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Re: HN: G-FORCE wins Box Office July 24-26 (July 27)

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Hollywood News!!!!

Tuesday stories developing. . . .

Murray Confirms He Gave Propofol to Michael Jackson!


(Tmz) In their investigation of the death of Michael Jackson, Law enforcement authorities knew they had their man in Dr. Conrad Robert Murray who administered the lethal injection that may have led to Jackson's death. How did they know? Murray had told LAPD two days after Jackson's death.

Law enforecement sources were told that Murray gave the drug Propofol to Jackson hours before his death. He gave Jackson an IV drip of the powerful anesthesia and Police believe Dr. Murray took a nap after administering the drug. At the time, it is believed that Jackson's heart stopped beating and Murray awakened to find Jackson already dead from heart failure.

An IV drip of Propofol allows a constant, steady infusion of the drug for a period of time determined by the person administering it.

Two mistakes may have occurred when Murray administered the drug. To administer an IV drip of Propofol, a patient should be monitored by an EKG, which sounds an alarm when the patient's pulse drops too low. No EKG was found in the house.

The second mistake was the lack of a device called a pulse oximeter which is used to determine the oxygen saturation in the patient's blood. If the patient's breathing slows to a dangerous level, an alarm alerts the treating physician. No oximeter was found in the house.

Even with these devices, Dr. Murray should have been awake or at least given his fullest attention to Jackson when he administered the lethal drug.

Investigators are still gathering evidence at this moment and will determine if Dr. Murray will be formally charged in the death of Michael Jackson.

Story developing. . . .

Kelsey Grammer's Plea to Keep His Sister's Killer in Prison!

Popular TV actor Kelsey Grammer

(Perez Hilton) Actor Kelsey Grammar (Frasier, Cheers) wasn't able to make it yesterday to the parole hearing of the man convicted of killing his sister--due to flight delays at JFK airport. Instead, a statement from Kelsey Grammer was read at the parole hearing for Freddie Glen, the man who was convicted of murdering Grammer's sister when she was 18 years old.

"This is a butcher. This is a monster," read the statement. "I can never accept the notion that he can pay for the nightmare with anything less than his life."

Karen Grammer was abducted outside a Colorado Springs restaurant, raped and murdered in cold blood on July 1, 1975.

Glenn is serving a life sentence for her murder along with being responsible for the demise of two others all within a one month period.

"She was so smart and good and decent. She wrote poetry … We could laugh for hours together," Grammer said of his beloved sister. "I was supposed to protect her — I could not. It very nearly destroyed me… When we heard this man might be paroled, the suffering began anew."

Glenn will be eligible for parole in 2014.

Hollywood Shorts!!!!!

Reggie Bush with Kim Kardashian in tow are splitsville!

Reality-star Kim Kardashian and New Orleans Saints football player Reggie Bush have split.

Joe Jonas and Camille Belle breakup!

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers band and Camille Belle (10,000 B.C.) have split.

Linda and Hulk Hogan are officially DIVORCED

Hulk Hogan and new ex-wife Linda Hogan have finalized an agreement on their divorce. No details of the agreement have been released but the Hulkster announced, "He is a free man!"

Farrah Fawcett and her son Redmond

The late Farrah Fawcett left her son Redmond $3M. Fawcett appointed two trustees for Redmond to ensure that her son will sober up from his drug use.

Bradley Cooper, the current "IT" boy in Hollywood

"Hangover" star Bradley Cooper, who is single, has been playing the field. He's gone on dates with Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellwegger, and just recently---Denise Richards.

Sacha Baron Cohen in character as "Bruno" is in a heap of trouble with a terrorist group

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a Palestinian terrorist group based in the West Bank, has issued a death-threat against actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for his portrayal of the group in his film, "Bruno." In the film, Bruno meets with Martyrs Brigade leader Ayman Abu Aita and tries to get himself kidnapped. The group did not like the way Aita was portrayed in the film. Cohen is taking the death-threat seriously and is stepping up on security for himself and his family.

Rihanna and Chris Brown. Are the two back together again? We hope not!

Rihanna and Chris Brown spending time together? That story has yet to be confirmed but this past weekend, the two checked into two separate rooms at the Trump International Hotel and Towers in NYC. The NY Post reports that the two went to great lengths to take separate cars and decoy cars to throw-off reporters. Brown has a restraining order which forbids him from seeing Rihanna. Uh oh.

Rapper Nas and R&B singer Kelis

R&B singer Kelis won her stage of the battle in a bitter divorce with husband rapper Nas. Yesterday, Nas was ordered to pay $40k a month for child and spousal support and an additional $45k to cover Kelis' legal fees and other expenses that have mounted since their split. Nas is fighting the court ruling and has already scheduled a hearing on September 8 to contest the court order.

The $20M dollar man, Chris Tucker, owes $3M to California!

Chris Tucker (Rush Hour 1,2,3) owes California over $3M in back taxes!!!! He was handed the bill last month. This is from a man who was paid $20M doing Rush Hour 2!!!!

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Re: HN: Terror Group Issues Threat Against Actor! (July 28)

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Hollywood News!!!!

Wednesday (Hump day) stories developing. . . .

Comedian George Lopez Joining Late Night Wars!


(LA Times) When "Lopez Tonight" premieres in November, don't expect host George Lopez to sit behind a desk or to read from cue cards. He wants to mingle with his guests on plastic-wrapped furniture. (He was joking about the plastic. We think.)

His Monday-through-Thursday TBS late-night show is going to be a party that won't always begin with his stand-up. Some nights a musical guest will open the show. Other nights, maybe a conversation with an actor will kick it off. What Lopez says he wants more than anything is a spontaneous party atmosphere that thrives on the energy of his guests and audience.

"There have been a lot of supermarkets but until Costco came around and started selling the big mayonnaise, it took it to another level," he said. "This show is gonna be bigger and badder."

Lopez said he is honored to be the first Latino to land a late-night hosting perch, and is hoping that fans of his 2002-2007 ABC sitcom, "The George Lopez Show" (now in syndication), will only be one part of his new audience.

Kelly Clarkson Blames Own Producer for Song Similar to Beyonce's

Kelly Clarkson's second run with hit-maker Clive Davis may be done for good!

Kelly Clarkson is causing a furor with her music producer Ryan Tedder because her song "Already Gone" sounds like Beyonce's "Halo" which was also produced by Tedder as well. Rather than defending herself in the matter and handling the issue of song-stealing privately, Clarkson has thrown her producer (and executive producer Clive Davis and her own record company) "under the bus."

Tedder issued a statement defending himself, explaining that each song is different melodically and lyrically, and that he would never dupe each singer in any way.

After this episode, Clarkson may be gone from the Clive Davis camp for good!

Hollywood Shorts!!!!!!!!!!

A brooding Elizabeth Canalis

George Clooney is dating Italian Beauty Elizabeth Canalis. Canalis is a model and the host of Italy's version of MTV's Total Request Live!

Universal's remake of "The Wolfman"

Universal's release of "The Wolfman" starring Benicio Del Toro has been pushed back from November 6 to February 12, 2010 to take advantage of the 3-day holiday weekend.

The cast of "Burn Notice" --(from left to right) Sharon Gless, Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Donovan, and Gabrielle Anwar

Fans of the USA shows "Burn Notice" and "Royal Pains" should be happy because both shows have been renewed another season. The two shows have done well for the network pulling in 7.1M and 7.3M viewers respectively.

Disney star, Demi Lovato

Popular Disney tween star Demi Lovato (Sonny With A Chance and Camp Rock) has the No.1 album entitled "Here We Go Again" on the Billboard 200. She garners the top spot despite selling less than Michael Jackson's reissued album "Number Ones."

Ed Swiderski and the "Bachelorette" Jillian Harris

The season finale of ABC's "The Bachelorette" (in which Jillian Harris became formerly engaged to Ed Swiderski) pulled in 9.9M viewers which is the largest ratings it has ever had in its 5 years. In addition, another ABC show "Dating in the Dark" (a show about people who go through a "dating ritual" in which they are completely "in-the-dark" with the partner they are interested in) is doing well with 6.4M viewers in its second week.

A Miami Dolphins fact

Did you know the minority owners of the Miami Dolphins includes Jimmy Buffet, Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez? If the Dolphins have a benefit concert, they won't have to look far for any entertainers, that's for sure!

The A-Rod and Kate Hudson relationship has been a blessing for the NY Yankees!!!!

Before A-Rod and Kate Hudson were officially dating, the Yankees were a lowly 20-17! Now that they are in a "Relationship," the Yanks are an incredible 61-39!!!! You think Steinbrenner/Girardi want to keep this relationship afloat until the World Series? You betcha! We're sure the Yankee brass is taking every step. . . to ensure that A-Rod keeps it up. . . (the relationship, people, relationship) with Hudson.

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Re: Hollywood News (July 30)

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Hollywood News!!!!!

Thursday stories developing. . . .

Breaking News!!!!!!!

Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz are 2 More Names Revealed from 2003 Drug Test List!

David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez

The NY Times has just reported that two more names were revealed from the list of 102 baseball players who took a "confidential" drug test in 2003, they were Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. Ramirez and Ortiz were members of the Boston Red Sox at the time and found to have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003.

With this new revelation, a "dark cloud" has loomed over the 2004 championship of the Boston Red Sox of which Ramirez and Ortiz were a part of. The two join Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Jason Grimsley, Sammy Sosa, and David Segui who had tested positive for PEDS in that infamous 2003 drug test.

Another Senator Resigning Over An Alleged Affair!


Tennessee Senator Paul Stanley (R), 47, who is married and Father of two, is resigning effective August 10 due to an affair he had with a 22 year-old intern, Mckensie Morrison. He wrote in his resignation letter that he would "focus his full attention on his family and resign his senate seat August 10."

Stanley admitted to the affair after the intern's boyfriend, Joel Watts, attempted to extort $10K from him and to prevent the release of revealing photos.

Katherine Jackson Given Full Custody of Michael Jackson's Children!

Katherine Jackson flanked by sons Jermaine Jackson and Michael Jackson

Katherine Jackson, 79, Mother of Michael Jackson, has been given full custody of her son's 3 children under the terms of a deal said her lawyer. The issue of Debbie Rowe concerning Michael's two older children, Prince Michael I and Paris, will be revealed later.

Although Katherine has been given custody, there are reports that the actual care of the children will be given to eldest daughter Rebbie Jackson, 57, who has raised 2 grown children and has been married more than 20 years to her husband.

American Idol Deals Done 'Cept For Simon and Paula!

The unpredictable Paula Abdul and the boorish Simon Cowell are mainstays on American Idol but what's up with the negotiations?

So far, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's payday was splashed all over Hollywood with a deal reported to be $15M annually for 3 years. Judges Randy Jackson and Kara Dio Guardi have signed on with no details of their deals but one can expect to be generous.

As for Paula Abdul, the negotiations have stalled and Abdul's agent admits that his client is hurt by the delay.

As for Simon Cowell, the talk of a $140M per year deal was considered "nonsense" by the mercurial judge. Negotiations are still ongoing with Cowell.

Hopefully, everything can be worked out before they take the road for auditions in late August to early September.

Father says: Tony Romo and my Daughter Aren't Dating!

Tony Romo's "friend" Natalie Smith

John Smith, the associate Athletic Director at Eastern Illinois (Romo's former school) is denying that his daughter, Natalie Smith, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo are dating. Smith says that Romo has been a long-time family friend. He added that the fact that his daughter's friendship with Romo is being exposed is because of Romo's breakup with Jessica Simpson.


Jessica Simpson is NOT having a good month!

Jessica Simpson is in trouble with Native American Indians for saying, "I'm NOT an Indian-giver" when she was asked by a video cameraman if she would take back a boat given to Tony Romo when they were together.

