lava has an excellent report from the first day of fall practice.

One practice does not a season make, but here are my thoughts on the first practice:

I saw a lot of good coaching out there today from many of the coaches.

Greg Alexander looks much more comfortable as qb, and is ready to resume where he left off last year. He’s clearly #1. I think the #2 job is wide open. Shane Austin got a lot of reps (and he threw a pick for a TD, fumbled a snap that I think led to another mock TD, and overthrew a guy or two). If Alexander gets injured, the team is going to struggle finding ways to win. Of the three newcomers, I think only Nielsen got reps, but all threw in the regular rotation. Cayman was limping noticeably. Graves appeared to have the strongest arm and threw well down the field. I see a bright future for Graves.

In his preseasons at UH, Leon has always shown glimpses of having a good burst and being a real threat to shred the defense and bolt down the field. Now add Alex Green to the mix. One of these guys must emerge as a real north-south burner. I’d love for them to support each other so they both become better. This offense is most dangerous when it has this threat. I think Rego looked good, and I suspect will be the favorite choice for a north-south power back. Chizzy looked elusive as a runner, but suspect as a return man. Inoke — we’ll see with time. I trust he’ll be a dangerous threat somehow.

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