Here is an awesome post by Haynr8dr on Jason and Ryan’s stock vs. Crabtree.

Texas Tech Crabtree Football As most are aware, Michael Crabtree is about to hit the lottery in the NFL. Projected to go in the Top-20 of this year’s draft, there’ a good chance he goes in the Top-10.

Meanwhile, Jason Rivers and Ryan Grice-Mullins are wallowing in the AFL and CFL, although they match-up statistically with Crabtree quite well. The all played in the same offense. While the knock against our Warriors was “system” WRs, the same is not being said about Crabtree.

Crabtree finished his college career with 231 catches for 3127 yards and 41 TDs.

Rivers finished with 292 catches for 3919 yards and 35 TDs.

Ryan Grice-Mullins finished with 277 catches for 3370 yards and 36 TDs.

Crabtree has his numbers in only 26-games, however, coming out a Sophmore. But Rivers and Ryan had to split – share their catches amongst 3 of them when you throw in Bess. While all 3 Amigos finished in the Top 20 five of six categories, Crabtree was the only Red Raider to finish in the Top 20 of those same five of six categories – he was their go-to guy.

As Crabtree is about to hit the lottery, there’s a case to be made for Rivers and Ryan Grice-Mullins to at least get another shot at an NFL.


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