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Chad Morris 2 years Arkansas Head Coach 2018/2019

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 12:15 am
by HawaiianHogster
The worst 2 years ever in Arkansas history. How could any coach allow this to happen? How could you Chad? Your buddy Gus Malzhan stayed at Auburn and told our AD that Chad was the man to bring Arkansas back to a winning program. Many Hog fans can't stand either of them. Especially Chad for obvious reasons.

Watching this video of some of the disastrous plays, disastrous loses, poor coaching, a total embarrassment to Razorback fans. I felt sorry for the players. It was brutal to watch. This video shows just how bad it got and how the outside was looking at the program. There is no excuse for it. Pure coaching failures by the whole staff. It felt as though the coaches and or players were paid to look high school.


Now that Chad Morris is the OC at Auburn, Arkansas has some payback to give to Chad Morris. Win or lose this will be a battle like never before. They will know the RAZORBACKS came to play REAL FOOTBALL CHAD MORRIS!!!!

Arkansas set to face former head coach Chad Morris

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 12:20 am
by HawaiianHogster ... had-morris

FAYETTEVILLE — The game many Arkansas fans have had circled all offseason is finally here.

Fresh off their first SEC win in nearly three years, the Razorbacks will hit the road again to play No. 13 Auburn at 3 p.m. CT Saturday.

It’s the annual showdown with Arkansas native Gus Malzahn, a polarizing figure in the state, but this year’s matchup has an additional source of intrigue because of the Tigers’ new offensive coordinator: Chad Morris.

When asked about it Monday afternoon, first-year coach Sam Pittman downplayed the angle about the Razorbacks facing their former head coach, comparing it to their season-opener against Georgia.

“I don’t know how (Morris) will feel about it, you’ll have to ask him,” Pittman said. “But I was the O-line coach at Georgia and we played them, so it’s not really a big deal. We’re just trying to compete and win the football game.”

In less than two seasons as Arkansas’ head coach, Morris went 4-18 and failed to win an SEC game. His 14 SEC losses without a win were tied for the second-most by a coach to start a career in conference history.

Morris likely would have broken the record set by George MacIntyre at Vanderbilt from 1979-81, but he was fired following a 45-19 loss to Western Kentucky in which former quarterback Ty Storey accounted for 290 yards and three touchdowns for the Hilltoppers.

That loss also gave Morris as many losses to Group of Five opponents (four) as he had total victories. The Razorbacks ended up losing their final two games under interim coach Barry Lunney Jr. to cap a second straight 2-10 season.

When Arkansas knocked off No. 16 Mississippi State to snap its 20-game SEC losing streak, it was its first victory in any game since beating Colorado State in Week 3 last year.

Morris was almost immediately criticized for the “Club Dub” celebration in the locker room after beating the struggling Mountain West program coming off a 3-9 season and on its way to a 4-8 mark that ultimately led to a coaching change.

There was certainly a lot of celebrating inside the visitors locker room at Davis Wade Stadium on Saturday, but linebacker Bumper Pool said the road win over a ranked SEC foe felt much different.

“Club Dub celebration is never acceptable,” Pool said. “The work that we put in, this win is a lot different. It's not a surprise. We beat a SEC school and we feel like we earned it because of the work we put in. We're not going out there and winning this game just because it happened.”

The Razorbacks will try to continue that momentum with another road game against a ranked team, which is how Pittman is treating it - the same as the Mississippi State game and the Georgia game before that.

“It’s just another football game to us,” Pittman said. “We won’t mention the fact that Coach Morris was the head coach here. They know it.

“Some of them probably loved him and some of them probably didn’t, just like any coach. We’re going to take a business approach to it and go out there and try to do our best.”

Players noticing differences between Morris, Pittman

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 12:25 am
by HawaiianHogster ... is-pittman

FAYETTEVILLE — It remains to be seen what kind of impact it’ll have on Saturdays this fall, but some Arkansas players have noticed a jarring difference in the way camp has been conducted so far.

