Hollywood News! (All da tings dat mattah in Pop Culture!)

If you don’t already know who Paul B is, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!??!!??”  Paul B currently holds the SportsHawaii.com record at a whopping 1,456,209 views for one thread.  Within this thread he brings to us our daily dose of Hollywood News.  Paul B started this thread on Wed Jun 13, 2007 1:17 pm and never looked back since.  He was on a short hiatus this past year but now HE IS BACK!!!

If you wanted to know how Swimsuit model Bar Rafaeli was doing after her break up with Leo, who’s the latest star who went ape after she was suspected of DUI, updates on American Idol, dancing with the stars and all of your other favorite reality shows, then please visit the General Discussion Forums and find the thread with over a million views near the top half of the page started by Paul B.  The title of the thread changes daily to highlight the top story of the day.  Click on the last page of the thread to view the most current news.  Currently it is on thread page 59.  We really missed you Paul and welcome back!  *Disclaimer*  This thread is extremely addicting, so if you don’t want to lose precious productivity in your day please DO NOT START READING THIS THREAD!!!!!!