Wahine Softball: WAC season and tournament thoughts

By Kazz

Wahine WAC Offensive MVP 2010, Jessica Iwata

Tough one for me to think about, but how can anyone not justify this? This freshman has been quietly under the radar to her fellow teammate and the LOCK for 2010 WAC Freshman of the Year, Kelly Majam, but while other capable WAC pitchers have done not too bad of a job pitching around Majam, Iwata has made them pay. Again, I may get some “flack” for this choice, but it is a hard one to chose and it may sound contradictory, but while I believe Majam and Iwata will be nominees for WAC Freshman of the Year this year, Majam SHOULD earn this award based on her overall play in the outfield and at the plate. Both girls have quite the arm, but Majam still has YET to have an error marked against her so far(more)

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