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*True Sports Fan*
*True Sports Fan*
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Post by browndog »

Name: The Browndog
Schools attended: Honolulu, HI., Eugene OR.
Affiliation to UH Sports: Lifetime fan of the Rainbows and Warriors.
Sports in Hawaii: Running outdoors, baseball, football.
Work: Too much.
Famous Quotes: "You cannot make chicken soup out of chicken sh*t."

Hobbies: Blue water hunting.

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Pine rider
Pine rider
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Post by Sickbastard »

Name: Sickbastard

Schools attended: Waipahu Elem, Waipahu Inter, Waipahu HS ('93), UH Manoa 93-98 (BA), Heald 99-01 (Yah, yah, I know, but at least they had companies recruit here. UH gave me a diploma, nothing else).

Affiliation to UH Sports: Told I was too small to play UH baseball, but the coaches offered Michael Dartt a 4 yr scholie in 1995. Bugga was a 5'7" 145 lb mainland haole guy with no bat whatsoever. WTF?

Sports In Hawaii: Baseball from age 5-18 (grades 9-10 JV, 11-12 Vars), Senior AJA Baseball (Waipahu) from 1990-1996, 1999-2001 (took 2 yrs off to focus on school, UH)

Work: Intel factory slave from 2001-present in the armpit of the Northwest, Hillsboro OR.

Famous Quote: "Do onto others what they have already done to you."

Hobbies: Software piracy, media piracy, and beating these mainland guys down in any sport (YES they are NOT HUMBLE up here). Don't play softball because it provides fat slow guys who can't play defense a level playing field (athleticism SHOULD count for something). Currently addicted to Warcraft 3 (DOTA custom map).
"Stop overpopulation... Shoot a stupid person today!"

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*True Sports Fan*
*True Sports Fan*
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Post by Grinch »

Name: Grinch (I had just read a John Grisham book where someone was named “The Grinch”)

Schools: Pacific Palisades Elem., Punahou School, UofOregon, UH Law.

Occupation: Part-time attorney; Part-time Beach Bum

Affiliation with UH: As a kid, watched Falaniko Noga, Semari Ulufale, David Toloumu, Andy Moody (UH Football); Derek Tatsuno, Gerald Ako, Rich Olsen, (UH baseball); Fab 5 (UH basketball) - nuff said.

Famous Quote: “All of this will not be finished in the first one hundred days, nor will it be finished in the first one thousand days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.” JFK

Hobbies: Once upon a time, a long, long time ago - football, baseball, martial arts, body surf Sandy Beach. Now: See fun-facts immediately below.

Fun Facts: I run a 4.3 forty (though it‘s from the lazy-boy to the fridge and back).

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Post by GARRISON »

Name: Darren

Schools Attended: Kamehmeha (1989), Some College.... actually, very little.... okay, I attended for a month, you happy?

Occupation: Customer Designer for Utility Company, Part-Time Videographer

Affiliation with UH: Used to be abused by dad when the Rainbows/Warriors would lose.

Famous Quote: "National Public Radio: Where thousands work so hundreds can listen."

Hobbies: Used to play paintball. Now do video editing, special effects, and spending time with my daughter.

Fun Facts: A guy friend of mine who just became a cop would wear his gun off duty. He would go around letting people know he was "packing" until this one girl he was trying to impress replied: "Where are you going?" Funniest thing I ever witnessed.
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High-quality H20 provider
High-quality H20 provider
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Post by BigDawgs81 »

Name: BigDawgs81 "Al"

Schools Attended: Palolo Elementary, A'uto Elementary Am Samoa, Kapalama Elem, Radford High School, Kaimuki High School, Apopka High School "Apopka, Florida"....College: Murray State University "Murray, Kentucky", El Camino College "Cali"...never finished my BA....2 LAZY :(

Occupation: Sales & Marketing Director "AJ's Aloha Wear" Nashville, Tennessee & Professional Gambler

Affiliation w/UH: Watched U.H. Football since Jesse Sapolu, Semeri Ulufale, Ana Tuiasosopo, Noga Brother's, Nu'u Fa'aola, Raphael Cherry, Goeas Brothers Days, David Toloumu, Kent Untermann....Those were "THE DAYS"....Win or Lose....The Stadium was a sell out every single game!

Famous Quote: see my signature line "I believe in dat wholeheartedly"

Hobbies: Football, Texas Holdem, Football, Texas Holdem, Football! :lol:
"Do Unto others as you would have them Do Unto you"

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Post by Kobayashi »

Name: Blake

Schools attended:
University of Alabama 1999-2000, University of South Alabama alum '06

Affiliation to UH Sports: I got married a week prior to the 2002 Alabama @ Hawaii game on Maui. I fell in love with June Jones offense after the '01 BYU blowout.

Work: Urban Planning for a private consulting firm. I'm looking to migrate into real estate development.

Favorite Quote: I have an obsession with real estate so I love this bit from Superman....

Miss Teschmacher: Lex what is your obsession with real estate? All the time land, land, land
Lex Luthor: Miss Teschmacher, when I was six years old my father said to me--
Miss Teschmacher: "Get out."
Lex Luthor: Ha ha. Before that. He said, "Son, stocks may rise and fall, utilities and transportation systems may collapse. People are no damn good, but they will always need land and they will pay through the nose to get it! Remember," my father said...
Otis: ""

Hobbies: Women, working out, running, travel, drinking, sports, grilling out, and geeking out with electronics.