Led by first-year head coach Sam Pittman, the Razorbacks are four practices into camp and about a month out from the Sept. 26 opener against Georgia. They were coached by Chad Morris the last two years, which were back-to-back 2-10 seasons.

When asked about the differences between the two staffs during a Zoom videoconference after Monday’s practice, wide receiver Treylon Burks pointed to culture rather than any scheme changes.

“It’s a big difference,” Burks said. “Coach Pittman, he cares about his players. … I just like the fact that even the highest player, he’ll get on to them.

“He’s going to treat everybody the same. Even a walk-on or me, anybody, Rakeem (Boyd) -- he’s going to treat everybody the same. I just like that he’s an all-around good man and that’s what we need on our staff.”

That comment seems to give some credence to the anonymous quote that circulated on Twitter last summer, indicating Morris separated the walk-ons from the scholarship players in the locker room and treated them poorly.

With new offensive and defensive coordinators, as well, there are also some schematic changes the players have picked up on.

Wide receiver Mike Woods mentioned last week that tempo was “going to be a big deal” and Pittman said the goal is to wear out the receivers in practice to prepare them for the pace they’ll play at in games.

The Razorbacks are trying to put pressure on defenses in offensive coordinator Kendal Briles’ system, but that also puts pressure on their big offensive linemen.

“I'm still getting used to going as fast as Coach Briles wants us to go, but it's getting better each day,” left tackle Myron Cunningham said. “It's definitely way faster than last year. Compared to last year, it's like a whole other thing.”

On the other side of the ball, speed is still important, but not at the cost of teaching in practice. The entire 15-minute viewing period for the media Monday featured position groups doing individual drills.

HawgBeat was positioned on the defensive practice field and observed a methodical pace that involved position coaches frequently stopping the drill to provide instructions and corrections. That is not lost on defensive end Dorian Gerald.

“No knock to anyone last year, but it’s a lot more technical now, it’s a lot more detailed, a lot more specific,” Gerald said. “Everything is attention to detail, like small things - footwork, everything. I think Coach LeBlanc is doing a great job of coaching us. I didn’t personally get this much coaching in my first two years here.”

Razorbacks take aim at No. 13 Auburn

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 12:27 am
by HawaiianHogster ... -13-auburn

The Razorbacks hit the road for the second week in a row to take yet another ranked opponent, this time No. 13 Auburn. After sending some shock waves through the SEC with their competence and hard-nosed defense on Saturday against Mississippi State, Arkansas fans, coaches and players are eager to see if they can conjure up another upset.

The Tigers, now offensively coordinated by two-season Arkansas head coach Chad Morris, are 1-1 on the season with a win over No. 23 Kentucky and a loss to No. 4 Georgia.

Auburn was ranked as high as No. 8 heading into the season, led by SEC freshman of the year, quarterback Bo Nix, but they've slipped to 13 after uninspired offensive play against the Bulldogs.

Georgia held Auburn to two field goals on Saturday, four fewer points than Arkansas scored against Georgia just a week prior. Nix held the SEC streak for most pass attempts without an interception (251) but that was ended by the Bulldogs Saturday. He threw for 21 of 40, 177 yards and no scores. He also ran the ball 11 times for a net gain of 8 yards. The Georgia defense got home three times and added three more tackles for loss as well.

They like to run a balanced pass-run attack but, like for Arkansas, the Georgia defense snuffed out any attempt at a run game for the Tigers last week. Freshman running back Tank Bigsby led the team in both rushing yards (31) and receiving yards (68) on Saturday. He'll likely have to step up again with junior speedster Shaun Shivers banged up.

Gus Malzahn's leading receivers this season, both former 4-stars, Anthony Schwartz and Seth Williams would be the go-to targets against Arkansas but Williams is questionable to play. As for Schwartz, the Hog defenders think they can handle him.

"Bo Nix is going to have to pick other receivers to throw the ball to because I know for a fact my defense is going to hold him to that," safety Joe Foucha said Tuesday. "1 and 18 are not going to have the ball in their hands most of the time. Like, he's going to have to throw it somewhere else. That's all I got to say about that."

