It’s been almost a week now since Hawaii took down the #4 passing team in the nation.  The defense was outstanding and continue to get better week after week.  However, I have to take this moment to talk about the longest wave that I have EVER seen at the Aloha Stadium.  I understand that the wave is old school and I don’t think that I’ve seen it much this season.  There will be some who will complain about how the wave went on even while our offense was on the field.  In my opinion it was a positive thing because the game was in hand for the Warriors.   It gave me a feeling of unity and pride as the fans pounded their feet on the ground as the wave approached and stood up and raised their hands yelling at the top of their lungs as the wave went by.  Call me a homer (because I am) but I go into this weekends game at the smurf turf with more then an optimistic hope for victory.  Call it a sixth sense but I have a feeling that the players, coaches and fans believe in each other and will shock the world on Saturday.  GO WARRIORS!!!  UH 45 BSU 17

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