by uhwarriors

Assistant Coach Dave Aranda was the guest speaker at the Na Koa lunch on October 20th at The Willows Restaurant. It was Coach Aranda’s first time that he had spoken to Na Koa and we found him to very detailed and informative in his video analysis.

The team has a lot of seniors with pride. They will bounce back from the loss and continue to play with pride. They want to go to a bowl game.

Speaking about the defense, Coach Aranda said they were making a lot of improvement against the run game. Earlier in the season, the front seven did not use their techniques properly or play their gap control responsibilities well. They now understand that they need to use the correct techniques and to control their gaps responsibility. They did a much better job against Boise State holding them to 111 yards rushing…(continued)

Na Koa Lunch Report (10/20/08)