Likely to get major reps this week are two freshmen wide receivers, Kobe Hudson, former Rivals No. 119 in the nation, and Ze'Vian Capers, the Razorbacks first commit in the 2020 class who changed his mind in June before his senior season.

After losing almost the entire offensive line from 2019, the Tigers are working with a patchwork group. Two current starters on the left side of the line were previously defensive linemen while the two on the right side have very few snaps under their belt at the SEC level. Their run blocking grade, per PFF, ranks second to last in the SEC and their pass blocking ranks 11th.

Defensively, Auburn will need some guys to step up in place of injured starters. Cornerback Jaylin Simpson, who won SEC freshman of the week after the win over Kentucky, is questionable for Saturday, while linebacker K.J. Britt, a captain for the Tigers, is likely out for more than a game. Britt led the team in tackles against Kentucky, then had 12 against Georgia.

Auburn's defense ranks 11 spots behind Arkansas in total defense, giving up 413 yards per game so far. They haven't allowed that to result in a ton of scores though, averaging just 20 points allowed.

This is the 30th matchup between the two programs, Auburn holds a 17-11-1 advantage and an 8-5-1 record against Arkansas in Jordan Hare. The streak is currently at four wins for the Tigers, the longest streak held by either team in the history of this series.

Kickoff is set for 3 p.m. on SEC Network.

Resetting SEC expectations for Arkansas

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 8:10 pm
by HawaiianHogster
Resetting SEC expectations for Arkansas
Chandler Vessels | 14 hours ago
As Arkansas comes down from the high of its first SEC victory in 20 games and into focusing on Auburn, one obvious question comes to mind.

Can the Hogs do it again?

Not specifically this week against the No. 13 Tigers, but in general. Do they have it in them to win another game this season? They’ll get 8 more tries, though the trek ahead is admittedly tough. Six of those opponents are currently ranked.
There’s essentially no chance that Arkansas beats Alabama and only a slightly better chance it beats Florida, thanks only to the fact that Feleipe Franks is the Razorback QB. But look at some of the games and you can convince yourself it’s possible.

Texas A&M has struggled early — perhaps that is a winnable game, especially if the Aggies have suffered another loss and are turning the page on the Kellen Mond era.

LSU lost to the same Mississippi State team Arkansas upset 21-14 this past week.

Is it more likely that Arkansas goes 0-6 in those games or 1-5? Hard to say, but it wouldn’t be crazy anymore to bet on the latter.

Then there are the 2 unranked opponents — Ole Miss and Missouri. The Rebels could be a challenge under new coach Lane Kiffin after taking down Kentucky in overtime last week. Arkansas has so far looked a lot better than Missouri, which sits at 0-2 after losses to Alabama and Tennessee and just changed quarterbacks. Defensive coordinator Barry Odom will likely be ready for that matchup after Mizzou fired him as head coach in the offseason. He’s also a former player for the Tigers.

Either way, both those games look like contests Arkansas could take.

So does picking the Razorbacks to be the worst team in the conference still hold up? I don’t think so. It’s possible they still finish last in the West, but the bottom of the East looks pretty bad. Vanderbilt and Missouri are fighting over the basement early on.

Even this week’s game has an intriguing storyline for the Hogs. Chad Morris, who failed to win an SEC game in 2 seasons as the Razorback coach, is now the offensive coordinator at Auburn. An Arkansas win against the coach that delivered them so many losses would be the ultimate irony. It also has to serve as a pretty good way to stay motivated after such an emotional week.

The point is, you can no longer disregard Arkansas.

Barry Odom has the defense playing well, ranking 33rd in the country and 7th in the SEC. It provided a crucial pick-6 last week. Franks looked more comfortable last week when he wasn’t facing the best defense in the country. De’Vion Warren emerged as another receiving option with the injury to Treylon Burks.

Keep in mind also that Arkansas won last week after Rakeem Boyd, one of the SEC’s best running backs, went down with injury. His eventual return, whether this week or later, will bring more life to an offense that scored just 2 touchdowns.

