by uhwarriors

Coach Mack was the guest speaker at the Na Koa lunch held at The Willows Restaurant. Coach was “not a happy camper” and “not in a good mood”. He took full responsibility for the way the team played and said “we going to get it fixed”. He does not like to lose and “is not fun to be around” when we’re losing.

He reiterated the reason why he apologized to the fans saying that it wasn’t a “Warrior effort” in the second half and he doesn’t want fans to give up on the team. He also asked for fans to come out for the San Jose State game and to support the team saying “we really need it now”.

When he took the job, he knew that it was a very challenging schedule and it would be tough to replace virtually the entire offense. Nevertheless, he wants to win and is “not a happy camper” now. He is not making any excuses and not down on the team or coaches. We just need to get it together…(more)

The Na Koa Lunch Report (9/15/08)