By:  Coach Ken

Normally I would go into great detail about players on the opposing team, I will do that to some degree, but I would rather focus on what we can expect from each team so here it is:

Florida Offense: This will be a bold statement, but I believe this is the best offensive team in the nation. More weapons than the U.S. Military! It does not matter who will or will not play against the Warriors since the backups are exceptional athletes. We can talk about Tim Tebow all day. No one truly understands the level of dedication that this kid puts into the sport. You will not outwork him and he has the heart of a champion. The Gators would like nothing more than to have him finished by halftime so they will attempt to score often and quickly. What to look for:

1. An improved running game: The Gators had been criticized at the running back position but I believe they have the depth and talent at this position to compete. Florida’s spread option will be in heavy use. I do not believe they will run Tebow that much, but he will be a threat. Counters and traps to keep the Hawaii blitz game confused. No major trick plays, those will be saved for the SEC.
2. Passing game: Tebow has worked all summer correcting some throwing motion problems and he has accomplished his mission. Numerous weapons. Percy Harvin most likely will not play. Of all the Gator receivers however the one I like the most is 6’5″ Riley Cooper. Size, speed, hands and heart….a great combination. Lots of short passes early until they feel like they have discovered something. If they catch you in man coverage they will try to out run you deep. If they catch Hawaii in any kind of three deep, look for double fades on the outside and crossing patterns up the seam to freeze the safety.

Summary: This offense is scary good! Actually scary great! We need to cause turnovers to neutralize them otherwise they will score! We need to hope that the Gators stop themselves with penalties, turnovers and miscues. I think the Gator coaching staff is great at game preparation but sometimes the game day play calling leaves a little to be desired…(more)

Thank you Coach Ken, great write up as usual!