After 2 years of dreading SEC Saturdays, Arkansas definitely has a few more chances to win. Before last week, 1 or 2 victories seemed like the ceiling. Now I see 4 games as the best-case scenario.

That’s not necessarily a prediction, but it wouldn’t be a surprise either. It’s assuming they beat both Ole Miss and Missouri and pull off another upset in their remaining games. That would certainly be a tremendous accomplishment in coach Sam Pittman’s inaugural season.

Whatever happens, though, the bar has already been raised. So have spirits. It might be a while before they’re back in the conference race again, but it’s good to be talking about the Razorbacks winning football games. ... ssion=true

We have done it before. Why not this Saturday?

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 9:17 pm
by HawaiianHogster
Highlights of the Razorbacks 24-7 victory over the Tigers in their first win on the plains since 2008. The Arkansas defense would force five turnovers and would have eight sacks as the Hogs won for the fifth time in the last seven meetings.


Highlights of the Razorbacks thrilling 54-46 quadruple-overtime victory over the Tigers in the first ever OT game between the two teams. The win snapped a four-game overtime skid for the Hogs and a two-game losing streak to Auburn. Arkansas is now 10-6 when games go to extra periods, and 7-1 in 2-OT games or longer.


Highlights of the Razorbacks 25-22 victory over the #20 Tigers in 2008.


Highlights of Arkansas' 44-23 beatdown of #17 Auburn at DWRRS. Ryan Mallett finished the day with 274 PaYd and 2 TDs while Michael Smith rushed for 145 Yd.


WholeHog Pregame show - Arkansas at Auburn

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 9:19 pm
by HawaiianHogster


10 Things To Know – Auburn

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 9:25 pm
by HawaiianHogster
October 9, 2020
10 Things to Know – Auburn

The Razorbacks (1-1, 1-1 SEC) close out their only two-game road swing of the season when they travel to face No. 13 Auburn (1-1, 1-1 SEC) at 3 p.m. CT on Saturday, Oct. 10. The game will be broadcast on ESPN and the ESPN app.

10 Things to Know Before Kickoff

1. – Arkansas defeated No. 16 Mississippi State in Starkville last weekend, 21-14, and earned its first SEC victory since 2017, snapping a 20-game conference losing skid. The Razorback defense helped spoil Bulldog head coach Mike Leach’s home debut by forcing four turnovers, while Sam Pittman became the first head coach in school history to earn their first Arkansas win over a ranked opponent.

2. – Junior LB Bumper Pool spearheaded the defensive effort against Mississippi State by registering 20 tackles, which set this season’s FBS single-game high and tied the program record for 10th most stops in a game. He was honored as the first Razorback SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Week winner since 2014, and the program’s first Bronko Nagurski National Defensive Player of the Week recipient since 2010. He became one of just nine SEC players to reach the single-game 20 tackle mark in the last 10 years and the first Hog since Jerry Franklin (2010) against Mississippi State. The Lucas, Texas product also chipped in two pass breakups on Saturday to become the only Razorback to record at least 20 tackles and two passes broken up in the same game.

3. – Junior S Joe Foucha turned in a career performance by intercepting two passes and making two tackles with a half tackle for loss and joined teammate Bumper Pool in garnering SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Week recognition. He picked off his first pass of the night in the second quarter and made a crucial interception in the fourth quarter at the Razorback 21-yard line and tacked on a 26-yard return. The New Orleans, La. native became the first Hog to pick off two passes in a game since Dre Greenlaw against Texas A&M in 2018. He’s also the first Razorback to record two interceptions with at least 0.5 tackles for loss since Michael Grant in 2006 vs. ULM.

4. – After the season’s first two weeks, the Razorback defense boasts the nation’s top two tacklers playing in the middle. Pool leads the nation averaging 15.5 tackles per game, and his 31 total stops sit atop the SEC, while redshirt senior LB Grant Morgan is second in the country averaging 14.0 tackles per game.

