Two regulars contributed two more outstanding posts today.

CoachKen follows up his post about what UH can expect at Florida with a post discussing at least one advantage UH will have heading into the swamp:

We have not talked a lot about this but Hawaii has one very distinctive advantage over Florida, We have no offensive tendencies! College coaches spend an incredible amount of time analyzing film and picking up tendencies. Just uncovering one or two offensive tendencies can make a huge difference in a game. Think about this:

1. New QB for the most part- Whomever starts, it will be tough for Florida to know anything. If they look at the Nevada film they could get some info on Tyler but not enough. Both our guys have incredible athletic skills on the running side. If you bring a hard rush from the outside you risk losing the corner and a QB running free. If you drop too many into coverage the middle opens up for a QB run.

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And just like last year, Chawan Cut has put together a gigantic spreadsheet listing all 13 of UH’s opponents and their schedules for 2008. Check it out: 2008 UH Schedule and Opponent Schedules

Unspoken Advantage / Opponent Schedules