Name:  Natashia Ho

Age:  21

Hobbies:  Dance, Photography, and Modeling

Schools: 4th year at UNLV, majoring in Food and Beverage

Occupation: Student

Hair and Make up by: Jayel Bordon
Photography by: Static Productions Inc.


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Sports Hawaii: Tell us a little about yourself.

Natashia: I am 21 years old attending University of Nevada, Las Vegas going into my fourth year, majoring in Food and Beverage, Counseling and Health Education.

Sports Hawaii: What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

Natashia: Football and Basketball. I am a pretty big Pittsburgh Steelers fan!

Sports Hawaii: What are your short and long term goals in life?

Natashia: Something I’d like to do in the future is to encourage young kids to be active and live healthy lifestyles. I would love to work in a school or recreational company that has a program to really educate children how to stay active and live healthy. With America’s obesity rates going through the roof I want to really try and educate children by giving them the knowledge to living healthy and happy!

Something I strive for daily is to be happy at whatever it is I am doing. Happiness is so important in life and sometimes I think people forget that. I am so young and have so much time to explore what life has to offer me.

Sports Hawaii: Do you have any interesting hobbies?

Natashia: I have always loved to dance! I actually started at UNLV being a dance major but I realized that dance is something I want to do for me and not as a career choice. I love photography, modeling, spending time in Hawaii with my FamiLEE, and playing basketball and football with my Boyfriend.

Now for the fun questions

Sports Hawaii: Most embarrassing moment as a model?

Natashia: Ha Ha I don’t know if I have had embarrassing moments but I do tend to get pretty silly in front of the camera. Glenn Yoza has a ton of embarrassing pictures of me making silly faces!

Sports Hawaii: Most embarrassing moment in everyday life?

Natashia: About two years ago my sister, Alexis and I bought these new high heels and I decided to put mine on to walk around in and as soon as I took a step I stepped on a little water on the floor and both my feet shot up from under me and I landed on my back in front of a lot of people! Ha Ha My sisters face was in shock and we both started cracking up!

Sports Hawaii: What’s cooler: Zombies, Vampires or Werewolves?

Natashia: Ugh, I am not into that whole thing but I’d definitely like a Wolf as a pet (if I could)!

Sports Hawaii: What was the best pick up line you ever heard?  Did it work?

Natashia: Oh my, living in Las Vegas, I have probably heard the best of them! But one in particular was a joke from one of my guy friends; he pulls his shirt out so you can feel the material and say’s “Excuse me, what material do you think this is? It feels like boyfriend material to me.”

Sports Hawaii: Which personality would you consider to be your type of guy? (Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, JJ Redick, Tom Brady, Will Smith, Jason Statham, Scotty Mccreery, Jaime Fox, Masi Oka, Johnny Depp or Harry Potter)

Natashia: That’s a tough one but I am going to have to say Harry Potter just because he stole my heart when the first book came out.

Sports Hawaii: What do you prefer; moon light walk and dinner or partying at a club and stopping at Zippy’s for a bite on the way home?

Natashia: Moonlight walk and dinner. I am not a club person (surprising since I live in Vegas) but it has never appealed to me. I like to dance but I’ll go with my girlfriends if I want to do that!

Sports Hawaii: Do you prefer ice cubes or hot wax?

Natashia: Huh??

Sports Hawaii: What is your take on 2012?

Natashia: I don’t have one really, if the world ends it ends. Nothing I can do to stop it!

Sports Hawaii: Which is > Gucci or Louis Vuitton?

Natashia: I’m not big on brand name things but I do have a Louis and no Gucci….So I guess you could say Louis Vuitton.

Sports Hawaii: Which do you prefer watching; America’s Next Top Model, American Idol, America’s Best Dance Crew, America’s Next Great Restaurant, America’s Most Wanted or America’s Got Talent?

Natashia: I like America’s Next Top Model and America’s Next Great Restaurant.  I’m a model that LOVES to EAT!

Sports Hawaii: Do you like cooking or going out to eat?

Natashia: Both. Going out is always nice but I do really like cooking when there’s someone to cook for.

Sports Hawaii: What’s your favorite TV show? (all time)

Natashia: Taxicab Confessions. You have no idea what kind of people are out there in the world!

Sports Hawaii: What’s your favorite movie? (all time)

Natashia: Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane.

Sports Hawaii: What’s your favorite book? (all time)

Natashia: A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass. I read it when I was really young but I always think about it.

Sports Hawaii: Where is your favorite place (location) to visit?

Natashia: Hawaii (Home). Sad that it’s “to visit” and not “to live”.

Sports Hawaii: Thank you so much Natashia for taking this time to chat with us.  Congratulations on being selected as July’s Sports Angel and welcome to the Sports Hawaii Ohana!