I would like to start by congratulating the Warriors on a dominating win over Utah State.  I still scratch my head at the -3.5 point spread for the game. Hawaii left a lot of points on the field in the first half.  The game could have easily been 62-7.  If you look at the stats over UH’s last five games, Hawaii has been taking care of business on both sides of the ball.  (Stats during the five game win streak) thx Sportsbow!

Coach Mac made a great call by sending in the dawgs to block the punt in the second half.  Even with no return on that play Hawaii still would have had great field position if the block failed.  That block for a touchdown acted as a catalyst for Hawaii both on offense and defense.

Handshake Celebration After Touchdown by: kalilix7

The Handshake

Sports Hawaii’s very own H20 came up with a great idea on a new celebration/cheer for the UH fans.  Following a UH touchdown, everyone stands up and shakes the hand of the people around them (Gentleman style) like Salas and his crew did yesterday after his amazing one handed catch.  (Video above “The Handshake”)

Once again, great job Warriors!!!  Next up, the potato heads of Idaho!