Jude Law receives some good news?

Actor Jude Law (starring with Robert Downey Jr. in the new Sherlock Holmes film coming Dec. 25) will be a father for the 4th time from a former girlfriend. The child is due in the fall. Law has 3 children from ex-wife Sadie Frost.

Dr. Conrad Murray owes money too!

Michael Jackson's Doctor, Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, is more than $100K behind in mortgage payments for his million-dollar home in Las Vegas.

Val Kilmer is wanted by the IRS! UH OH!

Actor Val Kilmer (Batman, The Doors) owes more than $500k in Federal taxes. A lien by the IRS was filed July 15.

Is Steve Jobs back at Apple? We hope so!

Apple stock is going up on Wall Street because of the sighting of founder Steve Jobs back at work. Jobs took a leave of absence in January for a liver transplant. He was seen yesterday at the Cupertino, California company headquarters.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were involved in a conspiracy from two Ohio Police chiefs!

Ohio Police Chiefs Chad Dojack and Barry Carpenter were arrested due to a plot to break into the home of Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate to obtain photos, info, and voice mail messages between the actress and the surrogate, and sell it to the tabloids.

Independent/Low-Budget Films You've Probably Never Heard About!!!!!

See these independent/low-budget films that are not heavily promoted like "Funney People" or "Aliens In the Attic" at your local theatre or on the DVD shelf at your favorite video store or video-rental mail service.

To be released July 31(Note: See your local listings for dates/times, film are limited release at select theatres, dates/times are subject to change)

Every Little Step -- A documentary film about the 2006 revival of the broadway hit "A Chorus Line." The film depicts the actor/dancers who are trying to make it on the broadway musical, "A Chorus Line" which is about the struggle that every dancer and actor must go through in order to "make it" on broadway.


Lemon Tree -- About an owner of a lemon grove in Israel which lies on the border next to a country that harbors terrorists. Government officials believe that the terrorists could use the lemon trees as camouflage when entering the Jewish country. The film depicts the struggle between the landowner who is protecting her livelihood and the government who is protecting its citizens.


Easy Virtue -- Actress Jessica Biel (I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry) stars in a period film about a sexy, glamorous American girl who marries a British boy. Biel is introduced to the snobbish British family for the first time and things get mighty interesting in an otherwise boring household.


Herb and Dorothy --- A poignant story of Harold and Dorothy Vogel, an average couple from a modest background (he was a postal clerk and she was a librarian) who became famous art collectors. Their passion for art defied all stereotypes and led them to own one of the world's most treasured contemporary art collections.


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Re: HN: Manny and Big Papi on 2003 MLB Drug List!!! (July 30)

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Hollywood News!!!!!! (All things that matter in pop culture)


Former Philippine President Corazon Aquino dies

Time's Woman of the Year in 1987, Corazon Aquino passes away.

Former Philippine President Corazon Aquino, 76, who was swept into power after the "People Power" revolt in 1986 and after the assasination of her husband Benigno Aquino who was set to return back to the Philippines only to be gunned down on the tarmac as he deplaned in 1983, died today of colon cancer.

Aquino will be forever known as the woman who helped oust then Dictator/President Ferdinand Marcos. The assasination of her husband angered the country and she was suddenly thrust into the spotlight as the leader who would run against Marcos. With the urging of Philippine Archibishop Cardinal Jaime Sin, she ran against Marcos in a snap election that the Dictator had supposedly won. But after further investigation, Marcos' win involved massive fraud and the country and the military pledged their support for Aquino. Marcos was eventually overthrown and was allowed to leave the country for the U.S..

Asia magazine depicted the People Power revolt in the Philippines in 1986

The woman who had no political experience and known for wearing her signature yellow dress assumed the Presidency and had to endure 7 coup attempts and other controversy until she finally stepped down in 1992. Aquino will be forever known as the woman who had unlikely run for the Presidency of the Philippines and the face of the momentous People Power Revolt that stirred an entire nation.


Identity of Jude Law's Baby Mama Revealed!

Actor Jude Law

Before Jude Law's baby mama was revealed, readers were probably expecting some woman who was overweight, average-looking, and with bad-teeth from the countryside of jolly ole' England. Judging from the photos (below story), the actor has good taste. Her name is Samantha Burke and actor Jude Law is expecting his 4th child (he has 3 children from his ex-wife Sadie Frost) from the actress/model he dated last year. Recently and with good timing, Burke decided to announce to the media that SHE was Jude Law's baby Mama. Priceless!

Jude Law, Sadie Frost, and kids immediately took a vacation to escape the media fallout. It is unknown if Law and family went on the vacation together. It is unknown which ROCK Law crawled under on his vacation.

The birth of the child is projected to be in early October so there is lots of time to extend her "15 minutes of fame." Asking for a big sum of money for child support and other expenses---will come soon thereafter!!!!!!!

Photos of Samantha Burke and the full article: ... child.html

UGLY BETTY fans are getting worried about a planned MAKEOVER of the Star!!!!!

Actress America Ferrera as "Ugly Betty"

WTF??? Yes, we know it WON'T be Ugly Betty (played by America Ferrera) anymore if she gets a makeover! ABC execs are seriously looking into giving the popular character a serious makeover and have enlisted focus groups to help.

Will the supposed change (won't know if ABC execs are REALLY serious but enlisting the help of focus groups? COME ON!!!) affect the direction of the program? You bet it will! Ferrera's look and inferiority complex appeal gave the show its endearing charm. However, supporters of the idea say that like in life, people do change their looks as they grow! (This is a TV show you guys, not real-life????)

It remains to be seen if ABC will go through with it but if they do, UGLY BETTY fans will be furious!!!!!

Kanye West proclaims, "He's the next King of Pop!!!!"

Today's NEW "King of Pop---Kanye West?"

(Bitten and bound) Rapper, Hip-hop mogul, and producer Kanye West isn't shy about expressing his status in pop music and was quoted saying:

“You know everyone loves and respects Michael Jackson but times change. It’s so sad to see Michael gone but it makes a path for a new King of Pop and I’m willing to take that on. There’s nobody who can catch me in sales and in respect so it only makes sense for me to take over Michael’s crown and become the new King.”

Yes, West was sober at the time he issued this quote. The crazy thing about this is that West obtained permission from the Jackson family to use the title "King of Pop." So far, no response from the Jacksons. Yet hearing Joe Jackson's response to West's claim would be entertaining.

Have the Remains of Amelia Earhart Been Found?

Famed aviator Amelia Earhart

After 72 years, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her co-pilot Fred Noonan in their failed attempt to fly around the world in 1937, may be solved. Ric Gillespie, leader of the International Group for Historic Aviation Recovery (TIGHAR) will lead a second expedition to the Pacific island of Nikumaroro, an uninhabited island in the Republic of Kiribati in May/June 2010. Gillespie believes that this was the island where Earhart and Noonan crashed and possibly survived.

Artifacts were found on a particular sight of the island by a British administrator in 1940 (3 years after Earhart's disappearance) such as aircraft fragments, bones of a castaway, a woman's purse, a powder compact (an item made in the 1930s), and a zipper. Gillispie visited the site in 2007 and will visit the location once again using DNA from a living relative to match DNA with the overall area where Earhart supposedly lived on the island. New DNA technology makes it possible for scientists to match DNA by the objects that were touched. Gillispie's mission is to find more items in the area since the original items they found were mistakenly contaminated, making it impossible to have an accurate DNA reading.

The renewed interest with Earhart coincides with the recent portrayal of the famous pilot by Amy Adams in the film, "Night at the Musuem: Battle at the Smithsonian" and the upcoming biopic "Amelia" starring Hilary Swank as the famed aviator and Richard Gere, coming to theatres October 2.

Here's the "Amelia" trailer:



Pussycat dolls breaking up?

Ashley Roberts, a band member of the Pussycat Dolls, announced in front of fans in London that the band had broken up. No confirmation from PCD reps yet.

"True Blood" (Stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer ) has been renewed along with "Hung" and "Entourage!"

HBO shows, "Hung," "Entourage," and "True Blood" have been renewed. As for the popular True Blood, fans won't see any new episodes until next summer.

Khloe (left) and Kourtney (right) flank sister Kim in this publicity shot

Branching out from their reality-series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are gearing up for their premiere of their own series based in Miami called, "Kourtney and Khloe Take on Miami!" on the E network August 16.

Megan Fox look-alike and upcoming porn star Sasha Grey

I'm always in support of low-budget/independent films and stumbled upon this gem: "The Girlfriend Experience," directed by Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's Eleven, Erin Brockovich, Traffic) that was released this past May. This is the trailer of a great small film starring rising porn star Sasha Grey, who makes her mainstream film debut:


The MLB teams have a rivalry and now its the noosePAPAHS!!!!

You think that this NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox rivalry is serious? The NY Times unveiled their story about Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz on the 2003 MLB Drug List so it's only a matter of time that the Boston (Boston Herald and the Boston Globe) newspapers strike back!!!!! Many players from the Red Sox are taking issue that it was a NEW YORK newspaper that broke the news. At this moment, Boston reporters are digging up more Yankee names to unveil from that dreaded MLB drug list.

"The Cove," Awarded Best Documentary at the 2009 Sundance Festival debuts today

Release date is today July 31! (at selected theatres, dates and times subject to change)

"The Cove" is a thriller-type documentary film of a group of filmmakers who are attempting to film the fishermen in a small seaside village in Taiji, Japan who are involved in the practice of capturing dolphins for entertainment purposes (like for Sea World) or for their meat. The practice of capturing dolphins by the town is a secret and anyone who is involved taking photos or video is illegal and will be cast out of the community immediately.

The film feels more like a suspense documentary in which these courageous filmmakers will go through any means (even devising clandestine undercover operations through camouflage, entering the area through scuba-diving, planting cameras in fake rocks above the seaside town, flying over the town, etc., ) to capture the slaughter of the dolphins. Actress Hayden Panettiere appears in the documentary as part of an activist group to try and stop the killing.

The theatrical trailer for "THE COVE" (at selected theatres, check dates/times since dates/times are subject to change, this film is a limited release):

[youtube] ... ature=fvwp[/youtube]


Let's Laugh to the Weekend with Comedian Roy Wood:


and Comedian George Lopez on the drive-thru at Jack In the Box:


Have a great weekend!!!!!!! :hello1: :hello1:
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Re: HN: Manny and Big Papi on 2003 MLB Drug List!!! (July 30)

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Paul B wrote:(Bitten and bound) Rapper, Hip-hop mogul, and producer Kanye West isn't shy about expressing his status in pop music and was quoted saying:

“You know everyone loves and respects Michael Jackson but times change. It’s so sad to see Michael gone but it makes a path for a new King of Pop and I’m willing to take that on. There’s nobody who can catch me in sales and in respect so it only makes sense for me to take over Michael’s crown and become the new King.”

Yes, West was sober at the time he issued this quote. The crazy thing about this is that West obtained permission from the Jackson family to use the title "King of Pop." So far, no response from the Jacksons. Yet hearing Joe Jackson's response to West's claim would be entertaining.
This guy is something else - Get ready to be dissapointed world - oops, too late.
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Re: HN: Former Philippine President Aquino dies (July 31)

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Hollywood News!!!!! (All things that matter in pop culture)

Monday stories developing. . . . .

Breaking News!!!!!!

Former NY Giant Plaxico Burress Indicted by Grand Jury!!!!!

Plaxico Burress was indicted by a NY grand jury!

(Washington Post) A grand jury has indicted former NY Giant Plaxico Burress on weapons charges. He was indicted on two felony counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree and one misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment in the second degree. Burress faces 3-1/2 to 15 years in prison if convicted of the weapon possession charges--his sentences for the two counts, if convicted of both, would run concurrently--and up to one year in jail if convicted of the reckless endangerment charge, according to announcement.

