#23 Roderick Flemings

Position: Forward
Weight: 210
Class: Junior
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Previous School: Weatherford College

BBfanfrom71 on Roderick Flemings:
Up until a couple of days ago Flemings has been hampered with a high ankle sprain and has been kept out of any action by the trainers and coaches. So he has been held back from even attempting to show anything from which one might be able to judge or even guess at whether or not he will live up to the high expectations being set for him. However, from just the very briefest exposure to his play in preliminary offensive run-throughs, the one thing I think I can say is that fans will be surprised at how strong and physical Roderick is and how well he can pass. I’m pretty sure he has a lot of finesse, but a “finesse” player he is not.

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Roderick Flemings