After a few days of silence on the fan report front, NelsonO picks up the ball on Day 6 of spring practice and shares his observations:

Most of the team is on the field before 7:00am. Most of the players are stretching or warming up on the field even before the opening horn is sounded.

Cornerback Melvin Hopkins is taking the place of the injured Chris Black on the first team.

Cornerback Kawika Ornellas made some nice plays today; he came away with an interception on a long ball on one play and stripped the ball away from a receiver in the end zone on another play.

All you Castle Knights rejoice as outside linebacker Cory Paredes continues to run with the first team alongside Brashton Satele and R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane. The second team linebackers today were Mana Lolotai in the middle flanked by Po’okela Ahmad and Viliami Nauahi. Paipai Falemalu is only observing practice at this time.

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