5. – Arkansas has already intercepted four passes in its first two games, which leads the SEC and ranks 10th nationally, after picking off six passes in 12 games last year. Sophomore NB Greg Brooks Jr. became the first Razorback since Santos Ramirez in 2016 to record a pick six when he intercepted Mississippi State QB K.J. Costello on the Bulldogs’ opening drive for a 69-yard touchdown return. Dating back to last season’s finale against Missouri, Brooks Jr. has made an interception in two of his last three games.

6. – Senior WR De’Vion Warren posted a career-high 100 receiving yards on four receptions and scored his second career touchdown with a 19-yard snatch against No. 16 Mississippi State. He also recorded a career-long 52-yard reception in the second quarter. Arkansas now has two 100+ yard receiving games this season, one each from Warren and sophomore WR Treylon Burks (102 yards vs. Georgia), which is one more than all of last season.

7. – This season, Arkansas’ defense leads the SEC in interceptions (4) and turnovers gained (6), ranks second in red zone defense (62.5), fourth in third down defense (32.4) and fifth in scoring defense (25.5) and rushing defense (104.0).

8. – After its 21-14 win at No. 16 Mississippi State, Arkansas received 11 points in the AP Poll, the team’s first votes since a 31-10 victory over then-No. 10 Florida in 2016. The Razorbacks also tallied 35 points in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll.

9. – Arkansas faces Auburn for the 30th time on Saturday, with the Tigers holding a 17-11-1 all-time series lead and an 8-5 record in Alabama. The Razorbacks last defeated Auburn in four overtimes, 54-46, on Oct. 24, 2015, in Fayetteville and have not won in the Yellowhammer State since a 24-7 triumph on Oct. 6, 2012. The winning team has posted at least 50 points in four of the last five meetings.

10. – No. 13 Auburn split its first two contests of the season, claiming the season-opener over Kentucky, 29-13, before falling in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry at No. 4 Georgia, 27-6. Last week, the Tigers’ offense was outgained by 226 yards (442-216) and mustered 39 rushing yards. Auburn is under the leadership of eighth-year head coach Gus Malzahn, who is a Fort Smith native, and was a walk-on receiver for the Razorbacks in 1984 and 1985. He coached high school football in the Natural State before becoming Arkansas’ offensive coordinator in 2006. ... -auburn-3/

Pittman: Hogs Are Prepared For Auburn

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 9:44 pm
by HawaiianHogster


Arkansas At Auburn Moved To ESPN
Jacob Pavilack
October 8, 2020
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Due to Hurricane Delta approaching the Gulf Coast, ESPN has updated its television schedule for this weekend’s action. Arkansas’ game at 3 p.m. CT on Saturday, Oct. 10 at No. 13 Auburn will move to ESPN after it was initially scheduled to air on SEC Network. Taylor Zarzour (play-by-play), Matt Stinchcomb (analyst) and Lauren Sisler (sideline) will have the call.

Kickoff and television arrangements to date:
* Home games in bold

Sept. 26: Georgia (SEC Network), 3 p.m. CT
Oct. 3: at Mississippi State (SEC Network Alternate), 6:30 p.m. CT
Oct. 10: at Auburn (ESPN), 3 p.m. CT
Oct. 17: Ole Miss (ESPN2), 2:30 p.m. CT
Oct. 31: at Texas A&M (SEC Network), 6:30 p.m. CT
Nov. 7: Tennessee (ESPN or SEC Network), 6:30 p.m. CT
Nov. 14: at Florida (TBA), TBA
Nov. 21: LSU (TBA), TBA
Nov. 28: at Missouri (TBA), TBA
Dec. 5: Alabama (TBA), TBA

I'll End Todays Postings With This

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 10:43 pm
by HawaiianHogster Image

First things first. BLOWN CALL TOOK AWAY WIN!

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:40 pm
by HawaiianHogster
This tweet is the explanation sent to Arkansas AD.
[tweet] ... 75/photo/1[/tweet]
This was told to Arkansas before joining the SEC

Roy Kramer convinced Frank Broyles that in the SEC all schools receive equal treatment. Unfortunately that stopped being true the day Kramer retired.

