On day three of spring practice, there were two fan reports posted on the number one UH football forum in all the internets. kapakahi had some observations:

The most noticeable thing about this morning’s practice was new Assistant Coach Chris Tormey. His voice was heard loud and clear throughout the 7-on-7s giving instructions to the DBs….and he wasn’t even necessarily yelling. No doubt…Coach Tormey brings intensity to practice.

Besides Rocky…as well as Blaze…being held out of practice, CB Chris Black looked like he might’ve tweaked an ankle early in practice…so he was held out thereafter too. JC newcomer Tank Hopkins & Jeramy Bryant took reps as 1st team corners.

And rbaloha had some as well:

– Standout players – #21, #6, #5, #11, #3,, #84, #25, #80.
– Brashton and Kiesel-Kauhane are playing fast and loose. Brashton made a few interceptions. Lost weight. IMO a better tandem than Eliminiam and Leonard. More fluid and explosive.
– O-line starters: Kia, Hisatake, Estes, Ieru, Letuli.
– Coach Shaw changed hand placement by having lineman having their hands on their knees during presnap stance. Major problems with pad level being too high. Continually being reminded. The poor pad level resulted in a penetrating d-line.

Spring Practice: Day 3