NelsonO’s observations are always interesting and draws you a picture that only a trained eye and a student of the game can portray, Great Report! Thank you NelsonO!

We also have about 90 photos up in our gallery of the 3/31 practice. Thank you ubercow! Click here to view the gallery. We will try our best to take photos of practices through out the week. If you see us at practice don’t hesitate to say hi!

UH Spring Practice Report: By Nelson O

Some of my thoughts and observations on the first day:

Safety Viliami Nauahi has some sort of injury. You can tell which players are on the injury list as the injured player is not allowed to wear a helmet on the practice field. Nauahi was not wearing a helmet today, but that did not prevent him from participating in some of the defensive back drills. Being that today was the first day of spring practice, there was not a lot of hitting going on. And even though Nauahi ran through some of the drills, nobody actually delivered hit on Nauahi. Safety Erik Robinson is also injured and he did not participate in any of the drills.

I think the Warriors will get their money’s worth from graduate assistant Craig Stutzmann. With the way Stutzmann was running the show with the receivers, you would think he was more than a graduate assistant. And it’s kinda weird to see Rolovich and Stutzmann conducting the passing drills, instead of June Jones and Dan Morrison.

It looks like Coach George Lumpkin will be assisting Coach Rich Miano with the defensive backs.

Former UH linebacker Chris Brown is also helping out with the defense.

If you have been paying attention you know the first group on defense. Here is the second group as they lined up today; Purcell, Tufaga, Savaiigaea, and Allen-Jones on the d-line. Kafentzis, Satele, and Kiesel-Kauhane at linebackers. Roberts, Smith, Porlas, and Dowling in the secondary.

Dowling is probably the biggest cornerback I have seen in a UH uniform in quite some time. And speaking of big guys, defensive lineman Quentin Beaver is one massive guy.

Sideline warning- I know it’s called Cooke Field, but there is actually no “field” on Cooke Field. This lack of a field, however, does not prevent the ROTC guys and gals from conducting their work-outs and calisthenics on Cooke “Field.” And the ROTC group is working up a sweat even before football practice begins at 7:00am.

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