Move over TMZ, Entertainment tonight, Extra, Eonline, Paul B is in da house!  On June 13th, 2007 at 1:17 PM, the news according to Paul B was born.  Paul B who works in the entertainment industry gave us daily updates about who was eliminated on American Idol, box office results, the Oscars, the Grammy’s, the elections, local Hawaii news, etc in a witty and entertaining format.

This local boy who is now a transplant and living in the mainland went from one or two paragraphs of news to updates that seemed to scroll down forever with photos and snippets from all over the world wide web.  Now almost three years later, Paul B is the proud owner of the longest thread in sports hawaii history.  Even Colt Brennan, June Jones and the evil Herman Fraizer didn’t have a thread that came anywhere close to Paul B.  I don’t know of a thread in any forum/message board that is longer, more entertaining and addicting to read.  It is currently 46 pages long, 677 posts/replies and the ever impressive 1,018,513 views.

You can find this wonderful diamond in the ruff here:  Paul B News You can read his latest entries by clicking on the last page (which is currently 46). *Warning* This thread is very addicting and Sports Hawaii will not be responsible for anyone getting fired because they spent their entire day reading this thread!  Thank you so much for all that you do for the Sports Hawaii Ohana Paul B, we appreciate all of your efforts and dedication. Keep up the great work!!!



Paul B: 1,000,000 + views in one thread
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