Which Other Player Do You Wish Enters The Transfer Portal

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Which Other Player Do You Wish Enters The Transfer Portal

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OL 6'6" 315 LBS

When I see a player that is far behind in the depth chart, I only want to see the best for the players future.

VANTERPOOL falls in that category.

I rather see him playing at another school, even if its at a lower division, than watching him sit on the bench at Hawaii. I hate seeing his talent go to waste.

Out of HS he had at least 6 big offers, mostly from the
top schools in the MWC, including Boise. Here in 3 seasons at UH as redshirt sophmore he hasnt made a dent. With the chance of him seeing playing time next season with Vaipulu, Waa and Kohl ahead of him it looks slim.

It would be selfish to say, I wish he stays. He needs to stretch his wings instead of being caged here at UH.

Of all the players I saw in fall camp, VANTERPOOL definately caught my eye. Hes dedicated, constantly checking his form and technique, and hard working. You can see that. On this specific practice he was doing pass catching drills with the receivers. It was jaw dropping to see someone this big, that athletic, fluid, catching passes. I thought for sure the coaches had a plan for him. Perhaps as a sixth OL, TE, tackle elgible. That egg never hatched with Rolo (do any?). At any other school VANTERPOOL would be in the mix imo, especially with coaches that think out of the box and see potential. I see VANTERPOOL as an NFL TE.

So this is why I am animated to see him go, and to make the most of his life than being buried here at Hawaii. He desreves a chance-somewhere.

Vaipulu, Wa'a and Kohl ahead of him

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