Jim Donovan chatted live with the Sports Hawaii Ohana and once again it was a fun and informative session.  Thank you JD!

Here are a sample of just a few of the questions he answered today:

Mr. Donvan

-When will the time come to address the long term plan for a consistent branding? (Mr. Edge808)
-Are there any updates that you can tell us about the MWC television situation? I recall that both UH and Oceanic were awaiting word from the MWC whether pay-per-view will continue or not from a Star Advertiser article dating back in February 08, 2011.
Also, how about the University of Hawaii television network with Oceanic Time Warner Cable. Are there any updates with that situation? (Sportsbow)
-How will the basketball team’s trip to China be funded? (Wilderstreet)
-What is the status of Gin Arnold’s contract?
Also with coach Mack entering his 4th season of 5, will an extension be considered before, during or at the end of this season? (small~axe)

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