Jayden De Laura arrested for DUI. What's going on at Wazzu?

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Jayden De Laura arrested for DUI. What's going on at Wazzu?

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In 2020, Coach Rolovich took over a Washington State football program plagued with arrest and tragedy associated with the prior regime.

I often wondered what's going on in Pullman? I asked friends who went there and was told there is nothing to do but Study and/or Drink. But isn't that true for many other college towns? Is the environment not conducive for local/Polynesian athletes? Is college life just out of control and tolerated by coaches, the AD, President and Chancellor?

Here are some disturbing facts surrounding the Cougar's Football Program in the past decade.

Local HI/Polynesian Athletes arrested:
= 2013 DE Emmitt Su'a-Kalio (Am Samoa) -- Assault
= 2013 LB Chester Su'a (Kaimuki) -- DUI
= 2014 DT Daniel Ekuale (Am Samoa & former UH recruit) -- DUI
= 2016 LB Logan Tago (Am Samoa & former UH recruit) -- Robbery & Assault
= 2016 Safety Shalom Luani (Am Samoa) -- Assault
= 2016 NT Robert Barbers (Am Samoa) -- Assault
= 2016 DT Toso "TJ" Fehoko -- Assault
= 2019 OG Christian Haangana -- Felony Vandalism
= 2019 LB Fa’avae Fa’avae -- Felony Vandalism
= 2019 WSoccer Makamae Gormera-Stevens (Kamehameha) -- Felony Vandalism
= 2021 QB Jayden de Laura (St Louis) -- DUI

Also of note:
= 2013 WR Drew Loftus (former UH WR) -- third-degree theft, minor in possession of alcohol and minor intoxicated in public
= 2013 RB Leon Brooks -- DUI
= 2014 WR Gabe Marks ‐‐ fourth-degree assault, second-degree criminal trespassing, being a minor intoxicated in public and frequenting a tavern
= 2014 LB Ivan McLennan ‐- unlawful handling of weapons capable of producing bodily harm after pointing a nonlethal Airsoft pellet gun at a student
= 2014 CB Daquawn Brown ‐‐ assault on male and female student. Female victim soon after committed suicide.
= 2014 DE Austin Brown -- Theft
= 2015 Washington St Football team had the most arrest among all D1 colleges in the past 5 years. In 2014 (8 arrest), 2013 (7), 2012 (9), 2011 (4), 2010 (3)
https://mynorthwest.com/12462/washingto ... he-nation/
= 2017 CB Zaire Webb -- Theft
= 2017 WR Anthony White Jr -- Theft
= 2018 QB Tyler Hilinski -- Died from Suicide
= 2019 DB Bryce Beekman -- Died from Drug Overdose

Crimes involving former Cougars who played in the NFL:
= 2017 LB Anthony McClanahan -‐ Murder of his wife
= 2019 QB Mark Rypien -- Domestic Violence on wife
= 2020 QB Ryan Leaf -- Domestic Battery on partner

The above are what was found on various new media. By looking at it, something doesn't seem right 😟 How you figgah??? 🤔

(Please leave political rants out of the comments section 🤙🤙)

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Re: Jayden De Laura arrested for DUI. What's going on at Wazzu?

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Police don't let things slide there as they do in the SEC country?

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Re: Jayden De Laura arrested for DUI. What's going on at Wazzu?

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