No date has been set for Burress' arraignment.

Burress shot himself at a NY nightclub back in November 2008. The gun was unlicensed and no one called the police initially.

Linebacker Antonio Pearce, a teammate, who was with him on that night was NOT indicted.

The Aftermath of the Michael Jackson Estate and Guardianship Hearings!!!!!

Katherine Jackson was given permanent custofy of her late son's children

The hearing for the guardianship portion was completed and a surprise development involved a protest by Dr. Arnold Klein regarding the guardianship to NOT involve Joe Jackson was made and an objection that Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson were the parents of the children. The judge was curious why Klein would object in the matter. His protest certainly raised questions on whether Klein really is the Father of the 3 children rather than Rowe and Jackson. The judge disregarded Klein's objection.

The judge gave permanent guardianship to Grandmother Katherine Jackson. Debbie Rowe will have visitation rights and will still receive spousal support as agreed with Michael Jackson several years ago.

As for the issue regarding executorship of Michael Jackson's estate, the will has requested that lawyers John Branca and John McClain be the executors of his estate. Katherine Jackson has not decided on whether to contest the appointment of Branca and McClain as executors.

Financial allowances for the children and for Katherine Jackson has been set.

John Branca announced that the estate and AEG have reached an agreement on merchandising and rehearsal footage.

Funny People Wins Box Office Despite "Down Weekend!"

"Funny People" wins this past weekend box office!

Low-budget films "Hurt Locker," "500 Days of Summer," "The Cove" and "Thirst" Doing Well!!

( Universal’s R-rated comedy “Funny People” tops the weekend with $23.4 million as director/producer Apatow on his third directorial outing, proves his box-office drawing power. Though lower than “Knocked Up,” which earned $30.7 million for a second place debut in 2007, the film opened stronger than “The 40-YearOld Virgin” which debuted at number one with $21.4 million back in 2005. The star power of Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen combined with the Apatow brand brought out the die-hard fans, but it will be interesting to see how the film holds up in the coming weeks.

At number two with an IMAX bullet is “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” which sustained a mere 40% third weekend drop with the newly minted IMAX “Potter” showings hitting giant screens for the first time. With $3.2 million generated by 166 screens, IMAX proves once again its value as fans rush to see the film for a second time in the pristine large scale presentation and newcomers who waited for the IMAX treatment to draw them to the theatre. With a total of $17.7 million for the weekend and a domestic total of $255.5, Warner Bros. “Potter” continues to show its popularity with audiences around the world.

"Aliens in the Attic" opened with a $7.8M opening!

Disney’s “G-Force” lands in third with another $17 million as the PG-rated family film marches toward $70 million in domestic box-office against a slim 46% second weekend drop. The Jerry Bruckheimer production opened at number one last weekend with an expectation-surpassing $31.7 million and continues to thrill kids and their parents with its outlandish premise.

Fourth place gets “Ugly” as Sony’s “The Ugly Truth” continues to draw adult audiences and the date crowd with another $13 million and a domestic total at nearly $55 million. As the third R-rated comedy in the Top 10 (along with “Funny People” and “The Hangover”), there is clearly much competition in this genre and yet each is holding its own. Still the fragmentation of this audience shows how genre-overload can affect the box-office performance of these films.

Rounding out the Top 5 is Fox’s family fantasy adventure “Aliens in the Attic.” Opening this weekend with $7.8 million, this is yet another in a string of PG-rated family films including “Harry Potter 6,” “G-Force,” “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” and “Up” that have crowded into the summer marketplace.

Low-budget hits "Hurt Locker" and "500 Days of Summer" did very well at the box office!!!!

Despite the fourth “down” weekend at the box-office, there is some good news in the Indie film arena with “(500) Days of Summer,” “Hurt Locker” along with newcomers “Adam,” “Thirst” and “The Cove” all performing strongly this weekend. As always when late-summer “blockbuster fatigue” sets in, audiences find solace in the more intimate themes and challenging subject matter that are part and parcel of this brand of filmed entertainment and the strong per-theatre averages of these film bears this out.

Finally, we need a box-office hero and we need him now as a lot now rides on the very broad shoulders of Paramount’s “G.I. Joe.” With summer revenues and attendance dropping below last year’s levels, we’ve only got a month left to wring out a new summer revenue record (last year was a record-breaking $4.2 billion) and we are going to need a big infusion of cash to do it. In addition to “G.I. Joe,” next week marks the debut of two terrific comedies including “Julie and Julia” from Sony and in 40 markets the amazing “Paper Heart” from Overture films.

Hollywood Shorts !!!!!!!!

Action star Jean Claude Van Damme a "deadbeat Dad?"

Reports are coming in regarding 80's martial arts star Jean Claude Van Damme being a "deadbeat Dad." Supposedly, he hasn't paid child support for his 13 year-old for 4 years!

The original voices of "Futurama" will be back for another season on Comedy Central

The cast members and the show "Futurama" (Katey Segal, Billy West, Tress MacNeill, John Dimaggio, and Maurice LeMarche) will be back for another season on Comedy Central!

Hero's star Ali Larter marries Hayes MacArthur!

Heroes star Ali Larter married her longtime love Hayes MacArthur in Kennebunkport, Maine this past Saturday.

"Screech" owes the taxman!!!! Yikes!

Dustin Diamond, more famously known as "Screech" from "Saved from the Bell" owes more than $21K to the IRS!

Nicolas Cage owes the IRS big time!!!!!!

Actor Nicolas Cage owes more than $6M to the IRS and is aggressively selling his $3M mansion in New Orleans and his $35M Hollywood mansion. His $35M mansion is now being sold at a shockingly low $17.5M!!!!!

Actor Kevin Costner is lucky to be alive at country concert!

A stage at a country festival concert in Canada collapsed when actor Kevin Costner and his band Modern West were about to take the stage. Two members of the band were injured, Costner was unhurt. The collapse was blamed on a fierce storm that descended quickly upon the area when Costner was about to perform. One person died and 60 people were injured in the collapse.

Mark Wahlberg and his longtime girlfriend, Rhea Durham, finally tie the knot!

Actor Mark Wahlberg and longtime love Rhea Durham finally tied the knot when they were married this past Saturday in Beverly Hills. The couple has 3 children, Ella Rae, 5, Michael, 3, and 10 month old, Brendan Joseph.

Sarah and Todd Palin deny rumors of an impending divorce!

Sarah Palin reps have denied internet reports of a rumored divorce between her and husband Todd Palin. The Alaskan-based websites have claimed extramarital affairs on both sides, an impending divorce, and a subsequent move to the state of Montana.

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Re: HN: Plaxico Burress Indicted, Pearce Not Indicted! (Aug. 3)

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Hollywood News!!!! (All Things That Matter in Pop Culture!)

Tuesday stories developing. . . .


Imprisoned journalists Euna Lee (left) and Laura Ling (right)

Former President Bill Clinton Secures the Release of Journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Euna Lee and Laura Ling, two American journalists who were detained by North Korean soldiers for "illegal-entry into the country and engaging in hostile acts," were released and pardoned by North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il. With the help of former President Bill Clinton, the two were released from a North Korean prison where they were sentenced in June for 12 years of hard labor.

Lee will return to the U.S. to her 4 year-old daughter and husband. Ling is also married and is the sister of fellow journalist Lisa Ling.

Hollywood Salaries Are Dropping!


Are Studios "taking back" Hollywood from the Stars????? Well. . .

(LA Times) It wasn't so long ago, after putting in years building up his career, that Denzel Washington finally cracked the $20-million star salary club. But now he's taking a sizable pay cut to star in the upcoming 20th Century Fox film "Unstoppable" after the studio threatened to pull the plug on the picture in order to get its costs down. David Fincher used to make $8 million to $10 million per picture, along with a nice piece of first-dollar gross, as an A-list director. But he's taking considerably less money -- and no first-dollar gross -- to get his new Sony Pictures film, "The Social Network," off the ground.

The same goes for "Dinner for Schmucks" star Steve Carell and director Jay Roach. They may be two of the top comic talents in the business, but the duo aren't getting their usual salary quotes for the upcoming Paramount movie. When Julia Roberts told Disney she wouldn't cut her salary to star in the recent comedy "The Proposal," the studio bailed on Roberts, hiring Sandra Bullock for even less than what it had offered Roberts. The movie turned out to be one of the summer's biggest comedy hits.

What's going on here? In Hollywood, whenever a studio executive would sit down to negotiate with an agent for an actor, writer or filmmaker, one of the first questions volleyed across the table was: What's your client's quote? (Note: none of the studio execs or studio reps want to be named here for fear of gloating or give any appearance that one is happy with these actor's salary cuts!)

Are studio executives aiming to show the stars, "Who's boss?"

If you'd written, directed or starred in a big hit, or even enjoyed a couple of modest successes in a row, your quote went up. And unless you ran off to make some nutty labor-of-love indie film where everyone committed suicide in the third act, your salary level was assured. That quote stuck like glue. Even after a few stinkers, a big star could still get their $15- or $20-million fee. Basically, it means how much LEVERAGE does as an actor have?????

So don't feel sorry for Hollywood stars just yet!

Hollywood Shorts !!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. President!!!! President Barack Obama turns 48 today!!!!!

Joan Rivers: before and after. Thought she deserved some face time!

Comedian Joan Rivers blasted actress Brooke Shields for her teary-eyed speech at the Michael Jackson Memorial by saying that, "she (Shields) was doing it "for face time" and less than remembering her "dear friend" that she hasn't seen since 1991." Ouch!

Shaq wants to be the soccer goalie who goes up against David Beckham!!!!!

Shaquille O'Neal is "baiting" ala "Apollo Creed from Rocky" soccer star David Beckham to appear on his (Shaq's) reality-series, "Shaq Versus. . ." O'Neal dares Beckham that, "he can't score a goal on me!" Beckham isn't falling for that and politely declined O'Neal's invitation to appear on the show.

Cameron Douglas (right) with his famous father, Michael Douglas

Cameron Douglas, 30, son of actor Michael Douglas, was busted in NYC for possesion of Meth with the intent to distribute. This is the second time Douglas has been arrested. He was arrested in 2007 for possession of a controlled substance (a syringe with liquid cocaine) in his car.

Tiger Woods is "only human," except at the golf course!

A Fart Heard Around the World? That's what most of the sports world is saying about the audio of what sounded like a fart was heard when the television camera was trained on Tiger Woods and his caddy on the 18th hole at the Buick Open. Woods and his caddy were seen laughing after the "fart" was heard. CBS and Woods have not commented on the incident. FARTGATE, perhaps?

See the tmz video of Tiger Woods on the 18th hole: ... 24f433f60e

Dr. Arnold Klein. Why is he so interested in the well-being of Prince Michael and Paris? Is it because he is the Father?

Dr. Arnold Klein, dermatologist of Michael Jackson, has requested to the judge that a special request for the safety and protection of Prince Michael and Paris be honored which was assured by Jackson to Dr. Klein. Klein is worried about the health, safety, and normal upbringing of these two children and is looking out for their best interests. Hmmm. . . the speculation that Klein is the "father" of these two children is growing stronger. . .

Goodbye Arena Football League! Hello United Football League?????

Arena Football, founded in 1987, may be OUT (rumors of the league shutting down permanently are circulating through the internet) but the United Football League is definitely IN with TV deals with HDnet (Mark Cuban's network) and Versus. The UFL will announce the season schedule and all other details sometime this week.


Four million viewers tuned to the "premiere" of Jon and Kate Plus Eight last night after being on hiatus since June 22. TLC is hoping those viewers will continue to stick throughout.

