by uhwarriors

This year we are doing the lunch report a little differently. I suggested and Na Koa agreed that the reports on Na Koa lunches should be placed on the Na Koa website. I am a Na Koa member and started writing the reports as a service to Na Koa members as well as other fans who can’t make it to the lunches. It has also served as a way to generate interest in Na Koa and resulted in a number of fans joining the organization. I feel the reports should be on Na Koa’s website to generate even more awareness of Na Koa. As I have been doing with Sports Hawaii, we plan to have the reports up on the Na Koa site on Tuesday mornings after the games. I’ll post a preview here on Sports Hawaii and link to the report as soon as we have it up on the Na Koa site. Thanks for your support.

Read the report: The Na Koa Lunch Report (9/29/08)