The Spartans are an interesting team with their share of PAC 10 transfers who can play football! This is a team that has consistently improved since its first game with UC Davis. They were down 10-0 when University of California transfer quarterback Kyle Reed, a junior took over and road the Spartans to victory 13-10. Against Nebraska it was a 14-12 ballgame with 12:17 left in the fourth quarter. They dominated San Diego State 35-10 and then led Stanford 10-0 through part of the second quarter. This game will be a battle, period!

San Jose Offense- They will run three wide and four wide but attempt to create space to run the football. The have several very good backs and although small, Yonus Davis (5’7” 186), is as good any anyone we will see. They are very effective at running inside and outside zone, counter and counter trap to slow down the pursuit of the defense. Their passing game is highly efficient with Cal transfer Kyle Reed (6’3, 215) completing almost 80% of his passes. By the way, he can also run the football very well! I think he is one of the best QBs we will see all year. UC Davis led The Spartans by 10 points when Reed first came in the game and proceeded to lead them to victory…(more)

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