Warriors and Rainbow Wahine
By Scott

This might be the perfect time to bring continuity to the nick name of the Men’s and Women’s sports at the University of Hawaii.  If an online poll was taken on the name change, “Warriors and Rainbow Wahine” would win by a land slide.  If you poll all of the student athletes that play for the University, once again “Warriors and Rainbow Wahine” would be the names of choice.  However, if you took a poll of the season ticket holders for football, basketball, volleyball and baseball, my guess would be that the “Rainbow Warriors” would win by a narrow margin.

“Why, you may ask?”

All you have to do to figure it out is to go to the games and take a look around and see what the majority age group is.  The fear of changing the cherished “Rainbow” nick name was to prevent a backlash of cancelled season ticket renewals.  Right now we are still a couple of months away from any type of season ticket renewals and both the basketball teams and volleyball teams are holding their own.  If they were doing poorly it would have compounded with the name change and could have turned into the preverbal, “last straw”.

Right now (2/15/13)  the Sports Hawaii poll has 74% of the Ohana agreeing with the name change.

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