add more info at the bottom of this thread.
Fighting: There are two types of fighting. Player fighting, and mob fighting. Here are tips to help you easily get what you want.
Player Fighting: The best weapon you can get against players is a Slimefun weapon. Before, I told you that you could get - or + signs on your gear. Against players, the best thing to have is - harm or -wither. This will give them the wither or harming effect. If you want to be sure that you don't die, use a sword that's either +regeneration or +heal so whenever you get hit, you heal.
Mob Fighting: To kill creepers, spiders, shulkers, endermen, guardians, and any passive mob easily, you have to use either - wither or - harming. Against undead mobs like zombies and skeletons, you have to use -heal. No effects like that effect the wither or the enderdragon. If you really want to get a head from one of the creatures you kill, use the Sword of Beheading. With this sword you have a higher chance to behead that creature.
Exploring: There are many good ways to explore. The first effective way is by using an item that gives you +speed. You can easily use it by just hitting a sheep while traveling. Another way is with a Windstaff and an Elytra. When you left click when a Wing Staff, you loose one hunger bar, then you go flying in the direction your looking. Using both of those items , you can use the Wind Staff to fly up, and then they Elytra to glide. There are lots more good ways to explore, but they aren't as effective as these two.
If you still need help with Slimefun, you can either reply in this thread, message me on enjin, or talk to me in game. Thanks for reading my thread and I hope it was helpful.
If you need help with factions, Dynmap, Jobs, or McMMO, go to this link.
http://voiplanparty.enjin.com/forum/m/2 ... map/page/1

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