UH football season ticket sales are down this year.

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UH football season ticket sales are down this year.

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UH football season ticket sales lag

Athletic director Jim Donovan says he expects the total to end up similar to last year's

By Ferd Lewis

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Aug 04, 2011

With a little less than a month to go before the season opener, the University of Hawaii athletic department is hoping that lagging football season-ticket sales will catch up to last year's level.

Through Wednesday, UH said it has sold 19,902 season tickets, 1,088 short of last year's total.

"We're expecting to get back to right about where we were (in 2010)," athletic director Jim Donovan said. UH opens its season Sept. 3 against Colorado at Aloha Stadium.

Read the rest of the story in the link below.
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Re: UH football season ticket sales are down this year.

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I'd totally buy season tickets if I lived on O'ahu.


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Re: UH football season ticket sales are down this year.

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Its a costly endeavour to follow the team. Compared to teams and the stadiums on the mainland, we probably get a good deal here. But, not sure if the wages and cost of living are comparable to those same mainland cities. It would be difficult to compare two like cities, with two like teams.

But to fully follow UH this year, here's the cost:

Season tickets for two. Red section, 38 yard line 575.00
Parking. 5$ per game. Most games you can park, but you must go down early, and even then certain games you may have to park elsewhere.... done that a few times. So, if you definately want to have a parking.. another 200-400$. I paid 300.
To watch on TV. You need Oceanic for one thing. I hate them, but assuming your on cable you need the digital pack with the digital reciever, then being a season ticket holder pay $99 for the away games. So about $300 in equipment upgrades and subscription fees. I will patronize the local bars for that price.

So, we are looking at about 1200.00, and thats not the prime seating. I can afford it, no biggy. But, for some, that's hard to come by with Uncle Neil on the prowl for wage and benefit reductions.... :bootyshake: And, after all this, UH is not gouging the consumer, but just squeeking by.
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Re: UH football season ticket sales are down this year.

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With everything that has been going on around the world what did you expect to happen? The markets goes down, gas prices go up then everything else follows. The government scaring everyone to believe that if certain things don't get done the United States will be very different in a bad way. The uncertainty of keeping your job due to the economy. Pay cuts, Hourly cuts, downsizing to name a few are other things that probably contribute to lower sales. This is the WAC and maybe folks are waiting to buy there's next year when UH enters the Mtn West Conference. I'm grateful to be able to afford them this year.

However the way things are going you never know when life will throw a bigger curve and end it all. LOL.
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