According to member greentea, the offense looked really good on Day 3 of spring practice.

Morning practice was something to behold:

Alexander threw the ball with authority hitting skilled receivers at will. One receiver snag a sideline pass approx 15 yards from LOS while sandwiched between two defenders.

Running back Green ran a touchdown zig zagging DL, LB going after him then he got in the clear then after burned for a TD.

LWJ ran the ball with like there was no tommorrow; Pilares looked great catching balls then pranced for more yards. It seems the offense has found its groove early in the fall. But they will get better, and better. Its scary good, something that can manifest into a great ball club with media recognition (my thoughts in the hot morning sun).

Salas looked comfortable catching, running, as if he’s ready for the season to start tommorrow. Such a big target, and yac kind of guy. Opponent DBs will have to worry about Salas; it seems he can break big time yardage and touchdown this season.

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