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Don't feel like talking sports? This public forum is the place to do it!
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High-quality H20 provider
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Post by bodai808 »

Name: Beau

Schools Attended: Honoka'a

Affiliation to UH Sports: Just a sports freak, been watching UH football since hanabuttah days, attended a few games back then.

Sports in Hawaii: played HS football, and Basketball

Work: Marriott on the Big Isle

Hobbies: Music, PSP, PS2

Favorite Quote: "Ridiculous" and "No Fit, Put Spit"

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Post by nonkiboy »

Name: Robin
Schools attended: Hawaiian Mission Academy ('98 ), Pacific Union College ('02), Loma Linda University School of Medicine ('07)
Affiliation to UH Sports: I watch... It's kinda hard being Okinawan and expect to be tall enough to play on UH team.
Sports In Hawaii: Judo since 1st grade, never got to complete black-belt certification; pick-up volleyball, basketball games; played street baseball in the hana bata days; also gotta say I was on XCountry team on the mainland, which screwed up my ankles.
Work: Resident Physician
Famous Quote: not by me, but I like it...
"The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." - Vince Lombardi
Hobbies: Family, church, video games, computer, all-kinds of sports, and the list can go on and on...
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Post by TheWitness23 »

Name: David
Schools attended: AMV High School('07) Eastern Washington('11)Pending I don't transfer.
Affiliation to UH Sports: Father's side of the family from Koko Head/Hawaii Kai.
Sports In Hawaii: None in Hawaii, lettered in baseball in high school almost took a jc scholarship.
Work: Seattle Mariners. Distribution Office
Famous Quote: None that I can think of.
Hobbies: I don't know if I'm gonna try and pick baseball up again, I kinda got tired of all the politics. Now I'm just focused on going to school and looking at the possibilities of transferring to a bigger school in 2 years. I also like my video games hit me up on XBOX LIVE gamertag TheWitness23. I guess check my gamercard out to see what I'm playing now. Love watching sports football and basketball. Cavs and Bows!
Yes, I know my internet sucks stop complaining about it over Live/PSN I can't do anything about it.

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Post by LetsRIDE »

Name: LetsRIDE (friends call me AGZ)
Schools Attended: UH Manoa 1999 to 2003
Affiliation to UH Sports: Enjoyed "Tailgaiting" since i was young
Sports in Hawaii: Football, Volleyball
Hobbies: Riding sports bike, outdoor

Have enjoyed reading the boards for awhile since early this year, but finally decided to sign up. well, hope to someday meet some of you guys.

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NBA: Lakers
NFL: Rams
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Post by Tone96795 »

Name: Tony Hanawahine
Schools attended: Kailua High School
Affiliation to UH Sports: Fan
Sports In Hawaii: Mens slowpitch softball
Work: Security officer (kamehameha school)

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Post by MauiBowFan »


Maryknoll H.S.

University of Hawaii at Manoa !!!!!!!!!!!



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Post by tom-WarriorNation »

Name: Tom Kitaguchi

Schools attended: Lahainaluna HS ('70), UH Manoa ('70-75).

Affiliation to UH Sports: UH tennis team--4 yr lettermen, fanatic fan of UH football.

Work: former Robert's Hawaii busdriver & real estate broker in Honolulu. Current fed. govt. employee, GSA Regional Appraiser in San Francisco, CA--our office handles disposal of surplus fed. govt. real estate for the western US.

Sports In Hawaii: basketball leagues; shortstop in softball & mountain ball. Played QB in intramural flag football at UH. Still playing tennis tournaments; nationally ranked in my old age group, lol.
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WE BELIEVE! GO WARRIORS! Let us grow this Warrior Nation.

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Post by sup_geeh »

Name: Gerard

Schools attended: George Washington HS c/o '96 (Guam); UH-Manoa & KCC currently

Affiliation to UH Sports: Finally a season ticket holder for Football - After being a TV fan since moving here

Sports In Hawaii:
Swimming, when health permits

Work: In a dark, dank, cold, lonely cave.

