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What are the keys to UH’s success against San Jose St

1. UH’s defense stopping San Jose’s TE and WR. One of the quotes I read from one of the San Jose players: “No LB or S can cover our receivers, it’s a mismatch.”

UH’s pass defense (last year and this year) is vulnerable at stopping the underneath/short stuff, which I would expect San Jose to exploit with their TE #82, Ryan Otten, 6-6, 230 and their possesion WR #23, Noel Grisby, 5-10, 170.Both Otten and Grisby are coming off career highs in receptions against BYU, combining for 20 catches of the team’s 25 receptions. Otten was named national player(for TE’s) of the week for his performance against BYU. More on Otten–San Jose State tight end Ryan Otten plenty fast enough to burn opposing defenses (

UH historically has trouble stopping opponent’s TE and possesion receivers. i.e., this year’s Washington game (Steferian-Jenkins, Aguilar), UNLV game (Payne).

2. Stopping San Jose’s star RB, #9, Brandon Rutley, 5-10, 190. He’s been San Jose’s spark in wins against New Mexico St. (205 yrds. rushing, 2 tds.) and Colorado St. (130 yrds. rushing, 2 tds.). He was held out of the BYU game due to an injury and is a game time decision against Hawaii. If Rutley plays, UH will have it’s hands full.

3. Moniz finding the answer of exploiting San Jose’s zone pass defense (?).San Jose’s #81, S, James Orth, 6-2, 190, 3 interceptions on the year, might be a player that comes in the way of Moniz finding success in the San Jose’s secondary. Keep an eye on Orth. And the other safety, #2, Duke Ihenacho, 6-1, 210. Moniz has attempted his last 135 passes without an interception. This game will be a good challenge for Moniz. If the San Jose defense gets consistent pressure on Moniz then it might be a bigger challenge for Moniz.

4. UH’s defense putting pressure on the San Jose QB, #7, Matt Faulkner, 6-2, 205. Faulkner against BYU showed that he’s an accurate passer, completing 71 % of his passes 25/35, has good mobility, evaded the BYU rush (and on the year showed that he’s a capable running with the ball). Faulkner has a QB rating of sub 100, and the slight on him is that at times makes bad decisions. If he overcomes making bad desicions then UH will face a bigger challenge against San Jose. San Jose’s offensive line yielded no QB sacks against New Mexico State, Nevada, and only gave up one against BYU.

5. UH offensive line giving Moniz time to pass the ball. On the year San Jose’s defense ranks near the botttom at getting to the opposing QBs (sacks).

6. San Jose’s #31, LB, Keith Smith, 6-2, 225, will be all over the field. Smith was in on 16 tackles against BYU.He is to San Jose’s defense as Paredes is to UH’s.

7. UH’s special teams. On paper Phil Steele rates San Jose’s ST in the 60’s and UH’s in the 90’s for good reasons. UH has allowed 6 blocked kicks this year. Also UH’s ST allows opponents shorter fields by consitently have short kick offs.

8. How UH reacts to San Jose’s home coming crowd. National TV. Hoopla. Pressure. Expectations.

9. How UH reacts to San Jose not commiting penalties (none against BYU), playing smart and disciplined football.

10. How UH reacts to the bye week. Rusty? Out of rythum? Or polished? Well rested? Healed? Or complacent?

11. How UH handles playing in a night game and on a Friday.Historically I don’t think UH has done well on non Saturday playing days.

12. How UH handles the turnover battle.

13. How UH handles tackling, plays assignment football,minimizes miscues. How UH handles a multiple offense (similiar to UNLV?), (Washington?).

14. How UH comes out hot or cold, up or down, pumped or flat, smart or not smart.

15. Battle in the trenches. Battle on the sidelines, coaches making adjustments, counters.

Personally UH has to bring it’s top game to San Jose. Their team is hungry. This game is like San Jose’s bowl game, and first national television appearance since 2008. The San Jose players (I’d imagine) look at this game with chip on their shoulder and UH as having a target on it’s back, especially since UH is being projected to win the WAC etc. But more than anything San Jose is on the rise, wants to make a statement, wants to make up for the two overtime wins UH escaped with at San Jose in the last two times out, wants to make their homecoming crowd happy. I don’t think this is an easy game for Hawaii. It should be interesting and a fun game to watch.


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What are the keys to UH’s success against San Jose St