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Post by Swoosh6996 »

Name: Eric

Schools attended: '96-'97 Moanalua Middle School, '97-'01 Moanalua High School

Affiliation to UH Sports: started watching during the Notre Dame game in the late '90's and after JJ' first year

Sports In Hawaii: rec league basket ball and soccer down in AMR

Work: '99-'01 - Pearl Harbor Commissary (bagger), '01-present - U.S. Army (communications)

Favorite Quote:

Hobbies: Sports Hawaii, UH sports , my xbox 360, and hanging out with friends...

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*True Sports Fan*
*True Sports Fan*
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Post by The808Chef »

Name: The808Chef aka TANK aka Ren

Schools attended: Kalihi Kai Elem; Aliamanu Middle; Radford HS c/o 93; KCC c/o 96; Professional Culinary Institute c/o 06

Affiliation to UH Sports: First UH game I EVER attended was the 87 BYU/UH game. Cousin couldn't go cause he got sick so I went with my uncle and other cousins. Been a UH fan since. He still regrets not going to that game to this day.

Sports In Hawaii: Played football by frosh and soph year at Radford and Bowling on spare time.

Work: In order since HS: Ice Palace, Safeway, Access Communications, Magellan Networking Systems, Recognition Systems, and the Hyatt Regency.

Favorite Quote: Often Wrong, Seldom in Doubt; Leave No Doubt; Never Mess With People Who Handle Your Food.

Hobbies: Cooking, UH Sports, Cooking, UFC, Cooking, WWE, Cooking, Fantasy Sports, Cooking, Sports Hawaii, Cooking, Spending time with the ohana, and last but not least, Cooking.
Often wrong...seldom in doubt!

*True Sports Fan*
*True Sports Fan*
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by couz808 »

Scott wrote: Sports In Hawaii: Use to be a competitive Table Tennis player, HS Band geek, HS Chess Club President (4 years), UH Band for 1 year, Was in Wrestling and Judo. Took Aikido for almost 10 years, helped coach WHS Judo team one year, grandfather was an 8th degree black belt in Aikido(highest at the time in America) was fortunate to meet in person some of the founders and top students from Japan.
Hey I was in DA WAIPAHU BAND TOO and ALSO IN JUDO TOO. hey you should come back and help out the h.s. judo team. I've been going to their practices every week to help out and stuff.

Name: Couz808 (wanna know my real name, just ask)
Schools Attended: Waipahu H.S. (2000-2003) Honolulu CC(2003-2006) Leeward CC(2006-now)
Affiliation to UH Sports: Just a fan all UH sports but mainly in Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Volleyball.
Sports In Hawaii: Waip. H.S. Band for 4 years playing the trumpet, H.S. Judo for 2 years.
Work: Part time teller at the Pearl Harbor Commissary
Hobbies: Love to bodyboard at pipeline, ehukai, haleiwa, makaha, tracks, white plains, kewalos, and baldwin's (maui). Also play Halo 2 on the Xbox 360, Madden 07 on the Wii, and NCAA Football 07 on the PS2. I'm also a huge anime fanatic FREAK!!!!

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*True Sports Fan*
*True Sports Fan*
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Post by The808Chef »

Yo yo wyo! Actually, if there's one specific style that I'm basing my strengths on is definitely pacific fusion. Coming from Hawaii, what else could there be right? Chefs like Sam Choy, Roy Yamaguchi, and Alan Wong got their name out by introducing pacific cuisine to the world. It's definitely too early in my career to truly concentrate on one. It's mainly on getting experience in the business is no 1 right now.

So is my thing. 8)
Often wrong...seldom in doubt!

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Post by balut808 »

Name: Balut808 (AKA) Pat, Patty, Paka, Patricio, Patrick and Junia

Schools Attended: King Kamehameha III school , Lahaina Intermediate, Lahainaluna Highschool C/O 1990. Maui Community College, Universal Technical Institute Phoenix AZ. C/O 1995.

Affiliation to UH sports:
First got interested in UH sports most especially Football in intermediate and just kept on growing till this very day!

