Kahaluu Imua Warriors has a report from Day 10 of fall practice.

Noticed lots of injured players not suited up (none serious but Brashton), two OTs Kia and Thomas. Letuli got hurt in red zone scrimmage (don’t know to what extent but he did run the lines although coming in last but he finished). With 3 OTs out Leonard, Hansen and LaCount played with the 1st team. They are big and mean. I like that. We can reload here also. Missed checking out true freshman Winchester-Makainai on O-line drills. I am high on him but he isn’t on the 1st two teams.

In general I’m impressed with the young new comers, Safeties Alo, Tonga and Wadsworth, WR Stutzman, QB Shutter, LS Ingram as well as newbees Alex Green, Aaron Brown, Cory Daniels and Kainoa LaCount. All among other newbees from the summer and spring they seemed to fit right in and are accepted by the team in general which I feel GREATLY helps with their output and contribution to the effort.

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