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Re: HN: Lee and Ling Released from N. Korean Prison! (Aug. 4)

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Hollywood News!!!!! (All things that matter in Pop Culture)

Wednesday (hump day) stories developing. . . .

Paula Abdul Leaves American Idol!

Goodbye Paula Abdul. The crazy of AI is now gone!

The relationship with American Idol (AI) fans and judge Paula Abdul is now officially over! After serious contract negotiations betwen AI reps and Paula Abdul broke down, Abdul has decided to leave the show after 8 years. Sources indicated that Abdul was making between $2-3M a year and was asking for more. Apparently, after refusing the first offer, Abdul didn't like AI's second offer at all and decided to leave the show.

What was difficult about the negotiations with Abdul was the fact that she was emotional throughout the entire process and she changed her management team TWICE!

So, the craziness of American Idol that was Paula Abdul is gone. Who is Simon Cowell going to "roll his eyes at" now? Who is Cowell going to fight with now? What contestant will miss the endless babbling from a supposed sober Abdul (better check that coca-cola cup of hers)?

Goodbye, Paula. Thanks for the craziness and the laughter! Nobody did it better!

Nigel Lythgoe, a producer on AI and "So You Think YOu Can Dance" has given Abdul a standing offer as guest judge on SYTYCD.

Euna Lee and Laura Ling Finally Arrive Back In the U.S.!

Euna Lee and Laura Ling

American Journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling finally arrived on American soil when they touched down this morning at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California. They arrived via private jet with former President Bill Clinton who helped negotiate their release with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il.

Lee and Ling were imprisoned for "illegal entry into the country and committing hostile acts" and sentenced to 12 years in prison in North Korea.

Lee and Ling were reunited with their families which they have not seen since March.

See the youtube video of their triumphant return:

[youtube] ... r_embedded[/youtube]

Millions Bid Farewell to former Philippine President Corazon Aquino!

Late Philippine President Corazon Aquino

(MSNBC) Manila, Philippines - Masses of mourners chanted the name of former President Corazon Aquino as her body was escorted through the Philippine capital's rain-soaked streets Monday.

The five-hour funeral procession, slowed by mobs of followers, traced some of the same streets where hundreds of thousands of protesters — inspired by the woman in a yellow dress — faced down army tanks 23 years ago and ousted a dictator.

On Monday, tens of thousands left their offices, schools and homes and converged on streets and overpasses, clutching clumps of yellow balloons, waving yellow ribbons and showering confetti on Aquino's flag-draped casket, carried on a flatbed truck bedecked with flowers. Yellow was the symbol of the nonviolent mass "people power" uprising that forced Ferdinand Marcos from power in 1986.

Manila's notorious traffic came to a standstill as drivers rolled down windows and put out their hands flashing Aquino's trademark "L" sign for "laban," or "fight" in Filipino, her slogan in the campaign that toppled Marcos' 20-year repressive rule.

Many of the mourners — nuns, priests, students, wealthy residents and their uniformed maids — wore yellow, Aquino's favored color. Huge banners displayed "Thank You Corazon Aquino" and "You're Not Alone" — an Aquino slogan from the 1986 revolt.

Bachelorette Couple May be in Trouble!!!!!!!!!

The Bachelorette's, Ed Swiderski and Jillian Harris, experiencing turbulence already?

(Us Weekly) The Bachelorette's season finale featuring the engagement of Ed Swirderski and bachelorette Jillian Harris brought the show's highest ratings ever but Swiderski's shady past is slowly coming out! Two of Swiderski's former lovers, Lindsey Johnson and Betheny Steffen, have come out to inform Jillian of Swiderski's 3 timing ways!!!!!

Lindsey Johnson confirmed that she slept with Swiderski eight days after he proposed to Jillian. A day later, Betheny received a text from Swiderski to "bring condoms and beer" to his place! Prior to the show, Swiderski had been dating Johnson and Steffen at the same time behind their backs!!!!!!

When Swiderski left the show temporarily on April 15, both girls claim that they slept with him while he was away.

Jillian Harris has come out and said that the women's claims are . . . "absolutely made up." She added, "This is a bump in the road and we'll get through it."

Stay tuned. . . .

The Business of Michael Jackson!


(Tmz) New documents in the Michael Jackson estate case indicate that the special administrators John Branca and John McClain expect to haul in somewhere in the "eight-figures" for merchandising and all things related to Jackson.

The administrators have collected property worth in the millions belonging to Jackson from around the country, including memorabilia and artwork. They collected $5.5M from Doctor Tohme Tohme (Jackson's financial advisor, confidante, and the person responsible for saving Neverland from foreclosure). They have settled 3 lawsuits so far and they are in deep negotiations with various companies regarding all merchandise involving Michael Jackson.

One last thing, Columbia Pictures will create a movie of Michael Jackson and is using the footage from the rehearsals and preparations of his London concerts. Columbia is paying a hefty price because under the terms of the deal, the estate will receive 90% and AEG will receive 10%. The studio is guaranteeing $60M in return for the rights.

Is Paramount Pictures Fully Supporting Its Release of "GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra?"


G.I. Joe Opens in Theatres AUGUST 7!!!!!!

Paramount Pictures has decided not to have screenings of "GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra" for critics and the media before its premiere on Friday. But why? Does Paramount have something to hide? Does the film studio sense they have a STINKER on their hands? Uh oh!

The cast of G.I. Joe: (left to right) Rachel Nichols, Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller, and Channing Tatum,

Paramount's Vice Chairman, Rob Moore, felt that this strategy was a better way to go after what they experienced with Transformers 2.

Early buzz from the general public was negative. However, early reviews from the Times/Mirror UK and IGN have deemed the film to be quite good!

Come Friday, critics, the media, and the audiences will see first hand what Paramount is up to. We hope GI Joe is the blockbuster it was hyped up to be.

Paris Hilton's Dogs Have A Better House than most Humans!!!! Yikes!

A "doggy mansion" sits behind the heiress home in Beverly Hills

(Perez Hilton) Paris Hilton had a 300 sq. ft, $325,000 dog house built for her pups Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Dolce and Prada.

The pooch mansion sits behind her Beverly Hills home and is furnished with faux designer doggie products from Jimmy Chew, Pawda, Sniffany & Co. and Chewy Vuitton.

“It’s a miniature version of my house,” said the heiress. “I designed it with the help of my interior decorator, Faye Resnick. I wanted it to be fun, cute, comfortable and beautiful. My friends just love it and think it’s so adorable and cool.”

The two floor dog house has a clay-tile roof with copper gutters, intricate ceiling molding and a crystal chandelier hanging in the bedroom complete with central air. The dogs even have a closet and a downstairs living room!

What, no kitchen and bathroom????? What about the solar heating?????

“They love lying on the balcony, playing in their backyard and hanging out on their living room furniture. They appreciate the house that Mommy built for them,” she continued. "The dogs love to dress up. My friends say they have a better wardrobe than most people.” I'll bet!

see the photos of the interior and the article:

Parent Wins $125K Lawsuit Against Little League For Improperly Teaching Son To Slide!


Take Me Out the Courtroom. . . .

Little League Incorporated and the New Springville Little League (Staten Island, NY) is out $125k because of a lawsuit by Jean Gonzalez, who sued the coach of hs son's baseball team for failing to teach her then 12 year-old son to properly slide, which resulted in two knee operations. Gonzalez contended that the team's veteran coach did not teach her son Martin to slide properly and caused him to injure a ligament and a torn meniscus when he slid into second base on May 4, 2004.

In addition to negligent coaching, there was another issue regarding the use of detachable bases in the game. Gonzalez contended that unsafe stationary bases were used while the defendants testified that detachable bases were used that complied with safety standards.

In the end, the league decided to settle with Gonzalez for $125k!!!!! The settlement is perplexing because there is long-held belief that to be involved in sports, there is a risk involved and that proving the coaches were negligent in their supervision is close to impossible in this case. Did the Little League association do enough to defend these points?

Yet, one wonders. Isn't $125k kind of extreme in this case, since it's coming from a Little League Baseball organization????

First Lady and President top Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List for 2009!

The President and First Lady are tops on Best Dressed List!

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama topped Vanity Fair's best dressed list for 2009. The first lady has made a fashion splash since entering the White House while the "commander-in-chief" prefers to remain conservative in his approach.

Actresses Penelope Cruz and Ann Hathaway made the list!

Joining the Presidential couple are actor Brad Pitt, actress Penelope Cruz, singer Alicia Keys, actress Ann Hathaway, actor Daniel Craig, and NY power couple Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Diana Taylor.

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Re: HN: (Aug. 5)

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Hollywood News!!!!! (All things that matter in Pop Culture!)

Thursday stories developing. . .

Director John Hughes Dies

Director John Hughes had a great impact in the 80s and 90s

Hughes directed such hits as "The Breakfast Club," "Pretty in Pink," "Sixteen Candles," "Ferris Bueller's Dayoff" and involved in numerous other projects

Director John Hughes, 59, died of a heart attack while taking a morning walk during a trip to New York City. The impact of John Hughes was felt throughout the 80s and part of the 90s directing The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Ferris Bueller's Dayoff. He was not only a director but an accomplished writer and producer. He had a hand in other hit films such as "Home Alone I and II," "National Lampoon's Vacation," "Uncle Buck," "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles," and "Weird Science."

Hughes is famous for making "teen movies" for both teens and adults enjoyed. His films helped launch many stars that included Matthew Broderick, Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, Judd Nelson, Macaulay Caulkin, Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr. Bill Paxton, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, and many more.

Edwards' Mistress Testifies In Court About Receiving "Illegal Payments" From the Senator!

Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

(bitten and bound) Rielle Hunter, videographer and former mistress of Senator John Edwards, is in a federal courthouse in Raleigh, North Carolina this morning to testify before a grand jury. She was summoned to answer questions about the $100,000 that she was paid by the Edwards campaign in 2006 to film a private behind-the-scenes look at the candidate.

She will be questioned by a jury panel if she received special consideration in landing the job and whether the accompanying salary was in line with the requirements of the project.

Hunter held her 17-month-old daughter Frances as she enter the courthouse building. The child is rumored to be John Edwards’ child.

Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler Rushed to Hospital After Fall From Stage!!!!

Aerosmith singer, Steven Tyler

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, 61, was airlifted to a nearby hospital earlier today after suffering a fall from the stage at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. The singer reportedly suffered minor injuries to his head and neck and a shoulder injury. It has not been determined how serious the injuries are.

Tyler was performing the song, "Love In An Elevator" when he fell and was assisted backstage before being rushed to the Rapid City regional hospital.

Prime Time Television Rankings!

NBC's "America's Got Talent" is No. 1 (and the summer's No. 1 hit as well) in the rankings!!!!!

(L.A. Times) Here are the rankings of shows for the week of July 27-August 2, compiled by Nielsen Media Research. Viewership is listed in millions.

1 America's Got Talent (Tue.) NBC 13.24
2 America's Got Talent (Wed., 9 p.m.) NBC 11.19
3 The Bachelorette ABC 10.00
4 NCIS CBS 9.73
5 60 Minutes CBS 9.61
6 Two and a Half Men CBS 9.06
7 The Mentalist CBS 8.73
8 America's Got Talent (Tue., 8 p.m.) NBC 8.56
9 The Big Bang Theory CBS 8.48
10 CSI: Miami CBS 8.13

Mark Harmon heads the cast of the popular show, NCIS

11 The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose ABC 7.99
12 CSI CBS 7.82
13 So You Think You Can Dance (Wed.) FOX 7.81
14 So You Think You Can Dance (Thu.) FOX 7.59
15 Law & Order: SVU NBC 7.24
16 Hell's Kitchen FOX 7.04
17 Wipeout ABC 6.79
18 Big Brother (Sun.) CBS 6.76
19 CSI: NY CBS 6.65
20 Cold Case CBS 6.63

ABC's "Wipeout!" filled with zany obstacle courses and bravado contestants is a hit!