Favorite Quote: I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
--Albert Einstein

Hobbies: sleeping, cooking, guitar playing, illustration, photography...

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Post by BmoNutz »

Wassup fellow Warrior cronics? Lets chant before the team comes out on the field. Anyone remember the movie "WARRIORS"?

"Warriors come out to play"!

I'll start it in the south end zone. Anyone with me?


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Post by sup_geeh »

BigWave96744 wrote:
sup_geeh wrote:Name: Gerard
Schools attended: George Washington HS c/o '96 (Guam)
Hafa Adai!!!!
Right back at ya, Hafa Adai!

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Introduce yourself

Post by lamanchster »

Name: John (longtime lurker, first time poster)

Schools attended: Punahou c/o '89, Colgate U ('89-'91), Pomona College c/o '93

Affiliation to UH Sports: Do you remember Prairie View A&M? 65-0? Blaine Gaison #10? Noga bros., Kafentzis bros.? Love da New Warriors, and love da Bows...

Sports In Hawaii: AYSO Soccer (9 years), Tennis, Golf, etc.

Work: #1 Real Estate Network in the World (Hint: Watch the Balloon)

Favorite Quote: Try some cupcakes for breakfast, Mel Kiper! (Blaze)

Hobbies: Watching the Warriors on the Road:

2002 - Fresno State (W) - High-fiving Rolo in the Stands after watching watching Timmy bring us back (and watching my Giants pound the Angels in WS Game 5 the night before)
2003 - UNLV (L)
2005 - Nevada (L)
2006 - Alabama (L) - But we got much respect from the 6-6 Tide fans...11-3 Warriors!
2007 - UNLV (W)
2007 - Nevada (W) - Huge win...1st win in Reno all-time...
2008 - N'awlins? Gottah believe!

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Schools attended: James Campbell H.S. c/o 99

Affiliation to UH Sports: I bleed green & black, what else you need?

Sports In Hawaii: was breed to play

Work:we live in paradise my good man...3 jobs

Favorite Quote:"you not deah...til' you deah"

Hobbies: music, sports, women!! particular order!

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Post by greenblood »

Lurker finally checking in...

Name: greenblood
Schools attended: Castle 78, UH-Manoa 78-84
Affiliation to UH Sports: Fan since first game in 78 vs. USC when the "student section" was the the whole mauka orange
Work: Construction industry
Hobbies: Ocean activities, woodworking, home renovation

Green and Black= Dark Green

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Pine rider
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Post by rocket808 »


Schools attended: Kaiser, UH '94, USC'98

Affiliation to UH Sports: Big time UH fan. I try to go to all the mainland Hawaii games for the past decade. I make a couple home games too (parents still live on Oahu)

Sports In Hawaii: Little league, Judo, Wrestling, Softball

Work:In Los Angeles, did live in SF Bay area with plenty of friends there too

Favorite Quote: plenty

Hobbies: College Football - make that UH football, Snowboarding
UH grad
active Hawaii road game attender


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Post by finlandia »

Name: Larry

Schools attended: Iolani c/o '94, George Washington U c/o '98

Affiliation to UH Sports: Every home football game from 1983-1994 and a bunch of baseball games in the coach Les era. One year, they had the greatest no-hit, small ball offense ever. More runs than hits in some of those games.

Sports In Hawaii: small kid time soccer, little league, swimming.

Work: Defense contractor providing program management support to the Navy (BAE Systems). Combat systems ship installation and test. Still waiting for the client to send me home on business...come on, gang! One day I hope to be able to come home and stay in this line of work.

Favorite Quote: Can't make up my mind.

Hobbies: Suffering with the 'lphins (no D, no O), fiddling with my home theater PC, hiking when it's not cold, taking the dog on adventures. I would bodyboard if I lived someplace more suitable. I found out a little while ago that my body has forgotten how to ride a bike, kinda sad.

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