Senate to meet with UH in January

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Re: Senate to meet with UH in January

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cabanalane wrote: Fri Jan 14, 2022 2:38 pm Let's say there is a (are) lawsuits. UH will be paying the bills. Let's say there's a buyout. More millions spent. Then UH need to spend more millions on hiring a new coach. Because UH/State does not have lots of $$$, we hired a new "average" coach. He implemnt a new offense/defense. More players leave, or don't fit the system. Team will suffer. Then let's fire the coach because he sucks.

It seems like we are in this revolving cycle.

For football sake IMO, let TG (at least) finish the job. Those who are not happy have left. Those who are staying are in. Let's get back to football.

Before reply on how JJ turn it around with VonApp players, true. We all know JJ era back then was sort of once in a life time thing. It will always be halo GOAT status. Undefeated + Sugarbowl won't happen again.
If lawsuits against the UH Football Coach and UH are filed, there would need to be settlement agreements worked out by the Attorneys, if the allegations are true. If settlement agreements are negotiated, then there is probable cause for termination. No buyout money would be needed.

The AD should then look at his remaining Assistants who have knowledge, history and Aloha for the program, to build from. Coach Elimimian, Yoro, Santa Cruz and McCloud would be a great place to start to rebuild from. He should then take a page from Boise State's winning program to maintain a winning consistency by retaining coaches that understand UH's program that also respects Hawaii's culture.

No need for all your doom and gloom predictions. Just better decision-making by the AD next time.

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Re: Senate to meet with UH in January

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As far as the Senate goes, it's all fricken lame. They claim they could have gotten a phantom $1.275 Mil to buy out coach, but where was this when needing to help the build the new UH Stadium project or up the coaching budget so we can attract quality Assistant coaches?

Same with the Michael Green hui? Why didn't they help pay for the UH Stadium so we could have gotten more nice than the current 9000 seats one?

Next time Nakoa or Koa Anuenue calls my house, I'll tell them to call Michael Green, Donna Mercado-Kim or Mafia from lower Manoa

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