by CoachKen

I will make a strong statement regarding the Bearcats…they will be the second best team we have faced all year behind Florida. What about Boise? Cincy has played a much tougher schedule than Boise and has more talent. I have watched them play three times and I was impressed every time. They started out the season with QB problems based on injuries but have settled in. Multiple weapons on offense make them difficult to stop, aggresive defense and good special teams make them well balanced. What will UH have to do to win this game?

1. Stop the running game, period! The Bearcats will gash you on the ground with consistent blocking and make the big play. If you don’t stop their running game you don’t win against this team.
2. Create turnovers. They will move the ball and they will score, often. If you do not create a two to three turnover advantage you do not beat this team….(continue reading)

Cincinnati Preview, by CoachKen