Name:  Tia Morales

Age: 22

Occupation: Model, make-up artist & hair-stylist.

Hobbies: Surfing, playing basketball, watching movies, reading novels & doing the daily crosswords.

Hair and Make up by: Headshots Hawaii  

Photography by: Static Productions Inc. 

Accessories by: Tanya Yamada

Photo assistance by: Rodd Maeyoshimoto, Tanya Yamada, Brad Visitacian

Clothes provided by: LMS Boutique



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Sports Hawaii: Hey Tia, welcome to Sports Hawaii.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Tia:   Aloha nō e Sports Hawaii!  I am excited to be the newest Sports Angel!  I went to Aiea High School and recently graduated from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa with a degree in English.  I plan on being an elementary school educator and a writer.  In my free time, I like to surf, read books, and hang out with my three younger sisters.

Sports Hawaii: What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

Tia:   I grew up playing basketball, football, and I recently started surfing.  I am a big fan of Warrior Football.  In fact, I know Miah Ostrowski, really nice guy, we went to elementary school together!  It  is awesome that he plays for the Warriors, just another reason for me to cheer for them!

Sports Hawaii:  Being an English Major and an avid reader, are there any books you can recommend to SH that can help to “culture” us a little?

Tia: (Laughs) Of course I do! So many great books it’s hard to narrow it down!  Okay. Here are a few you guys should check out:  The Guardian, by Nicholas Sparks, The Hound of the Baskersvilles, by Conan Doyle, and The Mysterious Stranger No. 44, by Mark Twain. They are all super exciting and I’m sure you guys will like them. 😉

Sports Hawaii: Whoa, those look a little above our reading level, we will stay with the sports section for now.   What about movies?  TV shows?

Tia:  For movies, my all time favorite is The Bourne Trilogy. For comedy I think Rush Hour is my favorite but I love anything with Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell, they’re so hilarious!  Ooh and of course, Tristan and Isolde, as my favorite chick flick. 🙂  For TV shows, I have the entire collection of Friends on DVD at home; I put it on every once in a while because it always puts me in a good mood, non-stop laughter. ^_^  More recently though, I have been getting into Desperate Housewives, there is so much drama!

Sports Hawaii:  Friends?  Were you even born then?  Scott here at SH was 30 years old when that show came out…..By the way, Scott also makes us ask the following question to every Sports Angel:  What do you look for in a guy?

Tia:  Hmmm….  Well a guy definitely has to have a sense of humor, he has to be able to make me laugh.  He has to be sweet and romantic of course.  But what appeals to me the most is when a guy is smart!  I love nerds!  I like being with someone who I can learn something from everyday.  As far as looks go, physical appearance only lasts so long, so to me, it isn’t that important. 😉

Sports Hawaii:  Well, Scott does have two of those those attributes….  What are your turn-offs?

Tia:  Arrogance in a guy is a huge turn off. There is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance.  However, confidence in a guy is sexy.

Sports Hawaii:   At SH, we are confident that we are not arrogant…  What is the worst pick up line you ever heard?

Tia:   Easy one, “Get out of the rain, because sugar melts”.  Oh, that was soooo bad, I thought he was joking….

Sports Hawaii:  What is your favorite food?  Give us some recommendations where we should go to eat.

Tia:  I love sushi.  My all time favorite is Sushi Spot in Aiea, the “Dragon Roll” is the BEST.  I also love Ninja Sushi and Manoa sushi. Oh, I almost forgot Shokudo, yummmm.

Sports Hawaii:   We will definitely check those places out.  Who is the most influential person in your life?

Tia:  My late grandfather is the most influential person in my life to this day.  When I was very little, I remember watching Friends with him (yes, I was born when Friends started!).   He always pushed me to be the best I could be.  He made me promise him that I would graduate college, to not smoke or do drugs, and to be a good person.  I can still hear his voice today.  Even now, everything I do, I do it to make him proud.  🙂

Sports Hawaii:  We are sure you are making him proud.  Halloween is coming up, what are you going to dress up as?

Tia:  I will be dressing up as the Dark Angel, Jessica Alba style.  😉

Sports Hawaii:   Very nice, that sounds hot!  Thank you so much Tia for being a part of the Sports Hawaii Ohana!  All of us here at SH wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors and God Bless!

Tia:  Aloha Sports Hawaii!  You guys are the best!

October Sports Angel: Tia Morales
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