Notables: CBS has not sounded the alarm yet for CSI which is "underperforming" with New Chief, Lawrence Fishbourne. Fishbourne is slated for a "wardrobe makeover" in order to boost ratings. Viewership for So You Think You Can Dance has also dropped, which makes sense to consider hiring Paula Abdul as a judge to "spice up the ratings" for the Fox show. NBC is happy that Law and Order: SVU is still performing well since the other shows in the Law and Order franchise (L&O and Criminal Intent) floundered and were shipped off.

Surprises by the performance of NCIS and The Mentalist on CBS has given the network "hope" for the future. With the popular NCIS, the network created another show NCIS: Los Angeles to capitalize on the original show's success.


U.S. Senate confirmed Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court by a vote of 68-31. Sotomayor is the first Hispanic judge to make it on the Supreme Court.

Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch is recovering from surgery to treat a cancerous tumor in a salivary gland and is gearing up for radiation treatment.

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Re: HN: John Edwards' Mistress to Testify In Court! (Aug. 6)

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Hollywood News!!!!! (All Things that matter in Pop Culture!)



Billy May's Death Caused by Cocaine!!!!!

TV Pitchman Billy Mays

(CNN) The just-released Hillsborough County, Florida autopsy report of TV pitchman Billy Mays , 50, revealed that cocaine attributed to his death.

"Mays died from a lethal arrhythmia of the heart caused by hypertensive and arteriosclerotic heart disease," the county said in a statement attributed to Dr. Leszek Chrostowski, the associate medical examiner who conducted the autopsy.

"He further concluded that cocaine use caused or contributed to the development of his heart disease, and therefore contributed to his death," it added.

Michael Jackson's Insurance Policy May be a BUST!!!!!

Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson

Tmz reports that the Lloyds of London insurance policy taken out by AEG to cover tens of millions of dollars if Michael Jackson did not perform at the London concerts may be worthless! The insurance policy does not cover death related to "illegal drug use!" The policy only covered losses as a result of an accident.

If the autopsy results do come out that Jackson died of the anethetic drug Propofol (as widely reported) and the prescriptions were written out illegally, the Lloyds of London policy will be worthless for AEG. The all-important and much anticipated autopsy results have been delayed.

AEG has reported to be $30M in the hole.

Sotamayor's Confirmation Makes History!

Two historic figures: President Barack Obama and New Supreme Justice Sonia Sotomayor

(Miami Herald) Sonia Sotomayor has made history.

On Saturday, she will raise her right hand to be sworn in as the nation's first Hispanic justice.

After the Senate voted to confirm her 68-31, Sotomayor bathed in applause from friends and colleagues at a federal courthouse in lower Manhattan while Hispanic supporters from around the country celebrated.

Spectators said a misty-eyed Sotomayor took a call from her mother, Celina, who lives in Tamarac. She was overheard saying, ``Mommy, I have people here,'' before having a brief conversation.

Sotomayor, 55, was touted during three days of Senate debate as an American success story. Raised in a Bronx, N.Y., public housing project by a single mother, she had a stellar academic career and served as a federal prosecutor, trial judge and appellate court judge before President Barack Obama made her his first Supreme Court choice

One of the Greatest Urban Legends Ever---Is Elvis Alive?

One theory believes, Elvis Presley is alive and in the Federal Government Witness Protection Program!

With the death anniversary of Elvis Aron Presley coming soon (August 16, 1977), the urban legend surrounding his death lives on! Reports of Elvis sightings around the country border on the humorous side but was the legend also part of a marketing ploy of sorts?

Elvis is still the King of "dead celebrities" with an estate that brings in an upward of $50M annually (Forbes list of Dead Celebrities based on Elvis' Graceland estate, merchandise, and record albums), with Michael Jackson "quickly picking up steam" behind him. Every year, a sighting of Elvis is reported but usually with no hard evidence such as a photograph or anything is found!

One can bet that come August 16, Elvis Presley's death will be celebrated again with a well-orchestrated candle light vigil with thousands of fans at Graceland. Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists steadfastly believe that the King of Rock and Roll is alive somewhere.

Here's an interesting 5-part (Part 1 is shown here) series on evidence or questions regarding why the belief that "Elvis is Alive" theory is so strong today:


Hollywood Shorts !!!!!!!

Steven Tyler, 61, sustained a broken shoulder and stitches on his head after a fall at a concert.

Update on Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler after a serious fall at a concert in South Dakota: He has a broken shoulder and some stitches on his head. He did not suffer a concussion and he is very sore. Aerosmith's Winnipeg concert slated for tonight is postponed.

"So You Think You Can Dance" winner Jeanine Mason!

Jeanine Mason , 19, of Pinecrest, Florida won the title of America's Favorite Dancer on "So You Think You Can Dance!" Twenty-one million viewer votes were cast and Mason earned the top spot! She wins the $250,000 grand prize.

Miami-based model and Jude Law's Babymama, Samantha Burke, is "taking it to the BANK!!!!"

As expected, Samantha Burke, the BabyMama of actor Jude Law, is snapping photos of her pregnant self (not the ones shown here) and showing it on the internet. Her extension of her "15 minutes of fame" has commenced effective immediately!!!!

Actor Patrick Swayze is trying marijuana to battle pancreatic cancer!!!!

Ailing actor Patrick Swayze is turning to weed to combat the ill-effects of chemotherapy. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. The "therapy" is reported to be working and he has even gained weight!

Unreleased songs from "Thriller" and "Bad" have been found!

Over 100 unreleased songs of Michael Jackson were found on the hard drive of Michael Jackson's computer at his rented home, where he died. The songs were recorded in the 80s (tracks left off the Bad and Thriller albums). No word on when the songs will be released to the public.

Vanessa Hudges should pose for Playboy with all the nude photos that have leaked online!

The latest nude photos of singer/actress Vanessa Hudgens, 20, who took them for boyfriend Zac Effron, were confirmed to be REAL but were taken down immediately due to legal reasons. This is the second time that nude photos of Hudgens have been "leaked" on the internet! You figure if Hudgens learned anything the first time! Apparently NOT!

The former High School Musical actress is set to star in a new film "Band Slam!" . Opens in theatres August 14!

Brave New World film is being developed for theatrical release!

Aldous Huxley's classic, "Brave New World" is set to be taking to the BIG SCREEN for the first time (the novel has adapted for television but never as a Theatrical Film) by Director Ridley Scott and "Producer" Leo DiCaprio who may star in the flick. Brave New World is one of many works that have influenced the new-held beliefs of "New World Order" conspiracy theorists.

Former late night king, Jay Leno, heads to Prime Time September 14 at 10pm!!!!!!

Are you ready for Jay Leno's foray into Prime Time on NBC? His musical guests that are slated to appear are Rihanna with Jay-z and Kanye West. The premiere is set for September 14!

Dustin Diamond (aka Screech) is no longer popular with his former cast members of "Saved by the Bell!"

Dustin Diamond (the character Screech from "Saved By the Bell") may not have participated in the recent People magazine "Saved by the Bell" reunion and it could be the reason why is because he is planning to write a "tell-all" book about his former Saved by the Bell cast members. The memoir highlights include "drug use, sexual escapades among cast members, and hardcore partying."

CBS dynamic duo of Letterman and Ferguson is killing the NBC duo O'Brien and Fallon

On Late Night, the duo on CBS is clobbering the NBC comedians! David Letterman is kicking "Conan to the curb" and now Comedian Craig Ferguson's show is dominating Jimmy Fallon! Wow! Looks like viewers prefer the veterans rather than the young'uns!

Milla Jovovich stars in "Perfect Getaway" which opens tonight in theatres!

"Local" and new viewers can spot all the scenery of Hawaii in the film, "Perfect Getaway," starring Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil series) and Steve Zahn. It's about a newlywed couple who are stalked by a killer while on vacation in a remote part of Hawaii. Not exactly a new premise here but the scenery should be spectacular to look at and having Milla there helps too!

Governor Mark Sanford and first lady Jenny Sanford

The wife, of embattled South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, moved out of the Governor's residence with their 4 sons. First Lady, Jenny Sanford, has decided to move out and take up residence at their family home on Sullivan's island. She remarked that the move "was part of the process of healing for our family" (her husband Mark's disappearance for a week to visit his mistress in Argentina without telling anyone made national headlines).

She said that she is willing to give him another chance but admitted that reconciliation would not be easy.


In honor of New Justice Sonia Sotomayor, here's Hispanic Comedian George Lopez talking about immigration (a hot topic for Sotomayor for sure!) and stereotypes (what else is there?):

(Warning: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!! )


Legendary comedian Robin Williams does his take on the Scottish and HOW they invented GOLF!!!!!

(Warning: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!!!!!! )
[youtube] ... PL&index=5[/youtube]

and finally, Comedian Katt Williams tells you why everyone NEEDS WHITE FRIENDS!!!!

(Warning: Extremely Graphic Language!!!!!! )
[youtube] ... re=related[/youtube]

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!! :hello1: :hello1:

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Re: HN: Laugh with George, Robin, and Katt!!!!! (Aug. 7)

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Hollywood News!!!!! (All things that matter in Pop Culture!)

Monday (August 10) stories developing. . . . .

Retired NBA player Reggie Miller and Famous Designer's Son Involved in Fight Over Woman!!!!

Retired Reggie Miller and current TNT analyst

( Former NBA player and TNT analyst Reggie Miller and Alex von Furstenburg, a surf shop owner in Malibu and the son of famous fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg, are embroiled in a fight over a woman. The woman in question is Ali Kay (fashion designer), who is a neighbor of Miller AND engaged to Alex von Furstenburg!

The fight over Ms. Kay has become so intense that each individual's lawyer is involved. Miller has been accused of threatening von Furstenburg and stalking Kay at a local grocery store in which he waited outside for 1 hour in order to follow her home. Miller also sent 53 text messages to Kay within an hour.

Just this past weekend, a banner was flown over several Southern California beaches warning the former NBA player to stop seeing "married women." Von Furstenber or his friends have not confirmed that they had placed the banner.

Story developing. . . .

G.I. Joe Is No. 1 At the Weekend Box office!!!!

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra wins the weekend box office!!!!!

Joe is just short of $60M with earnings of $56.2M

( One month after the record-breaking opening of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the team of Paramount and game-maker Hasbro proved again that toys are serious business at the box office. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra overcame bad buzz and scathing reviews to win the weekend with $56.2 million, among the best August openings in history for a non-sequel. The win also adds box office clout to the careers of stars Channing Tatum (Fighting) and Sienna Miller (Stardust), who both scored career bests.

Second place went to Sony’s foodie film Julie and Julia, which earned an appetizing $20.1 million bow from the combined appeal of star Meryl Streep and her character, super-chef Julia Child. A 16 percent bump from Friday to Saturday suggests strong support from adult audiences, who generally don’t rush to theaters on Friday night, as well as good word of mouth, which could help push the film to hit status as the summer draws to a close.

"Julie and Julia" finished at no. 2. The Adult comedy stars Meryl Streep (Mamma Mia) and Amy Adams (Night at the Musuem 2).

The week’s other new wide release, A Perfect Getaway, looks set to make a quick escape from theaters after a disappointing seventh-place debut with $5.8 million.

Among the weekend’s holdovers, Disney’s guinea pig pic G-Force (No. 3, $9.8 million) scurried up to $86.1 million in its third week, while Judd Apatow’s dramedy Funny People (No. 5, $7.9 million) took a steep 65 percent second-week plunge.

Michael Jackson buried in Unmarked Grave?