Nothing will be done about this blown call because because Arkansas is a non factor in the SEC office. This team is gonna be nasty. Half our defense and key players on offense were out yesterday and we still should have beaten #13 Auburn. Watch out for the Hogs, SEC. It's only up from here.

I feel like the fact that my entire timeline is filled with how the SEC got that wrong ... from both Arkansas and non-Arkansas fans should say something about just how bad that call was.

It is logically impossible to have a backward pass and intentional grounding. That is a square circle.
cannot have it both ways. Especially with replay.



for creating a positive encouraging winning hungry football program again. We love you guys. We believe in you. #WPS4Ever

I hope the pressure stays hot. This is almost criminal. A winning football team brings in more money than a losing one. (Merch and ticket sales). Calls that constantly throttles a program cost that program financially. I hope the HY and others address this viciously.

Maybe Razorback fans will think twice about chanting S-E-C during other conference teams bowl games. The
doesn’t care about Arkansas, they only care about protecting the higher ranked legacy teams.

Arkansas is the entire reason there is an SEC chant. Texas did it to us after they beat us as we moved to the SEC. then the next year we beat them and chanted it back, and the chant spread thru the conference.

Yesterday’s game is up there with the ‘09 Florida game in terms of Arkansas being robbed. Those refs need to be suspended.

The question has to be asked “why when a call is so bad it makes national news it is always against us...ALWAYS...EVERY TIME...and never in our favor?”

Below link to Video KNWA FOX24 ... n/5928890/



The video below shows the same thing happened with South Carolina and Missouri. They made the correct call after further review. Look at the Missouri guy trying to fall on the ball. he rolled over it. He never recovered it immediately.

Canaan Sandy our biggest Razorback fan and recruiter asking the good Lord to forgive the cheaters and to bless our Hogs.

Coach Sam Pittman Post Auburn

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:57 pm
by HawaiianHogster

My Quick Take Post Auby

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 7:09 pm
by HawaiianHogster
Where to begin?

The first half with our bad special teams play, offense slow start. Down 17 - 0. My first thought. was "Oh no! Not again!". I thought for sure it was going to be another blowout loss to Auby. For a moment I thought about turning the channel. I had to support the team and continue watching painfully hoping they would show some hope of being competitive at least. That's all I want to see, competitiveness, fight, heart, passion. Be competitive even if you lose.

The Hogs were missing that the past few years. Not being competitive in every game. Most games looking silly ad getting thumped by the likes of Western Kentucky. Did I ever mention that Chad Morris suks okole!

As the game went on I began to have some hope. What I saw was a team, down 17-0 against #16 Auby in their house, start to move the ball on offense with a couple of scoring drives. Bringing the score close at the half. The defense started to improve.

Adversity is key word here. Shooting themselves in the foot was an understatement. Through all that the Hogs never gave up on themselves or each other. They just kept fighting and getting better as the game went on.

The second half was much better. The offense had some good long scoring drives. The defense gave up some yards but kept Auby from scoring at will. They were starting to look like a team playing with heart, passion, and giving it all they had to win. That is something that has been missing for over 4 years.

With the Hogs gaining the lead in the 4th qtr 28-27 and Auby had the ball trying to get into field goal position. That's when the dreaded SEC official nightmare hit us once again. Auby QB, on a try to stop the clock for winning field goal, fumbled the hike, picked it up and turned backwards while spiking the ball behind him as a lateral. Throwing ball to the ground with the ball going backwards for about 5 to 6 yards.

Now according the SEC official game rules that play is considered a backwards lateral which means it is a live ball until someone recovers it immediately. What do they mean by immediately? It shows in the replay that Auby and Arkansas players were going after the fumbled ball with an Arkansas player on the ground bringing ball into his chest with an Auby player trying to take it away. They never stopped. Are they trying to say that the whole team has to go for the fumbled or live ball? How is that possible? After viewing the replay. The officials should have called that a lateral which caused it to be a live ball and recovered by Arkansas. Auby had no time outs left and the Razorbacks could have ran out the clock with one hike and kneel down by the QB. Win for Arkansas 28 -27.