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MLB: Cincinnati Reds
NFL: Oakland Raiders
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Post by hilorain »

Name: Blayne

Schools attended: Pahoa Elem, Waiakea HS ('84 grad), UH-Manoa ('89 grad)

Affiliation to UH Sports: Been a fan of all UH sports since '75, mostly on AM radio with Leahey & Robbs back in the day

Sports In Hawaii: HS wrestling & Judo, HS baseball coach ('01 to present)

Work: Ocean shipping (Horizon Lines)

Hobbies: Coaching baseball, golf & ESPN

Miscellaneous: Originally used "Manoa Mist" when I lived on Oahu, but changed to Hilorain when I moved back home to Big Island

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Post by 1014 »

Name: Ten Fourteen

Schools attended: Kaimiloa Elem, Quimby Oak Jr High, Silver Creek High School, University of Hawai`i @ Manoa, San Jose State University

Affiliation to UH Sports: Had friends on the footballteam. my dad was a big fan in the seventies and eighties and it rubbed off on me.

Sports In Hawaii: surfed

Currently: Reserves Coordinator, at SJSU Library (MLK,Jr. Library). MLIS Library Science Grad School

Hobbies: Fish, Collect/Modify/Fix Abu Garcia Reels, Bodyboard, follow UH football, noontime basketball intramural (actually it's only SJSU faculty and staff) league.

Miscellaneous: I've collecting Pidgin (HCE) related materials like written letters, old books, comics, etc. for a while.

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers
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Post by uhwarrior704 »

Name: Samson

Schools attended: HS in Southern California, University of Hawai'i @ Manoa (Undergrad), Azusa Pacific University (Graduate)

Affiliation to UH Sports: A fan since my 1st game as an undergrad in 2000.

Sports In Hawaii: All the recreational sports especially the ones that occur in the Pacific Ocean. Renewed 1 year marriage vows last summer in Oahu.

Occupation: Physical Therapist

Hobbies: UH Football, hangin' with family and friends, all sports esp. shootin' hoops, playin' EA NCAA 2007, and listenin' to Hawaiian music.

Famous Quote: "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." K'ung-Fu-tzu

Fact: I love this site! \:D/

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Maui Boy in Alaska
Pine rider
Pine rider
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NBA: Lakers
NFL: Bears
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Post by Maui Boy in Alaska »

Name: MauiBoyAlaska

Schools attended: Maui High, Univ. of Alaska, UNLV Grad

Affiliation to UH Sports: Have been a fan all my life.

Sports In Hawaii: Little football, basketball, and soccer

Work: Planner/Grantwriter

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, Snow Boarding, sleeping on the job

Miscellaneous: Came to Alaska thanks to the US Army

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WA Warrior
Hall of famer
Hall of famer
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Post by WA Warrior »

Name: WA Warrior or aka Keo
Schools attended: Moanalua High School, O'ahu, Southern Illinois University, Websters University (master's degree program)
Affiliation to UH Sports: Rainbow/Warrior sports no ka oi
Sports In Hawaii: Hawai'i Karate Congress Kumite, Kata, Kobudo, all multiple first place annual rankings in different years
Work: Instructor/Sensei
Famous Quote: "Love is grand, divorce is 30 grand" - bumper sticker I saw many moons ago
Hobbies: Woodworking, house improvement, and FFXI
Fact: France sucks

Mahalos [*]Red Gun[/color] for the update!!!

Pom pom fluffer
Pom pom fluffer
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Post by dagrizzj »

Name: Z

Schools attended: Mt. San Antonio College (National Champions in Football in I think 2002), UCLA

Affiliation to UH Sports: Infatuation.

Sports In Hawaii: None.

Currently: Student @ UCLA

Hobbies: BF2, Anything hawaiian, sleep, writing papers (the process is bad, the result :) ) Writing poetry, writing in general, reading.

Miscellaneous: I love sunsets. If you want I can post some of them :)

Pom pom fluffer
Pom pom fluffer
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Post by dagrizzj »

BigDawgs81 wrote:Name: BigDawgs81 "Al"

Schools Attended: Palolo Elementary, A'uto Elementary Am Samoa, Kapalama Elem, Radford High School, Kaimuki High School, Apopka High School "Apopka, Florida"....College: Murray State University "Murray, Kentucky", El Camino College "Cali"...never finished my BA....2 LAZY :(
I competed against El Camino in debate :)

Pom pom fluffer
Pom pom fluffer
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Introduce Yourself....

Post by lvbowsfan »

Name: Mike
Schools Attended: Aliamanu Intermediate, Radford HS, Castle HS (87 Grad), Windward CC, UH-Manoa, UNLV (Class of 92)
Occupation: Slot Manager
Affiliation w/UH: Former season ticket holder for Football, Mens basketball, Women's Volleyball
Famous Quote: " A leader is great, not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others ".
Hobbies: Playing soccer and volleyball. All things U.H.
Imua Warriors !

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Play Maker
Play Maker
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Post by FloridaWarrior »

NAME: Bill Richardson
School attended: Leeward Communmity college 1971- 1972
UH 1973
Sports in Hawaii: Surfed Kewalo Basin, Publix, Magic Island, Lanikai, Haliewa, Pipeline, Left Overs, etc...
Work: Major appliance sales
[Famous Quotes: It's not over til it's over...
Hobbies: Irrational Exuberance with University of Hawaii football, Wine, gardening & landscaping, Swing dancing, vacationing, dining out, entertaining friends, barbecueing etc.,

Special Thanks to:
TicoBrown, Madeinhawaii, Wyokie, J-Rod, NICKOwNsTAR, Scott, theDuke, poidog, Poipounder, Waryor, BKWarrior, SectionACrazy, CoachKen, UHWarriors, JR97124, xer21, UHWarriors23, CoachBee, Irse, Grinch, BigWave96744, flipen, the 808chef, Kobayashi, Warriorfan808, Beegphuk, Termecula Warrior, Jhb3043, and all the regulars who have made my particapation in this forum so much fun.
you have a friend in Florida...
Hawaii Warriors...A living Tradition

FloridaWarrior out...

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