(Perez Hilton) Perez Hilton reported that the King of Pop was buried over the weekend in an unmarked grave at Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills. According to a cemetary source, only the Jackson family and the management of Forest Lawn know the whereabouts of Michael Jackson's unmarked grave. Even the morturary staff do not know the grave's wherabouts.

There is fear that thousands of fans will descend on the grave and deface the burial site.

Michael Jackson was buried next to his beloved grandmother Martha Bridges who passed away in 1990. It is unknown if Forest Lawn is his final resting place since there is still speculation that Jackson will eventually be buried at his former home, Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara.

Free Content on the Internet is Killing The Adult Entertainment Industry!!!!!

(LA Times) The adult entertainment business, centered in the San Fernando Valley, has weathered several recessions since it took off with the advent of home video in the 1980s. But this time the industry is not dealing with just a weakened economy. A growing abundance of free content on the Internet is undercutting consumers' willingness to pay for porn, and with it the ability of many workers to earn a living in the business.

Savannah Stern

For adult actress Savannah Stern, 23, the rapid decline of job opportunities in the porn business over the last year has been dramatic. She has gone from working four or five days a week to one and now has employers pressuring her to do male-female sex scenes for $700, a 30% discount from the $1,000 fee that used to be the industry standard.

Less than two years ago, Stern earned close to $150,000 annually, sometimes turned down work and drove a Mercedes-Benz CLK 350. Now she's aggressively reaching out for jobs and making closer to $50,000 a year.

As for that Mercedes? She's replacing it with a used Chevy Trailblazer -- from her parents.

Porn is hardly the only segment of the media industry struggling with these issues. But its problems appear to be more severe. Whereas online piracy has forced big changes in the music industry and is starting to affect movies and television, it has upended adult entertainment.

Sabrine Maui

At least five of the 100 top websites in the U.S. are portals for free pornography, referred to in the industry as "tube sites," according to Internet traffic ranking service Alexa .com. Some of their content is amateur work uploaded by users and some is acquired from cheap back catalogs, but much of it is pirated.

Sites like Pornhub, YouPorn and RedTube attract more users than TMZ and the Huffington Post. The porn sites are even bigger than Pirate Bay, the top portal for illegal downloads of movies, TV shows and music.


Frustratingly for porn producers and distributors in the Valley, none of these sites appears to be making much money. Suzann Knudsen, a marketing director for PornoTube, said the site's parent, Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network, uses it to attract customers for paid video on demand.

The adult entertainment business, which was previously in the vanguard of home video, satellite and cable television and digital distribution, now finds itself leading the rest of the entertainment industry in losses from them.

"The death of the DVD business has been more accelerated in the adult business than mainstream," said Bill Asher, co-chairman of adult industry giant Vivid Entertainment, who estimates that his company's revenue is down more than 20% this year.


Elizabeth Hasselback gave birth to a baby boy!!!

The View's co-host Elizabeth Hasselback gave birth to a baby boy, Isaiah Timothy, yesterday. Baby joins sister Grace Elisabeth and older brother Taylor Thomas.

Megan Fox, 2009 Teen Choice "Hottie of the Year Award"

Megan Fox and twilight hearthrob Robert Pattinson won the "Hottie of the Year" award from the Teen Choice Awards.

Special Olympics founder Eunice Shriver

Eighty-six year old Eunice Kennedy Shriver (Maria Shriver's Mother and Arnold Shwarzaneggar's Mother-in-law) was listed in fair condition at the Massachusettes General Hospital after suffering a series of strokes. Shriver is the sister of John F., Robert, and Ted Kennedy. She is the founder of the Special Olympics (founded in 1968) that has championed the cause of the mentally-disabled.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar!

The new regime of NFL football team Miami Dolphins are starting the new season with a BANG!!! It was not a party to introduce the football players, not a party for VIP and season ticket-holders but a party to introduce the new swimsuit calendar of the Dolphins cheerleading squad that included rapper T-Pain arriving in a red hearse and a bizarre location to hold the festivities at: Casa Casuarina where designer Giovanni Versace was murdered just outside of the home in 1997. Woah!!!!! In addition, T-Pain released his new Dolphin fight song! You could bet Bill Parcells, Dolphin VP of Football Operations, wasn't there!

Phillies player, Shane Victorino, was involved in one of the most strangest episodes in MLB history!

Philadelphia Phillies centerfielder and "Maui Boy" Shane Victorino was tossed out of a ballgame (playing the Florida Marlins) from an umpire who was 350 feet away! WTF? Home plate Umpire Ed Rapuano noticed that Victorino was jumping up and down and waving his arms in protest of a pitch that was thrown by Phillies reliever Rodrigo Lopez that was called a BALL in the 7th inning. Rapuano saw his antics and immediately threw Victorino out of the ballgame. Victorino raced in from centerfield to protest the call and even shoved catcher Paul Bako out of the way. He was quickly restrained by Bako and Ryan Howard.

That's the first time in Major League Baseball that a home plate umpire has thrown out a player who was in centerfield!

Cristiano Ronaldo gets dissed!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest-paid soccer player in the world (Spanish club Real Madrid) is being dissed by his ex-girlfriend Neraida Gallardo who said that "he enjoys looking at himself in the mirror more than at me!" And, former one-night fling Paris Hilton said about Ronaldo, "I like guys who are manly, not the ones who look in the mirror more than I do!" OUCH!!!! Notice a pattern? He is certainly, A Man in the Mirror!

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough

Former dance partners on "Dancing with the Stars" and real-life couple Derek Hough and actress Shannon Elizabeth have split! They had been together for almost a year. It was announced on Twitter this past Friday.

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Re: HN: Former NBA Player Stealing other Man's Woman? (Aug. 10)

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Hollywood News!!!!! (All Things That Matter in Pop Culture!!!!)

Tuesday (August 11) stories developing. . . .

RIP: Eunice Kennedy Shriver Dies


(AP) Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 88, was listed in fair condition (after suffering a series of strokes) this past weekend but things began to turn for the worst yesterday and all of her family was summoned to Cape Cod Hospital where Shriver eventually passed away. Her husband, her 5 children (including Maria Shriver and husband Arnold Schwarzenegger), and all of her 19 grandchildren were there at her side.

Shriver was the founder of the Special Olympics in 1968 which championed the cause of the mentally-disabled and a loving tribute to her mentally-disabled sister Rosemary. Shriver enlisted the help of her famous family to help organize and run the event and even her eventual son-in-law Arnold Schwarzaneggar as a coach for the Special Olympics.

Shriver with daughter/journalist/California First Lady Maria Shriver

President Barack Obama said Shriver will be remembered as "as a champion for people with intellectual disabilities, and as an extraordinary woman who, as much as anyone, taught our nation -- and our world -- that no physical or mental barrier can restrain the power of the human spirit."

Athletes at the World Special Olympics

Her organization the Special Olympics and her passion to help the problem of juvenile deliquency joined other programs that her famous brothers (John F., Robert, and Edward) and family were involved in such as JFK's Peace Corps and the Alliance for Progress, Robert's passion for civil rights, and Edward's (aka Ted) involvement in Healthcare reform, work reform, and refugees.

Shriver in 1952

She earned a sociology degree from Stanford University in 1943 after graduating from a British boarding school while her father served as ambassador to England.

She was a social worker at a women's prison in Alderson, W.Va., and worked with the juvenile court in Chicago in the 1950s before taking over the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation with the goal of improving the treatment of the mentally disabled.

She was given the nation's highest civilian award, The Presidential Medal of Freedom, in 1984.

"Today we celebrate the life of a woman who had the vision to create our movement," said Special Olympics President and COO Brady Lum.

Ex-Homeless Woman Gives $150K to A University!!!!!!

(CNN) A Jewish Holocaust survivor who later lived on the streets of New York City has left half of her $300,000 estate to Hebrew University, the school said Monday.

"It moved us very much," university spokesman Yefet Ozery said in a telephone interview from Jerusalem, where the school is based.

"Hebrew University has many, many donors and benefactors and supporters and many people remember us in their will, but I haven't come across such a person that lived actually as a poor woman who would give half of her bequest to Hebrew University," Ozery said.

The woman, who died two years ago in her 90s, has not been identified publicly at the request of her estate's executor, he said.

"He didn't want her name to be remembered as a homeless" person, Ozery said.

The woman, who had no known relatives, survived a concentration camp and was living on the streets of New York's Upper West Side several years ago when a Jewish accountant befriended her, Ozery said.

"He and his wife adopted her pretty much to their home and supplied her with basic needs," which included finding her public housing, he said.

In return, the woman moved the couple's car from one side of the street to the other so that it would not be ticketed, he said.

At the time, they had no clue to her net worth, Ozery said.

"When the woman told him and his wife that she would be leaving a will, they thought to themselves that there would be nothing there because they knew her as owning nothing," he said.

It was only when the woman died that the couple learned of her wealth, which she had kept in a bank.

"They were very surprised to find out that she left this amount and that half of it went to Hebrew University," Ozery said.

How she accumulated the money, the balance of which went to other causes and to her friends, is not known, he said.

Her executor -- the accountant who befriended her -- told school officials of the gift three months ago, but they did not learn the circumstances behind it until last week, Ozery said. There was no obvious connection between her and the school.

A friend of the accountant took the first check to the school last week and told administrators the story behind it.

"Everybody was moved and excited," Ozery said. "This was a special story and a special gift."

In keeping with the woman's wishes, the money is to be spent on medical research and scholarships for researchers, he said.

More Developments from the Reggie Miller "Love Triangle" Episode!

Reggie Miller is having an interesting "off-season" as an NBA analyst

(Inside former NBA star Reggie Miller versus millionaire Alex von Furstenburg fight over single girl, fashion designer Ali Kay, 25, has come out with some new revelations!

First, Alex von Furstenburg was found out to be the one who paid for the banner (on the banner it read, "Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Women!") behind a plane that flew over several Southern California beaches this past weekend. Kay, a neighbor of Miller and the fiancee of von Furstenburg, is very much SINGLE! A dirty joke from Furstenburg!!!!!! Furstenburg did not like the fact that Miller hit on his bride-to-be and bought the banner to "get back" at the former NBA star turned TNT analyst.

Ali Kay and Alex von Furstenburg

Second, Miller may have stalked Kay at a grocery and sent 53 text messages within an hour at one time, BUT Kay is NOT exactly INNOCENT in this triangle! Kay met Miller at a Laker game in February 2009 and went to his house afterwards. Kay and Miller did text one another occassionally. There was a 3-month phone flirtation going on and Kay sent two pictures of herself to Miller, one of her in the bedroom and another one with her in a bikini.

Lastly, Miller's lawyer Marty Singer confirmed the photos and called this affair between von Furstenburg and his client to be, "absurd and ridiculous!"

Story developing. . . .


Tom Cruise with son Connor at a Laker game

Tom Cruise's adopted son Connor, 14, will be following in Dad's footsteps in the world of acting (He was in the Wil Smith film, "Seven Pounds)! He will be attending Military school in between. His first film be the remake of the 80s classic, Red Dawn.

Jennifer Hudson and boyfriend David Otunga

Jennifer Hudson and boyfriend David Otunga welcomed a new baby boy, David Daniel Otunga Jr.

Da' $45M man, Simon Cowell!!!!!!
American Idol sources indicate that Simon Cowell's 2 year deal is being finalized and the pay is reported to be $45M a year (up from $36M). Damn!

Popular Country duo Brooks and Dunn will officially break up after 2010 tour!

Popular Country group Brooks and Dunn will be breaking up after their 2010 Farewell tour. A greatest hits album will be released soon.

Restricted usage of laptops at coffee shops? It's real in NYC!!!!

WTF!? Some coffee shops in NYC are restricting the use of laptops! They cite they are losing money!!!!! You think other cities will follow? Uh, oh!