Work: Refrigeration Mechanic at @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua

Hobbies: Gym, Body Boarding, Golfing, watching football, PS3 Madden 07 and beyond, NCAA football 07 and beyond, Tiger woods, Did I mention Golfing? And oh yah.............Golfing!

I too was a band geek like Scott from 7 grade through all 4 years of Highschool. Played trumpet and French horn. Proud to have participated in the 1989 European tour with "United States Collegiate Wind Band" as a junior in high school. USCWB was made up of high school band students from all across United States. Visited 7 countries over a span of 3 weeks. \:D/
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First guy off the bench
First guy off the bench
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Post by danielbeast808 »

Name: daniel

Schools Attended: Loyola High school 2004-2005, Mililani High school 2005-2006, Perth Amboy High 2006-2007.

Affiliation to UH sports: My first exposure was when UH played USC a couple of years back. When I moved to Hawaii I saw how awesome UH football is.

Work: unemployed student. trying for an interview for a job at Border's though

Hobbies: Lifting, girls, girls,girls, football, xbox 360, my buddies, playing guitar, football, girls, basketball....the usual

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Post by PCBoy »

Name: Keane
Schools attended: Pearl City High '02, LCC/UH
Affiliation to UH Sports: Been to almost all UH football home games since I was about 3.
Sports In Hawaii: Soccer 90-97, Rec League BBall 96-99, Jiu-Jitsu 00-present, MMA 03-present
Work: Own my own clothing company and also help out Adrenaline Konceptz.
Hobbies: BBall, Jiu-Jitsu, music

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Pom pom fluffer
Pom pom fluffer
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Post by sponger76 »

Name: Charles
Schools attended: Iolani School, University of Southern California (didn't graduate), University of Hawaii at Manoa
Affiliation to UH Sports: Raised a UH fan. Friends with some UH athletes, past and present.
Sports In Hawaii: HS football, various martial arts, competitive bodyboarding
Work: United Airlines and Hawaii Army National Guard
Hobbies: Bodyboarding, Computers, Music

First guy off the bench
First guy off the bench
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Post by veteran808 »

Name: veteran808
Schools Attended: Kaimuki c/0 '92; HCC 2004-2005, UHM 2006 - pres
Affiliation to UH Sports: Guess I just love watching... Football, wahine volleyball, and basketball
Sports In Hawaii: Wrestling and Judo
Work: programmer
Favorite Quote: What is the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits. - Albert Einstein.
Hobbies: computers

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First guy off the bench
First guy off the bench
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Post by RedWarrior »

Name: Alan
Schools attended: Waialua and Kahuku High, both footbal teams had red jerseys hence the name "red warrior" (graduated Waialua), Mendocino College (Calif.) couldnt cut it in JUCO FB so the whole plan of transferring to UH and playing went into the $#!tter
Affiliation to UH Sports: Been a fan since I can remember and got some bonus fanatic base for the bunch of Kahuku boys holdin' it down in Manoa in recent years.
Sports In Hawaii: High school Football,B-ball and Golf
Work: Hyatt Regency Waikiki (bellman) making g's without usin' the degree. also a Home Security Specialist
Famous Quote: "All great men are dead, I'm not feeling well myself" (dad's yearbook quote, I wrote the same thing in mine) I'd quote Al Pacino's entire speech in the last scene from Scent of a Woman but Ive already used up too much space
Hobbies: B-ball, Working out, Free Diving, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Flag football (sundays @ Kapiolani park, maybe we can have a SH game one day I 've got the coolest Bud & Bud Light flag set), Going to Nascar Races (paid 1 grand to drive a real NASCAR car for 40 laps on a recent trip to vegas), taking all my friends money while golfing, oh and going to Femme Nu.
Go Warriors!

