Kahaluu Imua Warriors and TheDuke share their observations from Day 10 of spring practice.  Some excerpts:

First three QBs looked good and Alexander by far the best. All three stayed in the pocket for quick passes and all three knew when to break out and run-when everyone is covered way dowm field and there is a lot of D about to collapse the pocket. Lots of open space to run and these plays are designed for that if needed. I didn’t see LWJ and Paipai didn’t have his shoulder pads on but he ran and he is a strong runner with some weight loss. I’m glad he and Jake Heun are with the linebackers and not the DEs. I was hoping to see Moody in more action. I guess we have a lot of good LBs and two more coming.

On the positive side of the ball Bradley made two great catches. I mean great. I can see why the coaches are trying to get both Bradley and Salas on the field at the same time. There were also three diving catches, one by Lane.

And there was a crushing block on Taylor by Leonard. It was crushing and downfield. I didn’t expect Taylor to get up. To Taylors credit he didn’t give ground, he got driven to the turf by a 310 OT moving at full speed and popped back up. I like what they both did. Wow that hit has me ready for Sept.