Sabut20 wrote:
I don’t mean to be the downer on the forum but was there any negatives (at UH practice)? I would say I’ worried about the D more than anything else? Any concerns beside what went right?
Just curious I want to know the truth.
NelsonO responded:

Can you handle the truth?

How about they raised the parking to $5.

Mana Silva ran over one of the water girls who was standing too close to the sideline.

Coach Mac looks a little lighter in the wallet.

And lastly, the offensive linemen are instructed to put their right foot on a certain line marker so that they are in the proper alignment and they are in the proper line spilts. One of the back-ups goes in and he puts the wrong foot on the line marker. One of the coaches yells at him to put his “other right foot on the line marker.”

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