HermanIt takes so many components to create and sustain a winning football program and the choice of athletic directors is a critical area. If Jim Donovan is the leading candidate that can only be a great choice for Warrior Football. Here is a guy who understands the importance of football to the entire program and who has the ability to influence everything from contributions to facilities. We all saw what happened when we had an AD that did not go the extra mile to make the football program the best. A great football program is the key to funding all the other sports.

I know they did not interview Keith Amemiya for the job but he also would have been an excellent candidate. He is a bright young guy who is also a tireless worker and great fundraiser. If it is true that he could possibly be on the UH athletic staff, that would by like signing a five star recruit. The impact for UH athletics would be incredible. It would be hard to replace him in the high school association but I would be excited for the entire UH program. I cannot say enough great things about Keith. If offered I hope he would accept!

All the right choices continue to be made and the stars continue to align for the Warrior Football program including the continued sponsorship of The Sheraton Hotel for the Hawaii Bowl. I think destiny is on our side. A debt of gratitude has to go to June Jones for bringing all this to the forefront. He took the program to a high level, and his departure brought all the problems with which he struggled to the forefront. I am more excited than ever.

Coaching staff choices also continue to be pluses. Ron Lee as offensive coordinator will bring a new discipline and innovation to the offense that will fit the personality of this team. Cal Lee will continue to grow what Greg has started…an attacking, swarming defense that gang tackles and makes big plays with emotion! If Jerry Glanville’s defense was agressive and attacking, Coach Mack’s and Cal’s is the same but with discipline and very calculated pressure.

It just keeps getting better!


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Choice of AD Critical to UH Football Success