This kind of call determine the outcome of the game because of the above situation. The refs gave Auby one last chance, removed time off the clock calling that play an illegal spike or grounding. WTF! With 10 more seconds on the clock the Hogs could have had 4 to 5 plays to get into field goal position for the win. But because the penalty call a loss of yards and clock countdown.............

I give Auby kicker credit for making the winning field goal that the refs gifted him. Never should have happened.

This same scenario happened between South Carolina and Missouri with the ball going backwards into the end zone. That play after being under review was officially made where Missouri recovered the football in the end zone there fore it was a TD for Missouri. I posted that video in an earlier post. In that video no one recovered the ball long enough for possession. Check it out. Maybe a few seconds later than what it shows the player picked it up. It doesn't show that. Point is same scenario different outcome. Where is the standard of SEC excellence and fairness of play and treatment?

Now. Some people say had Arkansas not made so many mistakes this play or call would not have mattered. I say every game you can say that. In every loss by any team they could say if they did this or did that. Had they not fumbled or had a pick 6. Had they had so many penalties and yardage for loss. Every game you can do that. That is the way a team should win or lose. A team should never win or lose a game because the refs screwed up the call or whistled the play dead when the ball was still alive. Mistakes the officials make should be overturned to make the right call fair or not. Since there was an Arkansas player with possession at the end it should have been Hogs ball, Hogs win!

You can take that to the bank and smoke it.

ICYMI, Veteran NFL referee says Arkansas got hosed on the review in the loss* to Auburn #wps #arkansas #razorbacks (FREE): ... 152805965/

Golf Digest Has Something to Say

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 7:55 pm
by HawaiianHogster ... sIBkGiXnlI

So, Arkansas got ROYALLY screwed against Auburn on Saturday night
By Christopher Powers
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After both No. 4-ranked Florida and No. 17-ranked LSU fell in the early slate of games, it appeared to be Upset Saturday in the SEC. Auburn, a 14-point favorite over Arkansas at home, was looking like it'd be the next domino to fall, as the Tigers trailed the Razorbacks 28-27 with 2:06 to play in the game.

But Auburn got great field position after a poor Arkansas punt, setting the Tigers up at the Razorbacks 45-yard line. Sophomore quarterback Bo Nix quickly got his team into field-goal range, and faced a 2nd and 2 with 40 seconds to go as time ticked down. After a one-yard Nix run, he got the offense up to the ball to spike it with just 30 seconds remaining. Nix then fumbled the snap, picked it up and spiked it, appearing to spike it backwards:

If called correctly, this is a backwards pass and thus a fumble by Nix, meaning that ball is live and an Arkansas recovery would effectively end the game. But the whistles blew and the refs wound up calling it intentional grounding, which is loss of down and a spot foul. Nix was only three yards in the backfield, so it went from 3rd and 1 at Arkansas 19-yard line to 4th and 4 at the Arkansas 20. With just seven seconds remaining, Tigers kicker Anders Carlson hit the chip shot and won the game for Auburn, 30-28.

It is true that there was no immediate, clear recovery from either team. Here's the massive problem with that: the refs blew the whistles so quickly that they didn't give either team a chance to make a clear recovery. Here's the full play, which shows that an Arkansas player and an Auburn player each go for the fumble, only to miss it. For some reason, the officials then blew the whistles:

What on earth are these refs doing? They let the play go at first, then they stopped it right before a clear recovery could even occur. By the way, one did, after the whistles:

No. 7 is on the ball, with a ref standing directly over him. How much clearer can it get? Unfortunately, the quick whistles botched this whole situation. In other words, the refs decided the outcome, which is always a tough pill to swallow. Pray for Arkansas fans. This would have been the Razorbacks' second SEC win of the year, something they haven't accomplished since 2016. Brutal.

Below is a bad call against the Hogs playing Florida.

Our First Play From Scrimmage Against Ole Miss

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 8:06 pm
by HawaiianHogster