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Fall Camp Questions
By: NelsonO

Here are a few things that I’ll be watching for at the Warrior fall camp.

Of course, the biggest question at fall camp will be the selection of the starting QB. I understand there will be six QBs competing for the job. I also understand that the naming of the starter will de done sooner rather than later during fall camp.

If the starting QB is selected early in camp, will the starting receivers also be selected early in camp so that the primary receiving group can work with the first QB.

How much will the QB be under center.

I have heard that the running back(s) will be more involved in the passing game.

Who is going to play left tackle.

On defense, Keao Montielh and Desmond Thomas are the returning starters at safeties. But I think there will be heavy competition for these spots.

Ryan Mouton will be one cornerback, but who will be the other starting cornerback.

Can Fale Laeli, who missed spring practice, provide some depth on the defensive line.

And of course, I want to see how good the new recruits are.

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Fall Camp Questions
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