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*True Sports Fan*
*True Sports Fan*
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Post by NiCkOwNsRTR »

Name: Nicholas "Nick" Wayne Kent (Like Clark)
Schools attended: Tarrant School Systems. Jubilee Academy
Affiliation to UH Sports: Great pleasure to play the team 3 teams in our history and have come a supporter of the Warriors.
Famous Quote: "If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner.
The price of victory is high but so are the rewards."
Hobbies: Bama Football, Music, Guitar, Computers, Sports, Outdoors

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Post by warriorfan808 »

Name: warriorfan808
Schools attended: Radford High School; HCC (AS CENT); HPU (BSCS)
Affiliation to UH Sports: Started out watching Savo and then started watching football and became addicted.
Famous Quote: "I'm so good, hookers pay me!"
Work: IT Manager
Sports in Hawaii: HS Football; Tae Kwon Do; BJJ
Hobbies: Football and Technical Stuff
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Steve P
Pine rider
Pine rider
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Post by Steve P »

Name is Steve
Attended John Burroughs High School Burbank Calif. -- Football 60-63

Moved to Hawaii 1968
Hawaii radio DJ 1970-1983
Broadcast Journalist Taipei and Hong kong

Full time artist today

Started following UH football in 1969...
Was at the first UH game at Aloha stadium, sat in the press box.

Famous quote: from me--the majority is always wrong! about everything!
Rainbow Warriors Rule

*True Sports Fan*
*True Sports Fan*
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Post by TheDuke »

Name: TheDuke

Schools attended: Kauluwela Elementary, Kahala Elementary, Central Intermediate, McKinley HS, UH - BBA, Marketing

Currently: Regional Executive for Fortune 100 Company, Resides in California. Two daughters: SDSU Grad and USC Grad. Son is a senior in HS.

Affiliation to UH Sports: Love everything about UH sports. Season ticket holder for football and basketball while living in Hawaii. Try to attend as many UH games on the road that I can. I haven't missed a UH football game in San Jose, L.A., Reno, Las Vegas, San Diego St, Alabama. See you in Florida. Most recently Volleyball at UCI and UH Basketball at Long Beach Sate.

Sports In Hawaii: Plays softball, tennis, golf. Used to surf, loves body surfing. Grew-up mainly playing football and baseball. Pop Warner at Palama Settlement. Football in HS and in the Air Force.

Work: Summer jobs: Picked pineapples on Lanai as a sophomore in HS, worked the midnights shift at Dole Cannery as a dicer. Trucking and stock boy at a wharehouse. U.S. Airforce - Typhoon Chasers, 4 years as a bartender through college. Various positions at a Fortune 100 company.

Hobbies: Guitar, cards, golf, sporting events, body surfing, cooking, time with family. Travel, following UH sports, going back to Hawaii as often as I can and visiting mom. Trying to be positive about life and things in general.

I love this board. Knowledgeable posters. Posters who care about UH sports. It's a way for me to stay in touch with what's going on at home and posters here in general are positive and supportive.

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poi pounder
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NFL: 49ers
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Post by poi pounder »

Name: Shannon Fernandez

Schools: John Wilson Elementary (Waialae-Kahala), Archbishop Mitty HS (San Jose, Ca.), De Anza Jr. College, South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Center.

Work: County of Santa Clara

Affiliation to UH Sports: Just gotta love my "Home" Team. Always following the HS Football scene in Hawaii. My Cousin Jay, c/o '88, used to play for St. Louis back in the days of Micah Matsuzaki, Benny Agbayani, Mike Nua, etc. He split time with Tupu Alualu. I just passed the entrance exam & WOULD'VE went to SLS, which was also my Dad's alumni, if we hadn't moved up here to San Jose, Ca. :-?

Sports: Wai-Kahala Little League - Royals '85-'87 (Pitcher), P.A.L. Football - Evergreen Kodiaks '88 (FB, LB)& Bruins '89 (HB, SS), Archbishop Mitty Football Frosh '90 (HB, SS), Varsity '92-'94(HB, FS), De Anza Jr. College - Tore ACL (Career ender) :cry: Took Aikido for a little over a year. Now I can only afford to train with my Bro-in-Law as his rolling dummy BJJ. :roll:

Quote: "Study everything, keep what works."

Hobbies: I love to cook. Playing with my kids. This year I plan to help Coach my older son's Football team. NCAA Football '07 on PS2, take a wild guess which team I use? :-$ Oh yeah and frequenting this Message board! Thanks to you guys (The whole Sports Hawaii Ohana) Mainland Transplants like me can still feel "at home" through this site. Especially BigWave... Mahalo's 4 everything brah! :wink:
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Hate to say it but... I want JJ back...

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