SportsHawaii Insider CoachKen gives his assessment of the upcoming season.

After a breakeven 2008 and a mixture of very good and not so good performances the Warriors come in to the 2009 season with a more seasoned offense and an inexperienced defense. Hardest spots to replace will be the secondary and this could make for a tough year. Experienced linebackers and a better than average defensive line will mean the Warriors should be solid upfront. The defensive secondary will be tested and tested often, especially at the corner positions. If we cannot stop the pass it will also open the run and some high scoring games. If the rebuilt secondary can improve quickly we have a chance for a winning season. If not….

The offense now has a more experienced QB in Greg Alexander who will need to release the ball more quickly based on an inexperienced offensive line. John Estes will be a solid anchor at center but the surrounding cast will have to rise to the occasion. Running back is still a question mark but improving quickly. No one has truly risen to “Nate” status and the only one who showed true signs of greatness is starting at slot. The wideout positions will have more speed than ever and should be outstanding. The inside slots should be solid especially with Greg Salas being moved.

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