Rain Delay in Football:  By NelsonO

As I was standing in the rain this morning at the grass practice field, I was thinking an indoor practice facility would be awfully nice to have. But I would settle for a “field” on Cooke Field.

The constant showers in Manoa did not stop Coach Ron Lee and his offense from working out this morning. The defense did not make an appearance on the practice field.

Just jerseys and pants today. No pads or helmets for the skill position players. The offensive linemen were in jerseys, pants, and helmets this morning.

The tutorship of the receivers is a joint venture. Craig Stutzmann would oversee the left side receivers in some drills, then oversee the wide-outs in other drills. Ron Lee would instruct the right side receivers in some drills, then instruct the slotbacks in other drills.

One of the biggest differences this year is Rolovich stressing mobility to his QBs. Previously under June Jones, the QBs would take the ball in shotgun formation and concentrate on throwing the ball. This year, Rolovich is having the QBs really moving around and working on their footwork. Rolovich is also introducing a new mantra to his QBs; Rolo likes to say “We Hate Sacks” during practice.

I counted eight running backs today at practice. Not counting Farm Dog who is limping around in a boot cast.

For most of practice, the offense was spilt up into their respective units; running backs on one end of the field with the QBs and receivers on the other end of the field. This morning, the offensive linemen worked out on the soccer field to lessen the wear and tear on the wet football field.

Towards the end of practice, the offense did line up as a unit. But they were only running plays against air.

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Rain Delay in Football
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