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I guess John Fonoti didn’t get the memo. The defense was instructed to only “tag” or two-hand touch the QBs during the scrimmage. Not only did Fonoti wrap up our projected starting QB, Fonoti then proceeded to throw him down to the ground.

Speaking of Greg Alexander, one of the things I have seen him do during the scrimmages is to actually throw the ball away to avoid a sack. Yesterday, he threw one so far out-of-bounds, it hit an unsuspecting bystander in the head.

Chris Black started at cornerback, despite missing most of spring practice due to an injury. He has been working out on a limited basis recently. During the April 19th scrimmage last week, Black took exactly one rep with the first team defense before pulling himself from the scrimmage.

I know it’s just a scrimmage with no kicking, but I like those two-point conversions.
The two-point conversion is much more exciting than the boring and almost automatic kick after touchdowns.

I’ve been wondering why the 5’-9” Jovonte Taylor is at wide receiver, instead of at slotback. Typically, the smaller receivers are at slotback. I have been told that the reason for Taylor at wide receiver is because of his straight-away speed.

During the last two Saturday scrimmages, Taylor has caught bombs for touchdowns. In both cases, he waited for the ball to get to him. He waited for the ball and the defense still could not catch him. I’m not sure if that is good or bad for the Warriors. Good for Taylor; bad for the defense.

David Hafoka started at defensive tackle yesterday. I’ll take that to mean he is on the two-deeps. If he is not on the two-deeps, he is real close.

Defensive end Cameron Allen-Jones moved inside to play some defensive tackle. The objective here was to get more of a pass rush.

I know it’s just a scrimmage, but what’s up with some of the players using different colors as undershirts. Or for that matter, not tucking in their jerseys so that their undershirts show. The one player with a yellow undershirt was too much of a fashion statement for me.

Good to see the cheerleaders, the band, and the Rainbow Dancers at the scrimmage (especially the Rainbow Dancers).

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