Levi Johnston with baby Mama Bristol Palin

Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin's baby daddy and "DA MOUTH" who is spilling the Palin secrets to the tabloids, said that "Sarah Palin quit being Governor because of $$$$ and that she and her husband are having marital problems (he denied that infidelity was involved)."

The new Chevy Volt reportedly sips gas at 230 mpg in the city!

The much awaited plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt was unveiled by GM and said to achieve a fuel economy of 230 mpg in the city (highway calculations would be a LITTLE lower)! That's huge when compared to the current MPG champion, Toyota Prius, at 50mpg! The Volt is scheduled to be in showrooms late next year!

Regis Philbin returns to host the 10th Anniversary run of "Who Wants to be A Millionaire?

The New "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" on ABC with the return of original host Regis Philbin brought in 7M viewers on Sunday night but finished in 4th place for the night. Disappointing finish for the comeback of Philbin. The show is making an 11-episode run and hopefully will bring back the excitement it once did 10 years ago!

Toyota (part of Skynet research?) is creating a humanoid robot that is strikingly similar to the "machine" seen in the Terminator film series! John Conner, where are you?

Further proof that those Terminator robots are coming: Toyota's humanoid robot is seen in this demonstration video. Check out the way the robot runs! Incredibly life-like if you ask me? Is Toyota part of SKYNET?


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Re: HN: "The Machines" in Terminator Are Coming 4 Real (Aug. 11)

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Hollywood News!!!!!! (All Things that Matter in Pop Culture!)

Wednesday "Hump Day" (August 12) stories developing. . . .

U of L Prez Not Showing Support For Pitino After New Details Come Out!

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino

(ABC news) University of Lousiville President James Ramsey declined to show support for school basketball coach Rick Pitino, a day after it was learned that the coach admitted to consensual sex with Karen Sypher in 2003 and giving her $3,000 to help pay for an abortion.

Pitino said he admitted what he did to his family and to the university and that he tried to handle the problem the same way he advises players to handle adversity.

"When you have a problem, if you tell the truth the problem becomes part of your past," he said. "If you lie it becomes part of your future."

Ramsey's recent lack of support has noticebly changed ever since the coach informed the school of the $10M extortion attempt by Sypher. Pitino's latest admission has school officials backpedaling and possibly mulling the future of their basketball coach.

Story developing. . . .

UPDATE: On Michael Douglas' Son, Cameron, Who Faces Drug Charges

Cameron Douglas with Dad Michael Douglas

Cameron Douglas, 30,who was on "house arrest" for major drug charges has been relocated to Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York after being BUSTED for asking his girlfriend, Kelly Sott, 32, to bring a bag to him that contained an electric toothbrush with heroin stashed inside the battery compartment.

Douglas who faces up to a mandatory 10 years in prison if convicted and life in prison, was under the watch of a private security firm, when they searched the bag Sott was delivering and discovered heroin inside the electric toothbrush. Sott who said that she had "no idea" what was stashed in the toothbrush is also in custody on drug-related charges and also housed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Lawyers for Douglas and Sott declined comment.

Rick Pitino In Serious Trouble!

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino and Karen Sypher

The scandal involving University of Louisville Basketball coach Rick Pitino is getting worse! Pitino's "one-time" fling with Karen Cunagin Sypher has turned into a nightmare with Sypher accusing him of raping her twice! Pitino admitted to Police that he had consensual sex with Karen Sypher back on August 1, 2003 at a Louisville restaurant where he'd been drinking. Sypher, who was single at the time and under the surname Cunagin, and Pitino, who was a married man, had just met hours before the encounter. The restaurant had closed but Pitino's aide Vince Tatum was there and said, "he had laid down and heard what he thought was consensual sex between the two."

Pitino has denied the rape charge brought by Sypher but he admitted to giving Sypher $3,000 to have an abortion.

Sypher is being accused of trying to blackmail Pitino for money in exchange for her silence about the sexual encounter and the alleged rape. The reported amount from Sypher was $10M.

Pitino has denied he will take a "leave of absence" from his coaching job because of this incident. So far, no public statement has been made by the Louisville coach.

Louisville officials were informed by Pitino of the alleged extortion by Sypher but were "surprised to hear of the latest details." Lousiville Courier Journal has reported that Pitino's contract has a "morality clause" that simply forbids disparaging media publicity that may damage the good name of an employee or the University." The clause is long and somewhat vague but committing adultery and paying for an abortion will not be looked upon too kindly by Louisville officials. It remains to be seen how the Lousiville community will respond with these new details.

Pitino is married to Joanne Minardi for 33 years. They have 5 children.

This time, Cameron Douglas' Girlfriend is Busted!!!!!!

Cameron Douglas

Cameron Douglas, son of actor Michael Douglas (Fatal Attraction, Wall Street), is on "house arrest" (for drug possession and intent to deal) at his Father's home (where Dad and step-Mom Catherina Zeta-Jones live) and his girlfriend Kelly Sott paid him a visit with a black bag. A guard searched the bag and found that the electric toothbrush was packed with heroin in the battery compartment!

Kelly Sott was busted right there!

Early reports from NBC New York indicated that the bust was at a Federal Courthouse in NYC but that was not true. Douglas was in court to facing drug charges. The DEA believes that Douglas has been dealing Meth for the past few years.

As for Sott, Police will not comment and are investigating the matter.

Billy Mays Autopsy Dispute !!!!!!!

TV Pitchman Billy Mays' Medical Examiner is in "hot water!"

The Medical Examiner that performed TV pitchman Billy Mays' autopsy is under fire for prematurely releasing the results before the actual toxicology results were in. The Hillborough County M.E. released the report and listed "heart disease" as the initial cause of Mays' death which was reported by the media. He later changed his report after he received the toxicology reports.

In the just released toxicology report, the following drugs were found in Mays' system-- hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (painkiller), alprazolam (Xanax), nordiazepam (Valium), benzoylecgonine (byproduct of cocaine), temazepam (anti-anxiety), alcohol, and ethanol.

After the toxicology results, the M.E. concluded that cocaine was a contributing
factor in Mays' death.

Why was the M.E. quick to release the autopsy results before the toxicology results were in? The M.E. will have to answer that question with the Medical Board.

Meanwhile, Mays' wife Deborah Mays is angry with the results that are "damaging to her husband's image." She issued a statement that said that her husband endured "hypertension, chronic pain to his hips, and the constant travel" and that prescription drugs were needed to keep the pain and stress bearable. She concluded that the recent autopsy report by the M.E. is a "speculative report" and that she will be seeking an independent evaluation of the autopsy results.

"Big Ben" Roethlisberger Is Having A Pitino Moment In Court!

Ben Roethlisberger

(Tmz) The Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, is in court fighting a civil lawsuit that involve sexual assault allegations from "one-time fling" Andrea McNulty. McNulty has accused Roethlisberg of forcing her to have sex with him in his hotel room in July of 2008. It is unknown if McNulty filed criminal charges after that.

Roethlisberger's legal team fired back and claim that McNulty, a hotel employee at Harrah's Casino, "had hoped that Ben had knocked her up!" They also claim that "she bragged to her friends and co-workers that she had consensual sex with Roethlisberger and that she was happy about that."

Furthermore, Roethlisberger accused McNulty of having psychological problems that are spurred on by her lack of job security, need for medical benefits, and increasing debt and lack of income."

Story developing. . . .


Renee Zellwegger and Bradley Cooper

"The Hangover" star Bradley Cooper, 34, and actress Renee Zellwegger, 40, are dating.

You think Jack Nicholson is having a GOOD TIME in France? Hell YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acting legend, Jack Nicholson, 72, is having the "time of his life" on the French Riviera! He's been seen swimming, dancing, sleeping at a roadside, and hanging out with chicks less than HALF his age! Oh how sweet it is!!!!!!

Vanessa Hudgens is the subject of Comedian Dane Cook's ire!!!!

Vanessa Hudgens is in the spotlight because of some nude photos (for the 2nd time!) that leaked on the internet and then eventually pulled! At the Teen Choice Awards, Comedian Dane Cook called out Hudgens, who was in the audience, and "begged that she keep her clothes on." Hudgens did not look amused. Finally, Moviefone asked Hudgens what was her favorite hobby, she answered, "Photography." Yikes!!!!!

NOW, that Paula Abdul is OFF Idol, you're going to see A LOT MORE OF HER!!! To most people, that's NOT A GOOD THING!!!!!!

Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul is being wooed by the networks, ABC, NBC, and Fox to do special guest appearance and to be a judge on their variety/reality shows. UH OH! People thought they had seen the last of Abdul but something tells me you'll be seeing A LOT more of her!!!! She has to make up for that missing $3-4M salary she had at AI, remember????? She needs MONEY!!!

"Twilight" star Ashley Greene

OH NO, NOT AGAIN! (well, to the pervs, this is exciting news!) Actress Ashley Greene, featured in the film Twilight, has nude photos of herself posted on the internet. Her lawyer has confirmed that the "illegal photos" are of his client and he says that legal action will take place immediately.

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Re: HN: Louisville Prez Not Showing Support for Pitino (Aug. 12)

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Hollywood News!!!! (All things that matter in Pop Culture!)

Thursday (August 13) stories developing. . . .

Electric Guitar Inventor Les Paul dies

Electric guitar and multi-track recording inventor Les Paul passes away at 94.

(Yahoo news) Electric guitar inventor Les Paul died at a White Plains, New York hospital today of complications from pneumonia. He was 94.

Paul is also the inventor of multi-track recording which enables artists to record different instruments at different times, sing harmony with themselves, and carefully balance the tracks in the finished recording.

The electric guitar gained steady popularity in the 40s until its explosion in the 50s during the birth of "rock-and-roll." In 1952, Gibson guitars produced the first Les Paul guitars.


Aside from being an inventor, Les Paul was also a talented musician who, with wife Mary Ford from 1949-1962, had 36 gold records, including two popular hits, "Vaya Con Dios" and "How High the Moon" that hit No.1 on the charts.

Eddie Van Halen with Les Paul at the Les Paul Tribute concert in 1988
[youtube] ... re=related[/youtube]

Paul was popular among the music community and was also the subject of many tributes that involved influential musicians such as Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Al Di Meola, Pete Townsend, Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Sambora and many, many more.

Goodbye to, Les Paul, the "architect of rock-and-roll" and thank you for the inventions and innovations that was so important for the music of today. RIP.

See full article: ... --61992735

"Reggie Miller Banner" Is Now Part of An Airline Advertising Company's Ad!

Reggie Miller may be smiling here but wait until he sees the ad by Arnold Aerial Advertising!

The airplane ad company, Arnold Aerial Advertising, that flew the banner "Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Women!" for Alex von Furstenburg (who paid $3,000 for the ad by the way) is using the infamous "punk'd" banner as part of it's ad! Reggie Miller's photo is also on the ad which won't make the former NBA star all too happy. (Won't be long til' Miller's lawyer stops the use of their client's likeness on the ad)

See the ad for Arnold Aerial Advertising (it's only a matter of time that Miller's lawyer issues a cease and desist on the use of Reggie Miller's likeness):

If you can recall, Reggie Miller and Alex von Furstenburg were in a "fight" for the affection of Ms. Ali Kay, who is engaged to Furstenburg. Furstenburg was not thrilled that Miller was "flirting" with Kay. The flirtation moved on to photos of Kay being sent to Miller (by her!), text messages, and meeting up at Miller's house! Furstenburg wanted some "payback" and bought the infamous banner that flew over several southern california beaches this past weekend!

Pranksters Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley flank Ernie Johnson from NBA on TNT

Oh, I can see TNT analysts Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley using this episode as a practical joke on Miller when he returns to the set of the NBA on TNT!

