Joni Mitchell's song about Hawaii

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Re: Joni Mitchell's song about Hawaii

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dakineguy wrote:
Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:35 am
Yes so you agree that she was just a person injecting her opinion into the dialog about Hawaii without consideration for the people who live here? I'm really not sure what is the point but my original reaction was "how dare she tell us how to live in Hawaii." Now I realize it was just a protest song about the transformation of what SHE once considered paradise into what SHE thinks is no longer paradise. So maybe for people who are hired by the tourist industry it still is paradise or maybe not . Either way it's their choice to view it that way. For sure many tourists who come to Hawaii still think it's paradise concrete and all. I lived in Hawaii all my life and I don't think of it as paradise. It's just home.
I don’t read too much into the song. It is a catchy tune that people find themselves repeating. Like a very good television commercial. It hits the emotional chord of “look what we have done”. It was written and sung at a time when wagging ones finger at the establishment was the cool thing. She was an artist that reached millions of people. With that kind of audience, some will not like her or take it the wrong way. It my mind it is folksy pop music that was hugely successful. And it is a great reminder that development decisions belong to all of “us”. I can’t stop the failed rail project or the destruction of farmland. I would have a built a new expressway for electric vehicles. But I have no power. Nonetheless, I still see myself as part of the “we” that was around when all these bad decisions were made.

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