manoamaniacsMānoa Maniacs Unveils New Plan For Upcoming Men’s Basketball Season

HONOLULU – Beginning with the 2014-15 University of Hawai‘i men’s basketball season, Manoa Maniacs seating sections will be adjusted slightly to allow the Maniac’s to continue their growth, collaboration, and impact at the games. Over the last two men’s basketball seasons, the Maniacs have seen their average attendance numbers double from roughly 200 per game at the start of the 2012-13 season to more than 400 per game at the end of the 2013-14 season.


Under the Maniac’s new plan, the current three student sections, presently behind the North/West basket, will shift over one section, thereby vacating the students presently in Section JJ and moving them to Section E. The paying fans in Section E will be relocated.


All affected fans in Section E have been notified of their relocation by letter and each will be called personally. Once season ticket renewals are completed, the process to find all Section E ticket holders new seats will begin. They will be given top priority, and will have all open seats to choose from, including all of seats in Section JJ vacated by the students.  This move will only affect the men’s basketball seating.


More impactful than the Maniac’s increase in size has been their increase in spirit. Highlighted by their theme nights accompanied by coordinated cheers, music, and costumes, the Maniacs’ have exhibited levels of organization and collaboration that match other schools with strong student body cheering sections.


The Maniacs have drafted new procedural rules and policies relative to: recruitment, training, planning, marketing, communications, fulfillment, game week/day procedures, and even detailed instruction on cheers, songs, and dances. Finally they have increased their budget allocated for on-campus student promotions from $5,000 in 2012-13 and zero in 2013-14, to $20,000 in 2014-15.


UH Student Recreation Services, Operations Coordinator / Adviser to Manoa Maniacs, and former UH athlete Aaron Bain states:

“Being a former student athlete, it is extremely exciting to hear students wanting to become more involved at athletic events. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the college atmosphere as a player and a fan and I’ll be the first to say that support from the students is something that we’ve needed here at UH-Manoa for the long time.”


Jon Kobayashi, President of ‘Ahahui Koa Ānuenue, the UH athletics fundraising entity responsible for selling premium season tickets has stated:

“Firstly, AKA would like to extend its deep gratitude to all of our loyal and long-time ticket holders in Section E for their understanding and passion.The decision was not an easy one to make but one that AKA believes to be the right one. We will work diligently to ensure that each affected ticket holder is provided with the best opportunity available to maintain his/her connection to the program. Secondly, we are excited about supporting the energized student body involvement in athletics. The prospect of an engaged and impactful student body section for games at the Stan Sheriff Center is truly exciting and is something that I believe will drive season ticket sales. As a long-time UH fan myself, I’ve been impressed by what the Maniacs have recently done at the games and even more impressed with what they’ve done away from the games over this off-season.”


UH men’s basketball head coach, Gib Arnold, states:

“This is a tough situation for all and there are pros and cons on each side. I am glad to see the passion of some of the fans. I personally have called and spoken to a number of them and we are continuing to reach out. With the student body wanting to have a bigger role in the game atmosphere they made an aggressive appeal to unite the student section. While this will move some very wonderful and loyal fans into other sections in the lower bowl it will also unite the student section. I really hope it eventually works out for everyone as I know we all share in a common goal to support the team.”


Derek Inouchi
Media Relations Director

University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
Athletics Department

Mānoa Maniacs Unveils New Plan
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