Pitino Apologizes

Embattled Louisville Coach, Rick Pitino

(Louisville Courier-Journal) University of Louisville Basketball Coach Rick Pitino apologized to his family, his friends, the University, and to the players and fans at a press conference yesterday for an indiscretion that took place 6 years ago.

Pitino said that he would not resign and University President James Ramsey and Athletic Director Tom Jurich expressed support for the embattled coach. Ramsey did not express support earlier in the day yesterday but later changed his tune and backed Pitino. He added that he hoped that Pitino's apology "closes this chapter" and "we're all ready to move on."

Meanwhile, the charges of rape against Pitino by Karen Sypher would not be prosecuted by the Attorney's office because her claims lacked credibility (she was indicted by a federal grand jury in May of trying to extort $10M from Pitino) and any supporting evidence.

See the article and video of Pitino's Press Conference: ... for+affair

John Edwards, the Father of his Former Mistress' Baby?

John Edwards and former mistress Rielle Hunter

Hollywood Blogger Perez Hilton reported that a secret DNA test has proved that John Edwards is the biological Father of former mistress Rielle Hunter's 18-month old daughter Frances! Rielle Hunter was the videographer for the Edward's Presidential campaign in 2008.

Edwards is going to have to pay up BIG TIME for child support!!!!

Hunter and her baby Frances

Hunter had recently testified at a North Carolina federal courthouse regarding hush hush money given by Edwards which broke campaign finance laws. Looks like everything is "snowballing" for Edwards.

And, wifey Elizabeth Edwards is NOT going to be happy with the news about his baby!!!!!


Guy Ritchie's "watering hole" is in trouble!

Director Guy Ritchie, Madonna's ex husband, is in trouble of losing his liquor license at a pub he owns in London called the Punch bowl bar. His pub has received 37 complaints of excessive noise. The Westminster Council who is investigating the pub is inserting a microphone to check the noise levels and will revoke his license if the level is too LOUD.

file photo: Brad Pitt

Actor Brad Pitt was making the rounds at the premiere of "The Time Traveller's Wife" in which he is Executive Producer. His latest film, "Inglorious Bastards" will open August 21.

Rolling Stone cover boy, Adam Lambert

Former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert's cover on Rolling Stone was reputed to be the magazine's biggest selling issue of this year, according to EXTRA.

Carrie Underwood, is in the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. Already?

Carrie Underwood has been selected to enter the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame! Induction will be in September.

Shawn King (with husband Larry King) is organizing the MJ song for charity

Michael Jackson's song, "Will You Be There," will be remade by John Mayer, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie and other stars for charity. The recording is being organized by Larry King's wife, Shawn. The proceeds will be 50/50 between the Larry King Cardiac Foundation and an unspecified charity that is close to the King of Pop.

Low-Budget/Independent Films You Might Want to See!!!!!!!!

You're gonna' see ads for big budget films, "District 9," "The Goods," "The Time Traveller's Wife," "Bandslam!," and Disney's new anime film "Ponyo," but you probably won't see any ads for these low-budget films. That's okay cause you'll see those trailers here and maybe you might want to see these films at a local theatre near you or rent it at a nearby video store or video mail service.

Coming August 14! (at selected theatres, check dates/times since dates/times are subject to change, films are limited release)

It Might Get Loud! --- what happens if you gather guitar greats Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Edge (U2), and up-n-coming guitarist Jack White (White Stripes) together in one room? The gathering is a musician's dream and this film documents the historic meeting.


Spread --- Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche, and Margarita Leveiva star in a coming-of-age film about a young man who travels around Hollywood and finds a single middle-aged female Lawyer (Heche) as his "meal ticket" to life until he falls in love with a waitress (Leveiva).



A Moving Short Film

More than 3,000 amateur filmmakers from around the world submitted their short films about a topic involving "Food, Taste and Hunger." The winner of the 2006 competition was from the Philippines.

This 6 minute short film titled, "Chicken A la Carte" won the honor of "Most Popular Short Film." The film was created by Ferdinand Dimadura and depicts the difference between the lives of the wealthy and the poor in the Philippines. A powerful work of filmmaking that is truly heartbreaking.

See the film here:


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Re: HN: A short film that will make you cry. . . (Aug. 13)

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Hollywood News!!!!!! (All things that matter in Pop Culture!!!)

ALOHA FRIDAY!!!!!! (August 14)

Swine Flu Just Won't Go Away!!!!!!

U.S. Soccer Player Landon Donovan has been confirmed to have the H1N1 virus!

(Honolulu Advertiser) The Swine Flu aka H1N1 virus is still evident around the world. U.S. Soccer player Landon Donovan contracted the virus before he entered Mexico to play the Mexican National team August 12 (Mexico won 2-1). He was confirmed to have the Swine Flu after checking with a Doctor when he landed back in Miami.

The band, Kasabian, who is on world tour has been quarantined and holed up in a Sydney hotel room in Australia. The lead singer Tom Meighan said that he may have contracted the disease when they left Japan for Australia this past Monday. The latest update confirms that all members are sick with the virus.

Up-n-coming alternative rock band Kasabian is now quarantined in Sydney for having the virus!

Locally in Hawaii, the fourth person to die of Swine Flu was confirmed by the Hawaii Department of Health on July 19 on the Big Island. The Center for Disease Control has confirmed 1,424 cases of Swine Flu in Hawaii.

Nationally, the figures show 43, 771 have had the virus for all 50 states and including Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.


The CDC says swine flu could strike up to 40 percent of Americans over the next two years and as many as several hundred thousand could die if a vaccine campaign and other measures aren't successful.

In addition, the World Health Organization says that over 2 Billion people may be affected over the next two years---nearly one-third of the world population. Estimates are based on a two year period since past flu pandemics normally last over a 1 year period.

Michael Vick Is Now a Philadelphia Eagle!!!!!!

Will Michael Vick recapture the glory from the past? The Philadelphia Eagles hope so!

Michael Vick stood poised at a Philadelphia Eagles press conference today addressing the media, players, and fans. He did not read a prepared statement or read from a teleprompter or he may have rehearsed the speech very well, but Vick showed sincerity and gratitude in his speech in which he said all the right things, "I made a horrible mistake . . . I want to be a solution NOT the problem . . . . work with the Humane Society and bring awareness to animal cruelty and dog-fighting. . . . and you only get one shot at a second chance."

See the youtube video of the introduction of Michael Vick at the Eagles Press Conference:


It remains to be seen if Vick will make a conscious effort to work with Animal organizations to bring awareness to animal cruelty. I'm sure PETA will definitely be monitoring that, of course!!!!

The Eagles are certainly taking a chance on Vick but it's a chance worth taking since they are in the NFL's toughest division, the NFC East.

LADIES, this One's for you!!!! The 'H-List'!

Comedian Milton Berle was famous for having IT and so does George Clooney!

Don't know what the "H" is in the 'H-List' but it may be the word HUGE or HUNG (for having a big d*ck) or in a classier way---well-endowed---MEN in Hollywood. Comedian Milton Berle was famous for having one and quite possibly, HE was the man who started this well-known list around Hollywood circles. This is a list that circulates around Hollywood yearly via fax, email or word of mouth.

The current top 10 includes (in no particular order):

Ewan MacGregor
Colin Farrell
Liam Neeson
Matthew McConaughey
Matt Dillon
Johnny Depp
George Clooney
Tobey MaGuire
Sean Penn
Kevin Costner

Other noted stars that were part of this list included Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra, Samuel L. Jackson, Kiefer Sutherland, and Willem Dafoe just to name a few.


John Edwards and former mistress Rielle Hunter

Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards will be holding a press conference soon in which he is expected to announce that HE is the Father of former mistress Rielle Hunter's baby daughter, Frances.

Video game industry saw major sales drop in July

The LA Times reports that the video game industry has seen a 29% drop in sales in July. Compared to last year, sales of consels and software are down 14%. The industry hopes for an upswing in sales with upcoming releases that include Madden 2010, The Beatles: Rock Band, Halo 3, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Dr. Conrad Robert Murray and Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Robert Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff spoke at a press conference and said, " "When he accepted the job, he was not aware of any specific requirements regarding medications that Michael Jackson was taking or any addictions that he was suffering from."

Murray is a prime suspect in the death of Michael Jackson. Law enforcement authorities continue to search Murray's homes and offices throughout the country in a search of evidence.

Chernoff admits his client suspected things were "unusual" with Michael when he moved into his L.A. home. However, at no point did he ever drug test him, which prevented Conrad from knowing if Michael was on any other medication while he was under Conrad's care.

IN OTHER WORDS, Murray is denying that he had ANY KNOWLEDGE of Jackson's drug use because he (MJ) didn't tell him. WTF????? This sounds like bullsh*t to me!

Aerosmith cancels tour because frontman Steven Tyler (second from right) is on the DL!

Aerosmith just announced that their summer tour has been cancelled. Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler sustained severe injuries from a fall at a South Dakota concert a week ago. Tyler is currently recuperating from head, back, and shoulder injuries.

Jon and Kate Gosselin. Kate calls 911 due to a LOUD argument with Jon. So sad.

Cops answered a 911 call from Kate Gosselin at their home. Gosselin was upset that her soon-to-be ex-husband Jon Gosselin would not allow her into their home. Apparently, it was Jon's turn to be with the kids and that the other parent HAS to "get lost" during that time but Kate decided to show up at the house unexpectely. A LOUD argument ensued and the 911 call soon followed. No one was arrested and Kate decided to check-in at a nearby Days Inn.

Michael Phelps won't be smiling for long! He just got involved in a car accident and he'll be paying!!!!

Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps was involved in a 2 car collision in Baltimore, Maryland last night. No one was seriously hurt. A woman in the other car was slightly injured and taken to a nearby hospital. Phelps' was NOT drunk and sources indicate that the other car, a honda, may have run a red light that caused the accident.

Kourtney Kardashian is preggers!

Kourtney Kardashian just announced that she is pregnant. Her boyfriend, Scott Disick, is the Father. Kourtney along with sister Khloe will be premiering their own reality-series, "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami" this Sunday on E!.

Jerry O'Connell with actress/model/wife Rebecca Romijn O'Connell

Actor Jerry O'Connell (Kangaroo Jack, Obsessed) is a budding lawyer. O'Connell has enrolled at Southwestern Law School, in Los Angeles. Assistant Dean of Public Affairs, Leslie Steinberg, confirmed his enrollment by saying, "He just had orientation last week and started classes this week."

American Idol tour 2009 version is doing well at the box office!

The American Idols tour is doing well at the box office!!!! So far, 82% of its tickets have been sold consistently at each venue, grossing $11M overall. Normally, 40% of tickets go unsold. That feat is impressive in light of today's economy and that the tickets normally go for $40-$70!!!!

Gina Carano posing for Playboy?

Is popular MMA fighter Gina Carano posing for Playboy? That's what the internet rumors are circulating. So far, no comment from Carano's camp. Anyway, that's a good excuse to post her picture here and promote her upcoming Strikeforce fight against Cristaine "Cyborg" Santos on Showtime August 15!

GHOSTBUSTERS will be shown on Youtube all week long this week in honor of its 25th anniversary!

Youtube along with Sony films will be showing the film classic, "Ghostbusters," in honor of its 25th anniversary all week long for this week. Youtube will be using Sony's crackled-power technology during the film's viewing. Seven or eight in-stream commercials will be shown during the presentation.


Laugh to the Weekend with International Comedian Russell Peters and his take on the "Indian Anatomy!":


a clip from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and his funny take on some ridiculous HEADLINES:

[youtube] ... L&index=54[/youtube]

and finally manic comedian Lewis Black and his commentary of the "accident" that occurred when Vice President Dick Cheny went quail hunting with his lawyer: (Warning: Explicit Language)


Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!! :hello1: :hello1:

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