By CoachKen

We are up against Goliath, but David was able to make a few strategic moves…can Hawaii do the same?

This game will not be like Alabama two years ago. That was a very average Alabama team and this is a very good Gator team. The odds are stacked against us. Can we perform? The answer is yes but we have to do a lot of things for this first game.

What will Florida do offensively?

1. They want Tebow on the sidelines for the second half so they will be trying to put up a lot of points early. They have more offensive weapons than the US nuclear arsenal. If you think you have seen speed…well fasten your seat built! I don’t think I have seen a collegiate player faster than Harvin and there is lots to go with him. They desperately want to establish a running game early in the season and we will be the test. I feel good about this. If they have to throw often we will have to put pressure on Tebow to have a chance.

What will they do defensively?

Simple…become Georgia! Expect Charley Strong’s defensive unit to come fast and hard. Only problem? This is not June Jone’s Warriors. Ron Lee is a strong believer in a solid running game that grinds you. He likes bigger backs but for my money, I’ll put my faith in Daniel Libre, he is a dynamo. We have better running threats at the QB postion so I actually like our chances better against the Gators than the Bulldogs at the Sugar Bowl.

Changes in our offense….(more)

What to expect in the season opener