Saturday’s Warrior Practice 8/7
By Nelson O

Some impressions on Saturday’s Warrior practice:

I forgot to bring my roster with me to practice, so apologies in advance if I misidentify anybody.

The QBs may be getting equal reps. But today Bryant Moniz was getting the reps with the first team, so consider him the frontrunner. Nothing against Moniz but I’m pulling for Brent Rausch. I’m hoping he pulls a Rolovich (think 2001 season) and comes up big for his senior season. However judging from the order on how the QBs were taking the reps, Rausch right now is down in the depth chart.

Kevin Spain may be injured, but he was helping out on the scout team (as a safety). Cayman Shutter also worked out with the scout team (as a QB).

Coach Lee is helping out with the defensive line, specifically the defensive ends. Coach Aranda oversaw the linebacker drills.

No big surprises with the guys lining up as the first team. Cornerback Kawika Ornellas filled in for the injured Lametrius Davis. Today, right wide out Billy Ray Stuzmann was taking reps with the first team. Kamalu Umu was the first defensive right end.

During the special teams session, John Hardy-Tuliau blocked a field goal. But after today I don’t think Hardy-Tuliau will be the recipient of soft elbows as he comes around the corner.

And I still have not seen a Warrior offensive linemen in a three point stance.

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